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  1. Sushiburger added a post in a topic I think there's something the gaming community does not understand yet.   

    +1. Out of likes. I think MMOs need to appeal to a wide variety of players to be really successful, although you obviously won't appeal to everyone.
    There have been plenty of cash shops where I didn't feel dirty looking at it or purchasing something from it. A lot of the Planetside 2 skins were cool, I used them a lot. A lot of the camos were not faction restricted or one time use.
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  2. Sushiburger added a post in a topic I think there's something the gaming community does not understand yet.   

    Just like how amidst all the angry posts about the cash shop items with stats, and the player to player trading, there are also many well articulated posts here on both sides of the changes. Apples to apples...
    CS:GO skins is a perfect example of prices being so jacked up because that's what people want to pay for them. The fact that Valve gets a cut out of everything I don't really like either but eh. They have a very lucrative monetization setup. I don't even know what to say about Star Citizen, especially after the story about that guy blew his whole kid's college fund for some virtual ships. It just seems like a ponzi scheme.
    As for Daum/PA I'm not fond of getting a f2p game with an entrance fee, along with tangible benefits on items you can only get by paying. I have voted with my wallet so far and I have spent nothing in this cash shop, but with the whales spending hundreds of $ already it seems unlikely to change. I can get on this forum and voice my opinion on why this needs to be changed, and I don't think it's far from an "individual complaint" given the popularity of the topic. I don't think anyone is suggesting things that would drastically shake the foundations of the game, much rather just improving their own experience. People that really don't like the game have left already. People that like some aspects of the game and think there should be changes are voicing their opinions. All my posts are my own thoughts, I don't expect them to be taken as facts.
    There's nothing wrong with arguing for a more constructive community, but you should see the task in front of you and realize there are better ways than "Shut your mouth stop trying to change the game" because you come off just as hotheaded as the people angry at the game.
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  3. Sushiburger added a post in a topic I think there's something the gaming community does not understand yet.   

    Devs and Publishers are not victims of their consumers. They are a business. They will try to get away with as much as they can. We're playing a game where a virtual costume costs more than the game itself. Again this is more "devs are people too!" rhetoric. Sorry to say that a company isn't my significant other and it's pretty weak to draw that correlation. I am not sympathetic to the devs. As for the "revolution" thing, yes, change is not drawn from people being content. That's some apathetic garbage. If you think the changes made to WoW recently, like LFR being belittled and no longer giving raid tier gear, is a result of polite constructed feedback instead of consistent outrage that just speaks for your own inexperience in online communities.
    I'm saying you can't expect all feedback to be all perfectly constructive like you seem to want. People just don't work like that. It has never happened and it's an unrealistic expectation.
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  4. Sushiburger added a post in a topic I think there's something the gaming community does not understand yet.   

    While I agree that you can't please everyone, I think ignoring voices, even if they are a minority, is a c#cky business practice at best and abusive in it's worst moments. This is part of the reason AAA games have such a poor reputation among many people. I don't really feel like getting into detail with that.
    His thinly veiled "if you don't like it then get out" among other quotes is pretty much anti-consumer. His entire post makes it out that your opinion as a consumer doesn't matter. It seems defeatist. Feedback from people who care about your game and will play it is very important, no matter how they word it, and no matter how much you want to articulate "if you don't like it then shut your mouth". They are more likely to listen to the negative outcry than they are to mention to a polite poster, because then they feel pressured to make a change. Video games are a business first and foremost, in a real world with a real economy. They're far from artist painting their masterpiece.
    As for the whole trading thing I don't know why you put this on a pedestal as if it's some grand design decision when it was a feature that was originally here, and they took it out to combat goldsellers. Seems like you're reaching at that point.
    Their money is worth the same to the company which is what matters tbh. Being part of a business does not mean try to be thought police and just eject people that say something you don't like. Riot Games does this ejecting people thing for being insulting towards other people and it's net them a horrible reputation for doing so. If you expect people to act like robots then I dunno dude, reality doesn't really pertain to that.
    I don't think we're going to see eye to eye on this.
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  5. Sushiburger added a post in a topic I think there's something the gaming community does not understand yet.   

