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  1. Alterist added a topic in Suggestions   

    Remove Valencia P2 dungeon RNG
    Valencia Part 2 will introduce four new dungeons, two of them having a regular spot in the map (like Hasrah) whereas the other two are inside the desert and can only be entered by searching for randomly spawning portals that also have no indicator in which dungeon you get.
    My suggestion is that those portals are to be removed and their physical entrances opened instead.
    This is how the portals look like this:

    They can spawn anywhere in the desert. They also won't despawn directly. The portal closer to me in the screenshot already "despawned", even if you stand in it, it won't teleport you anywhere.
    In terms of dungeon locations:

    1. Aakman Temple entrance, a small entrance with a sealed door. Would end up at the top of the Aakman Temple instead, unlike the portal that let you spawn closer to the bottom.

    2. Hystria Ruins, the entrance is the door to the left

    There is another entrance/exit further north (to the right of that screenshot) in the canyon. The desert portal also leads you directly past the door, only a few meters away. From the inside it looks like this:
    http://i.imgur.com/BTCwZZ7.jpg The location where you spawn. You can talk with that doorway to get out of the dungeon, or when you get past the rubble you'll find yourself:
    http://i.imgur.com/zzwy88n.jpg Right next to the door. On the minimap you can also see one of the NPCs that is next to the tent outside.
    The game has enough RNG aspects already, it shouldn't be necessary to search for an randomly spawning portal, with "random" result, when you want to grind/farm in a new location. Especially not when there are entrances already that would work perfectly fine.
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  2. Alterist added a post in a topic Mysterious hidden cave?   

    You can't enter it, but it is empty anyway:
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  3. Alterist added a post in a topic Valk shield bug - breakdown of communication?   

    You have a thread regarding this matter already, how many do you want in this subforum?Anyone with common sense can answer you that it is a bug. They likely hold back to not get thrown every word back at them in case there is a tiny mistake somewhere. And to quote the skill itself:
    "It absorbs more damage than a normal defense stance." - If it can absorbs less than your preawakened defence stance, it should be obvious what it is.Because the clients are not the same. Since we're behind them and getting patches in different order, different bugs can occur. Catching up with Korea is also done to actually be able to fix bugs faster.Because it isn't Kakaos fault. And based on that logic, a bug should exist infinitely if it is the fault of the publisher? However that might work as the patch is likely applied everytime in the same way.They aren't the developer of this game. They have no programmers for this game and, what is likely with a lot of publishers, aren't even allowed to do this as it could cause more issues that Pearl Abyss would need to fix.--Iirc, though maybe that was also from my previous MMO, they get thrown into batches for larger patches at once, which can also mean that some get thrown into an imaginary patch box for 2+ months into the future, while a newer ones is already scheduled for next week.8. Appeal Forum Moderations
    Threads deemed inappropriate to a particular forum will be moved to a more appropriate forum or even removed completely. Threads that have been removed or closed are not to be re-posted.The User shall not discuss specific cases of moderated posts or disciplinary actions against users on the forum.If the User disagrees with an action taken by the moderator team, an e-mail should be send to forumdisputes@blackdesertonline.com.An uninvolved Community Manager will then review the case.Go ahead and send an e-mail then.
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  4. Alterist added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    While it could be true for at least Apprentice10 and below (33% at A10, seems to work for 15000 / 46100), Skilled1, and likely everything above, is too low in that chart. The quest in Ancado only gives 14%/15% at Skilled1, which would put the required EXP to level up at roughly 100k and not 52k.
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  5. Alterist added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    The notes are the same as from this update in Korea, two weeks before the new Troll and Ogre were added.
    (Google translated)
    ● Mutant Troll, Mutant Ogre's battle pattern has been changed.
    - If the vitality is below a certain level more powerful attack.
    ● The placement of mutant trolls has been slightly modified.
    ● Mutilated Troll, Mutant Ogre All characters that have been affected by the attack have been changed to acquire normal loot.
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  6. Alterist added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    Mutant Ogre and Mutant Troll both became killable before the new bosses were added into the game. If this is actually included in the patch, then you could kill them and get loot.
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  7. Alterist added a post in a topic Someone please tell me how to get rid of this :(   

    It's the icon for the Black Spirit Drill.
    Was available last year during Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). Could be bought for 1 Loyalty each day, lasted for 24 hours and you could gain EXP while being afk in a safe zone (~10% per 24h at Lv.56).
    No option to hide it afaik, not like it should be here anyway.
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  8. Alterist added a post in a topic So, with tomorrows patch, are they putting in Valencian crafted clothing?   

    That's what the item description said. Patch note on the other hand is saying this:
    Serendian Formal Suit (Male)
    Costume Design to-be-added in a later patch.
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  9. Alterist added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

  10. Alterist added a post in a topic Ahon Kirus Armor   

  11. Alterist added a post in a topic PSA/Bug:Hold Button on Patrigo   

    He is mentioning two staff members, likely to let them know that something is wrong and I pointed out that they are already aware of it.
    Posted it in chat after the thread was made.
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  12. Alterist added a post in a topic So, with tomorrows patch, are they putting in Valencian crafted clothing?   

    You just need to hover over the Designs to figure out how to get them:
    Design: Shroud Knight ArmorCan be bought from Monta Ahto after completing the quest [Forsaking the Name 'Shroud'] in Mediah.Design: Serendia Formal AttireAmity Shop from Heidel's Enrico ManciniDesign: Valencia Travel SuitAmity Shop from Mevo Muranan in AltinovaDesign: Ahon Kirus ArmorSteal from Ahon Kirus in Tarif 
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  13. Alterist added a post in a topic PSA/Bug:Hold Button on Patrigo   

    They're aware of it already.
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  14. Alterist added a post in a topic Valk shield bug - breakdown of communication?   

