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  1. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

    Yeah sure what the hell is the point of working together with someone anyway? /sarcasm. Just because the system currently is an "earn your own way" approach does not mean it's the best way. Countless people want it, and even more have said it was their biggest turn off from the game by not having it. @CM_Aethon
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  2. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

    Uhm yes it is right because there is a 24 hour period if you leave a guild before joining a new one. Gold sellers aren't going to waste their time. Don't know why you are so against working with someone instead of everything being solo and $profit$
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  3. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

    I myself, as well as my entire guild, has been trying to push to have more player trading, we're starting to post ideas and suggestions for how it can be done without making gold sellers happy, which I know you dread. I'll post the easiest solution again for you here. Make it so that player trading is for guilds only, you cannot trade with anyone who is not in your guild, or who has an expired guild contract. Gold sellers will not join guilds just to try selling and if one did, they'd get reported and kicked immediately. Give us full on player trading or at least something close to it (if you want to make it so you can't trade enhanced weapons and armor, but every single other thing can be traded fine I'll take it). But this is an MMO and it's ridiculous that my wife, who does not want to use her logs and minerals and rare mats for anything, cannot trade them to me so that I can use them. She is more than willing to, and it would add a lot more teamwork to the game. I could then repay her, or whoever, by making them some kind of item and giving it to them. See how much deeper the player to player aspect could be?
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  4. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    @CM_Aethon Any idea what this "guild skill reset" thing is all about?
    Edit: Nevermind, looks like that was removed from the post. We really need a guild skill reset though. And need it to not require owning a guild house by the way
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  5. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    Guild Skill Reset? What is it? @CM_Aethon
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  6. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Patch Notes mention Guild Skill Reset?   

    Except I can't find this item anywhere. It's not in the pearl shop, it's not in the Guild Shop at the Guild Manager, I can't find it anywhere. No option for it in the Guild window either.
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  7. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    I would also like to know
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  8. EpiCypher added a topic in US Guild   

    Patch Notes mention Guild Skill Reset?
    The patch notes today mention a guild skill reset now working properly. What on earth is this about? How are guild skills able to be reset?
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  9. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Player status in Guild (AFK)   

    I know this is old but I want to revive it. We need this feature!
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  10. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Player Trading   

    Simple solution to everyone who says "Trading items is the same as trading money, because you can gift a +15 and they can sell it for money" would be: Make it so that once an item is traded to another player that item is account bound and cant be sold. Wow problem solved. Seriously put player trading into this game. It's a multiplayer game. I do not give a single shit about gold sellers, I wan't to trade items with friends and guild members. SO tired of degenerates ruining everything for the rest of us. Let's just be smart about how it's put into the game and everyone wins.
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  11. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Alt and Shift Keybinds   

    Wow this is an old thread, but after all this time can we have ALT be freed up to bind stuff to?
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  12. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    All these kids whine if content is released, and whine if content isn't released. And the more you whine the less likely the Devs and the publisher will actually listen to you. The reason "they didn't listen to the fans about pay to win" is because it's not pay to win at all, you're insecure because you play a video game like it's your career. spending 30 dollars to get 19mil in game is hardly pay to win, it's pretty fiscally irresponsible unless you have a lot of disposable income. Furthermore, the reason they "didn't listen to you" is because you are the minority. All the super-whiners are the minority of the game, but you look and feel like you are the majority because you scream the loudest. They made the choice based on the vast majority of their player base (not their whiney forum base) and loyal ones too, not actually caring if it gets put into the game. Another thing, none of the items you can buy on the cash shop are even things you MUST HAVE so you're not forced to give that credit card warrior any money anyway. I did to get myself a costume for an alt and I'm quite pleased with that. They need money in order to keep releasing content regularly and this was a smart move to do that, and anyone who is still complaining about it really should leave the game, no one is forcing you to play this game like you're supporting your family on it or something.
    Rant over. Won't be checking replies either because I don't care what negative things the forum clowns have to say back. Thanks for reading.
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  13. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    I'm on the fence because I like this idea but it needs to be way more limited. I vote 1 cash item per week can be sold on market.
    I have an idea! Let's just allow players to spend silver to buy pearls! Don't allow players to sell cash shop items, but do allow players to buy them will silvers!
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  14. EpiCypher added a post in a topic Guild Quests ; Fishing missions having their own tab separate from gathering missions.   

    Yes, as a guild master I also would like this.
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