    And you seem to make out the consumer as your enemy for almost no reason, and I wonder if I even live in the same universe as you. As many others have stated, I doubt you work at a decent corp or are an actual dev (or maybe just a grunt that has gotten chewed up and spit out like most AAA devs, and you seem to take that anger out on us rather than the higher ups) because literally everywhere you go people in business will tell you the customer comes first. Games have changed due to their playerbase before, individual complaints aren't really individual if it's a continuous complaint, etc not much I can add here.
    Regarding "toxic feedback" seems rather biased considering you only mention people that are making complaints. Not the people telling others to leave, calling people who only buy the $30 package and refuse to spend more "trash", "----- off" "bye" etc. There's definitely some "toxicity" on both sides just because some don't want to become whales.
    Every "I quit" thread there are a few good reasons as to why you would want OP to keep playing, or try to make them better enjoy the game. For him to keep playing and financially supporting the game, even if he his "toxic" him and his money benefits the health of this game. But people would rather destroy their own community I guess.
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  6. Sushiburger added a post in a topic P2W? Ask the right questions   

    That is YOUR definition of P2W, that is not a fact. Pay for advantage, pay to win, whatever you want to word it as. There are items you can only acquire by spending real money that give stats (no matter how minor) that have no in game equivalent. For many people this is a slippery slope that leads to more advantageous items in the cash shop because they will sell.
    Regardless of how I feel about these items, you have to realize that arguing all day about definitions of said term is a semantics game, and doesn't address the actual issue or items themselves.
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  7. Sushiburger added a post in a topic Pay2Win Ghil-- er Fish Costume!!!!   

    So you didn't read the Ghillie suit/Fish suit discussion at all, and instead of participating in it and arguing the point against changing the stats on cash shop outfits in those threads you decided to make this shitpost topic.
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  8. Sushiburger added a post in a topic How is your BDO experience so far ?   

  9. Sushiburger added a post in a topic Is the Ghillie Suit "Nameplate Mechanic" P4CA?   

    Maybe if Daum had any sort of input, even a "no, we're not changing it" we would stop seeing the same threads over and over?
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  10. Sushiburger added a post in a topic What are they doing?   

    Every eastern game. From NCSoft to Nexon to Daum. It's all the same. This'll be the last Eastern MMO I buy into.
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  11. Sushiburger added a post in a topic How well is Black Desert doing in the MMORPG Department?   

    Korean rankings for online games, by popularity I believe. As a general guideline shows how well a game is doing over there. BDO is currently #78 while games like DFO, Maplestory, Vindictus, and BnS are at the top.
    As for NA/EU it's hard to say. I can't seem to find any sales or population charts from a quick google search and I don't really expect to in the first week. If anyone has though please share. The population will die down anyway like with every online game, and it's only really fair to judge it then.
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  12. Sushiburger added a post in a topic Im glad i got to try this game for 7 days.   

    The lore reason is that magic comes much more easily to women, thus males take longer to master it than females do, thus why the wizard is an old fart and the sorcerer probably will be too whenever that happens. It does seem just like an excuse to put more boob monsters in though, instead of elderly women. Not a huge issue though.
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  13. Sushiburger added a post in a topic How do you disable the silly effects when you swing your sword?   

    Korean game. Flashy effects are bound to be everywhere. You can disable others' but not your own.
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  14. Sushiburger added a post in a topic Daums Support is utter shit.   

    Daum doesn't care. They already have your money.
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  15. Sushiburger added a post in a topic How happy are you with BDO overall?   

    Perhaps you should scroll up read my original post as I didn't mention EvE at all. Unless you're impartial to reading and don't want to admit that your perfect BDO has flaws.
    Kat. WhiteKnighting since 2002. 1,031 posts. Don't lie to yourself.
    The rest of your post is generic hubris/arrogance and not realizing your own behavior. Like most of your posts here. Thanks for the laugh, I guess.
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