    Not even what I said. This thread should come in mind when it comes to claiming A, because the community wants an answer yesterday, and then it suddenly turning into B (only for it to go back to A as a rare case). 
    Hey guys, Valks shield is bugged, don't worry about it.
    Sorry it was a nerf all along.
    Have you considered the fact that we purposely don't get this "feature"? It isn't needed, the bosses don't even have 10 moves, why should they be telegraphed?
    And plans change, happened in the past as well. In November Kamasylvia still had three parts, with the OASIS festival earlier this month they decided to push Kamasylvia out in two parts only. We got Dark Knight awakening at the same day as RU this month and JP is still awaiting her awakening. We're catching up, but it also likely never meant that we don't have to wait for patches.
    Then wait, the answer will be the same anyways, regardless of it being official or not.
    No idea who's behind the emails, could potentially be also more than just a single employee.
    Or simply that I have no way of knowing this and therefore simply left the question unanswered.
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  15. Alterist added a post in a topic Why are Kakao ignoring us?   

    Except it was me who closed the thread and not one of the staff members. It's already known to them and, as usual, was in the wrong section as well as the X'th multithread of such.
    They're also not ignoring you, they just can't do anything against it by themselves as Pearl Abyss has to provide the patch for it.
    And you can see how this thread turns out, as usual.
    Closed again.
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  16. Alterist added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    This has been up for a while already. It says website and not forum.
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  17. Alterist added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    Undergeared without giving the stats is quite pointless. In addition, we do not know the stats from any of the Koreans that were fought.
    00:37 - 00:47 | Musa, looks like 56+, not killed.00:49 - 01:02 | Tamer, possibly below 56, died without hitting back once and only tried to run away.01:11 - 02:23 | Musa, same one, deals no damage at all (who is the undergeared one again?) and didn't even want to fight. Wrote 갈게, which according to google translate means "I will go".02:28 - 04:12 | Ninja, below 56, only runs for the most part, deals again no damage and wrote 헬프마 (Help me) likely to the other player who was there.04:14 - 05:04 | Musa, the same one again, runs and you get distracted by another Striker, which you don't kill at first and then focus on the Musa again. Musa died, Striker follows afterwards without fighting back.05:05 - 06:47 | Musa and Striker, same ones again, Striker now visibly also deals no damage to you. Also not using any pots.07:00 - 10:36 | Kunoichi, 56+, another person who deals barely any damage to you. Didn't kill her.10:43 - 12:45 | Dark Knight, Valkyrie and Witch, below 56, neither of them did a lot of damage to you. Valk died, Witch ran away and after killing the DK you killed her too (was just standing around).12:46 - 15:26 | The same Musa, Ninja and Striker as before and still as weak as before too.15:39 - 18:21 | Dark Knight, 56+, first time you actually recieved damage higher than what you dealt. Was more interested in killing Sausans than dealing with you.18:24 - 18:46 | Musa, still the same weak one, ran away again.18:47 - 19:41 | Ninja, also the same again, only tried to run away. Had a cut at the end, so might have taken a while to kill him.19:42 - 19:48 | Witch or Wizard, not the same from before, but also weak, the part started while she was at half of her HP and grabbed.All these fights were worthless in terms of defining if the class is broken or not, except maybe the Dark Knight, but she wasn't even interested in killing you.
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  18. Alterist added a post in a topic Durability   

    Durability goes down only by which weapon you use, offhand durability goes down from using both mainhand and awakening weapon.
    You only use the Kamasylven Sword, which makes this the normal amount of durability you'd lose while grinding. There is no bug in this involved.
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  19. Alterist added a post in a topic Ranger   

    That is Cold Blade and it only got a small Accuracy buff, basically worthless.
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  20. Alterist added a post in a topic China will force games with loot boxes to publicly expose their drop rates and probabilities   

    The new players are other companies trying to make MMOs and not actual players. If you can only get a fixed amount of cash from people, then it is safer for companies to make a cookie-cutter MMO than hoping an innovation will be the next "WoW killer".
    In this article you can also read how devastating this regulation was for the online gaming industry:
    Those weren't the best news if you wanted to work in the business.
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  21. Alterist added a post in a topic Alchemy Pearl Costume   

    Silver Embroidered Clothes cannot be turned into costumes via the Equipment Tailoring Coupon. You can use the Coupon on the Life Skill Clothes from Luxury Vendors, but this would only increase the EXP gain by +10%.
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  22. Alterist added a post in a topic New boss hype :D   

    If nothing has changed about their time, they only appear for 30 minutes every Friday, so it won't take long regardless of killing or not killing it. With the last patch they also added new cannons and ammunition to kill both of them faster.
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  23. Alterist added a post in a topic how come russia already has striker?   

    They started 5 months ahead of us, only makes sense to actually get things earlier than we do, but they got Dark Knight awakening at the same day as we did, the 12th this month.
    Oddly enough, Japan will get the Dark Knight awakening at the 26th this month, despite starting 5 months ahead of RU (10 months ahead of us)
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  24. Alterist added a post in a topic how come russia already has striker?   

    Russia doesn't have the Striker. It was only released in Korea 2 days ago.
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  25. Alterist added a post in a topic China will force games with loot boxes to publicly expose their drop rates and probabilities   

    The monthly cap was at 300.000 Won from 2007 to 2009, from 2009 until today it was 500.000 Won (437$), but wasn't an official regulation until 2013 in which online games had to obide by this as this otherwise meant the release was prohibited.
    Though it seems now that this cap will be lifted by next month, which should be good for MMOs as their revenue isn't restricted anymore and may lead to less cookie-cutter MMOs.
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