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  1. Quarry added a post in a topic Help me with my gear.   

    Fairly cheap build, and if you can sell some of those accessories you currently got to use that funds on getting pri-tri accessories wont be hard for you. Just do keep in mind to take it slowly and not go for TRI attempt on them in one go, not having spare, people tend to do this and expect to get it at the first attempt, which doesn't happen often.
    You can swap Red coral rings for Mark of shadows for more AP, just keep in mind you wont gain the 12DP from the rings and will be more expensive to make, but both aren't bad choices. Once you're around there in that setup, you can start moving on to boss gear, slowly focusing on one at a time.
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  2. Quarry added a post in a topic kutum/nouver ?   

    Thing about Nouver, it works only when fighting a class running all AP or when you have enough acc for a specific player but lack a bit of ap.
    In all honesty, just get all 3, it doesn't seem to be a big deal nor is it hard, you'll be swapping saiyer/nouver a lot on pvp, heck, I've used Rosar myself when I know for a fact I fight players that lack acc, making things so much easier.
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  3. Quarry added a post in a topic Why are there suddenly so many kzarka kriegsmesser in MP?   

    Just like Angry said, people see how bad they are on DK and not one shooting everything.
    I'm glad the hype is over, finally less DKs roaming around giving us a bad name.
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  4. Quarry added a post in a topic How 1shotting monster is fun??   

    I mean hearing how you guys say this, guessing you weren't in BDO during prelaunch of after it barely officially came out? They nerfed the mobs like twice or 3x because the community kept complaining, yes, I said it, people found them insanely hard, less HP on them, weaker defense, and damage that they dish out.
    Heck I remember having to actually focus down the elite manes back then on my valk dashing and blocking, now its, 1-2 skills and everything in front of me is dead, despite having +15 full gear at the time when it was the cap for us.
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  5. Quarry added a post in a topic Chain CC's have to go!   

    Yea, don't be wanna be that guy, but you just need to improve, blocking incoming CCs aren't that hard, of course there are times where you're simply outplayed or you just messed up, but it isn't hard to avoid them..
    And even then there's 2 things you can do to escape while CCed, either use escape feature when pressing Escape, or V out and reset the fight.
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  6. Quarry added a post in a topic Honestly BDO needs to step it up   

    Honestly, your DSL needs to step it up.
    Jokes aside, you really do need better internet if a few MB or 1-2GB is gonna be a problem for you.
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  7. Quarry added a post in a topic Anyone else thinkthe dk awakening is...   

    Insane dmg, just 1 or 2  skills, move to next mob, insane mobility, practically never stopping, even had moments where warriors weren't able to keep up along with other classes.
    Class is just retarded strong, to make it better, finally able to blow up those *coughs*, witch/wiz that always said they were perfectly balance(mainly on wiz)
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  8. Quarry added a post in a topic Facade Recruiting[NA]   

    Still looking for some hungry PvPers!
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  9. Quarry added a post in a topic What are your plans?   

    What level did you get your DK to, pre-awakening?58.47Are you in a pvp or pve guild? Or neither?(Soulmates is recruiting) PvP GuildWhich awakening weapon have you planned on using? Blue Awakening, close to dande on pvp, so no real issue till I get other things sorted.What do you plan to grind when you get your awakening and feel you're ready to push forward? Grinding everything, even players who get in my wayDid you switch your main character to play DK full time? Yup, dropped my Ranger lvl59.61 for it.What's your projected gearscore once you become awakened and start grinding? 220/218/279If that was your dad, then who was phone? God damn it Bob!!
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  10. Quarry added a post in a topic Already have one, but. . .   

    Definitely a buy, having a spare is really useful if you planned on making a tet/pen, that way you don't lose the DP.
    Heck, the fail stacks alone it can provide is useful as well..
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  11. Quarry added a post in a topic Facade Recruiting[NA]   

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  12. Quarry added a post in a topic Facade Recruiting[NA]   

    Just a boop?
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  13. Quarry added a post in a topic Ranger weapon   

    Really depends on what you're focusing on, if its pvp, yes, definitely Kzarka as it provides more accuracy than a liverto so more dps thrown out.
    As for dandelion, yes the item is good and all, but once again, if its for PvP, can either go for blue or dande, they both roughly do the same at PvP, but dande will win for sure in PvE, this is coming from my own exp as how I saw it personally, and a few friends switching their tri/tet blues to dande having the same opinion on it.
    Overall, if you're focusing on PvP, yea, automatically go kzarka, stay with a green or blue awakening(depending on your budget) and go for dande when possible.
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  14. Quarry added a post in a topic Male Dark Knight   

    Really don't get how people never take a hint when its not happening, its been like this for a long time now, if they were adding a male version they would of done it a long time ago. Don't wanna be sounding like an ass-ho but this is just the truth.
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  15. Quarry added a post in a topic Marketplace Pre-Order   

    The way I see it, just another RNG if it'll go to pre-order or not.
    Even tested the thing by trying to buy Nouver Knot from a friend 3x, none went to pre-order and went to bid phase, all given a different time when I placed a pre-order.
    Same thing with Tet Kzarka krieg,
    Don't think I've won any big items through it once, all had to be gotten from NV, boss loot, or won from bid phase.
    Definitely a big mess and should be reworked, but this is BDO, we need more content, not fixing our current problems in BDO
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