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  1. Sinistartko added a post in a topic Any "underdog class" in PvP?   

    I play KR too currently, even when i duel korean tamers with and without my awakening they are useless, and 1v1 doesn't even matter. When its group fights they realllllllllllly dont do anything. 
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  2. Sinistartko added a post in a topic [Edan] <Dead>   

    is VisionKR and Alacrity the same guild?
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  3. Sinistartko added a post in a topic Any "underdog class" in PvP?   

    ???? Well the whole "underdog discussion" is all opinionated anyways, anyone whose waiting for awakening to fix tamer class might be in for a rude awakening and even then we wont get that for months if thats what you ment.
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  4. Sinistartko added a post in a topic <RedFace> Edan Recruiting quality active players. - EDAN   

    Still Recruiting. 
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  5. Sinistartko added a post in a topic Any "underdog class" in PvP?   

    Tamer will be underdog cause they wont be that great after a couple of months.
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  6. Sinistartko added a post in a topic PVP class for high ping   

    Try to play any ranged class, ranged classes dont get as punished as melee classes would with high ping.
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  7. Sinistartko added a post in a topic Kunochi PvP (Video) @1440p   

    Called I-frames , stuns, and dsync, but shadow is a dope ass kunoichi. Watch out for him come NA.
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  8. Sinistartko added a post in a topic Ents costume and PvP   

    This is the most carebear post i've ever read. lmao
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  9. Sinistartko added a post in a topic <Sugoi> [NA/PvX] Now Recruiting!   

    Makes more sense when you say its there to describe a "competent" player rather than 1%. Glad you saw where i was coming from. Didn't mean any disrespect just an observation Again, best wishes.
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  10. Sinistartko added a post in a topic <Sugoi> [NA/PvX] Now Recruiting!   

    Im sorry but as a WoW pvper that statement made me laugh.  2200= 1%? If you said 2800 or maybe even 2700 i would of been a little more impressed, 2200 is like getting plat 5 in league lol... Other than that Good luck on recruiting tho!  I wish you guys the best in NA
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  11. Sinistartko added a post in a topic KR player looking for elite guild   

    uh double post
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  12. Sinistartko added a post in a topic KR player looking for elite guild   

    This has to be the funniest shit i've ever read LOL. Forest crow was good on AA, no doubt. Strongest on Aranzeb! Unji has to be one of ( keyword one of ) the best leaders ever, dude didn't even had a mic. But i mean who was even worth a damn on Aranzeb? Things were alot different in Alpha thats for sure.. wonder how things would of been if they went to Kyrios and had to deal with Gank Bus and Friends  ,Or maybe even deal with NaCI, or even some of the Ollo Guilds like FS. I feel like it would of been a much different story.  Either way , Archeage is trash and even when the game was populated, it's not that hard to mageball so lets stop talking about it. Lets just wait and see what happens when the game goes live. Good luck.  

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  13. Sinistartko added a post in a topic Leveling to 50 is too fast?   

    The game starts at level 50. 1-50 is the tutorial.
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  14. Sinistartko added a post in a topic <Support> NA PVP/Siege guild [Open Recruitment]   

    Interesting, didn't know Ghost was GM of Support, thats interesting. Dunno if you remember me but its good to see you , ima prob stream the shit out of this game. 
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