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  1. Kilombom added a post in a topic How do you check on the status of a ticket? My Value Pack is not giving me access to Merv's Palette.   


    Sign in > Click your email > My activities.
    Otherwise you can just check your email, when they reply you'll get the same reply in email format.
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  2. Kilombom added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    What are the current ticket response times?
    I suppose there's no other place to ask, excuse me if I have crossed the boundaries of morality asking this though.
    Last time I contacted support it was like 8 months ago and they would reply in a day or two tops. My ticket has been open for 11 days and the only reply has been a "sorry, we're taking longer than usual" which was I believe the day after I sent the ticket. Is 11 days considered taking longer or should I re-send it in case it got lost in the void?
    I don't mean to sound harsh or anything.
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  3. Kilombom added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    And not because we don't want to, but because we can't (without wasting more time loading the client than actually playing, that is)
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  4. Kilombom added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    Oh come on, now when you disconnect you can't hit "start" again and you must close the whole game and restart? That kind of sucks for those of us who already had to deal with constant disconnects.
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  5. Kilombom added a post in a topic Constant disconnects   

    I joined a week after the game was released, constant disconnects most of the times except a few lucky weeks where their maintenance seemed to help, after a long investigation with the (very supportive, honestly) staff they concluded it was their servers and that some maintenance fixed it (one of the lucky weeks). Still getting disconnected every few seconds so I just quit this game seeing they have no clue what's causing it but won't admit it either... lol
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  6. Kilombom added a post in a topic Black vs White Horn Bow.   

    Just switched from White Horn Warrior Bow (the evasion one) to White Horn Bow (AP), better dmg for sure but holy shit I get hit so incredibly harder by monsters.
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  7. Kilombom added a post in a topic Possible not to be attacked? Low level newbie here   

    You can't be attacked by players until level 45 (not sure if they changed it to 50 now)
    Are you in a guild? I'm not sure if that applies during guild wars too
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  8. Kilombom added a post in a topic Super Important Game Breaking Mechanic   

    "game breaking"... we are a bit dramatic aren't we?
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  9. Kilombom added a post in a topic Looking for advice before I start playing please   

    Don't worry much about guilds, there are plenty advertising ingame (more than you'll see on the forums).  Casual ones, in general, don't require Discord/Skype while hardcore PvP guilds most likely do. It does make sense though seeing node wars need lots of coordination but that's not your goal as you said - or not for now at least. 
    Speaking of experience, not all guilds that use voice comms force you to use it so it's always good to ask them if you like a certain guild.
    You do lose the things you get from the pack since they're mostly consumables. Don't worry about the horse and steel tools though, those can be replaced easily, the pick-up pet (if you have the expensive pack) is the important part here. Perhaps you should wait before actually claiming it so you can see for yourself!
    I personally play on Croxus - I've been told it's less populated than Jordine though it's far from empty; it feels like a nice place since you get to see familiar names if you always play in the same channel and monster spawns are not absolutely crowded, you can always find a spot to grind at (except for the highest level monsters, but that's inherent to the game's design).
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  10. Kilombom added a post in a topic Abandon the class before you invest too much, while you still can.   

    Oh. He's a f---ing casual woah how dare he play a game for the fun of it? Go hop to another class, maewha cannot kill absolutely anything PvP or PvE and your life will be terribly miserable if you continue to have fun instead of striving to be #1 on all BDO servers combined you filthy casual phallus seeking whale!
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  11. Kilombom added a post in a topic Reliable Blooming from WW cancel - microdash method   

    Glad to see people even run out of buttons to map, yay rules!
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  12. Kilombom added a post in a topic IF you could start over knowing what you now know... What class would you play? Why?   

    Musa/Maewha, perhaps even berserker. I haven't tested all classes thoroughly so I might be very biased.
    I started as a wizard, they're fine, no doubt, but they're not very... dynamic, to say the least. Grinding was pretty much just relying on fireball explosion and lightning residue which is usually enough to kill most things in sight. Spellbound heart, the two heals and mana absorption just because I'm a cheap ----- and will do anything to avoid spending pots and some other unnecessary random skill for some variety. Unless you're killing a pack of strong enemies you don't even need to dodge. It felt too easy, boring, OP. Though this is a positive thing for some people. 
    Musa/Maewha feel more skill demanding to me, lots of dodging around and you have plenty of decent combos (or of course you can just 1hit K.O. everything with Red Moon)
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  13. Kilombom added a post in a topic New Player - LFG   

    Your first guild might disband after a while or you might switch to another one eventually - one that suits your needs (which you don't know yet since you just started) so don't be afraid to just try any without devoting yourself to it 200%.
    That being said, there are plenty of guilds that advertise saying they accept and help new players, you should ask if there are many low levels in those or not; I'd be a bit wary being the only low level since you'll be the only one asking stuff and perhaps being pushed to "reach lvl 30 by the end of this week/get 5k contribution points/get proper gear asap". Take your time; it's the real fun part of this game and sadly most guilds will want to push you to the limit, avoid that or you'll find yourself doing guild quests all the time only to reach the minimum contribution points so you don't get kicked.
    You probably want a guild that does some gathering quests from now and then, that way you'll level up your professions a bit (gathering and processing) and you get to keep everything you collect which might be handy later on. You'll also have to explore a little to find some decent places where you can mine/chop trees/fish - all while being helpful to your guild and feeling part of a cozy group. Also, you get paid simply by being in a guild! So definitely go for it.
    I can't give you names as I've only been in a couple of guilds and lately I haven't seen many "new-player friendly" guilds advertising ingame but I hope this gives you a rough idea on what to look for anyway. 
    Good luck ;D
    (also Balenos C1 and C2 have a rather fun community in Croxus server, you can spam chat with questions and someone will most likely answer)
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  14. Kilombom added a post in a topic Really weird (and admittedly dumb) newbie issue about chatting   

    There seems to be no way to simply cancel a message other than deleting it and hitting enter again as Yeonnie said.
    As for the chat disappearing,you should check the transparency settings (click the cogwheel next to your chat tab) just in case it's this or check if you have "simplify UI" in your settings > game. Otherwise I suppose it is an actual bug
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