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  1. Merc guild for LOTD who claim to not be a merc guild despite every one on the server bar them thinking they are LOTD's merc guild.

    Have been involved in memorable fights such as Balenos uncontested part 1,2 and 3. Now hold Balenos as LOTD handed it down to them for being a loyal merc guild.


  2. Fairly certain one persons opinion doesn't give directive to an entire clan of people who dont work well with others.

    Oh I like this game its like jeopardy right? how about this one let me try.

    who is gravity?

    i dont get the salt, im in man up. But i seriously dont know who cynical is? can someone tell me? 

  3. 3 pages in and im already laughing my ass off.

    now this is not to be directed at  the entire guild but just at one member.

    but did lacari not 1v1 orca when he was on his ranger (a severely weaker 1v1 class than warrior) and lose , then make up excuses to why he lost and why the ''bet'' that he challenged orca to was invalid.

    how much anybody want to bet if lacari won he would have tried to talk as much shit in the world about how the ''bet'' was real and that orca should disband immediately.

    funny how people forget and spin the little things that mean the most.

    no point in calling a entire guild a dodging excuse making pile of "garbage" when your own leader seems to categorize everything you speak about.

    on a side note if you guys want a REAL 1v1 , just pick a random node and make it known to the server that its the node barcode and manup will have their 1v1. no defensive advantage of owning a castle (because yes being in the castle is a defensive advantage. cause ya'know prebuilt walls and strong gates that cost 0 silver or annex points is a thing) and just duke it out on that node, dont make it about owning the node, make it about proving who's actually the stronger guild.

    what the ----- are you talking about dude lmao, are you seriously talking about some meaningless 1v1 duel. If you think anyone would actually disband their guild that they worked hard over a 1v1, you're delusional, holy shit thats sad. Anyways barcode already got their 1v1 at Thermian Cliff. Soooo.... you just conveniently forgetting about that orrr....  ?( we were in a node war alt guild btw ) . 

  4. Since i live in EU its obvious i play on Eu server... Anyway you have it so much easier on NA, cause its so much easier to get rich on your server...  Everytime i check Na server and MP i think to myself, damn how NA players can be this lazy and give so much oportunities to get rich to their smart players? 35k+ VP sold on MP, 12k+ pets sold on MP, probably a lot bigger ammount of artisan memories then on Eu too, one guy spamming forums that he will buy just full tet /tri accessories account for 5k dollars, digger exploiters buying new accounts after ban and get away with it- you guys really love to pay real money to buy progress on NA...

    Well i said i not play on NA thats why i didnt know... 

    Anyway my question stay, did you really guys merge with Gravity exploiters or its just rumor?

    go back to the EU forums then, you sound like an idiot.

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  5. Who is ocean lab and why does he have a hardon for BC?

    Also, lunar's based was destroyed by kyouki like less than a minute after lunar took out a guild who's name i remember. BC might not have won the node, but lunar didn't either.

    We gave it to them... are you dumb lol. 

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  6. Didn't you join Support at one time? :Thinking:

    I joined for less than a month, maybe a week ? 2 ?. I joined knowing support was garbage tho. I did it for ghost cause hes the homie, and i like val,virus,jam,hermit,shiori and mashi. Regardless, you're an idiot and you have no idea what you're talking about.  If you want to talk shit on the forums that's cool, just get your information right. 

  7. if you think everyone believes that excuse about disbanding over racism, you are delusional and I'll stop wasting my time.

    Holy shit you're such an idiot lmao. Not surprised tho, considering your guild history and all.

  8. Good cutoff point you chose.. right after that 5 iconics taking the space and again that is the first Node War, literally first time Iconic members were led by Gravity's lead.. you can't expect someone to work good when they've never had the chance to practice or try something. I do admit Siege scores aren't that much better but still somewhat and in relevancy to anything even if Gravity has 60% better stats in Siege so be it.. I would still call it close enough for equal standing when you count everything else that goes into warring. At that point we were only few days into the merge, had one practice together, if you wanted a fair and balanced measures then you should post scores under Iconic led battle too where Gravity people were handling the base defence. 

    " good cutoff point you chose" LOL are you serious right now?  😂😂😂😂 . Cika posted the siege score too.  Out of the top 22 in the " SIEGE"  that means not node war since you care so much and think it makes a difference.  You have 5 iconic out of 22..   🤔🤔🤔🤔 im not trying to be BM, there is nothing wrong with being.... bellow average. Sincerely, just stop pretending. Iconic members are really nice people, fun to be around with. But "equal footing" ? Come on..

  9. That was Node War score NOT Siege score. I wonder why Siege score wasn't posted.. 39.gif

    That was the first Node War, when we did not even have everyone in the guild yet and also Iconic brought in more base defence and other utility you guys lacked. Either way I give you that you have 2/3 perhaps on that Node War overall kills.. yet it doesn't mean we would not be on equal footing unless there was next to no red on top-side of the picture aswell.

    in the top 20 there are 4 iconic members on there. If that isn't " next to no red" idk what is.

  10. I don't even care about the split. The points I posted were to show the character of the Gravity core and you are further proving my point. You guys backstabbed Audacity and then ended up paying the price for it. Now you're trying to do some kind of damage control but it isn't working. In reality, those facts I posted show the true character of not only the leadership of Gravity, but it's members. In reality, Gravity people, you've just been making more and more enemies over the last week with your actions. Unfortunately, it is going to affect you guys in ManUp also. But you guys never thought about that. So Vision, good luck to you guys and whoever else you bring to Calpheon on Saturday.

    ok lol 

    how about you write an essay in chinese? :thinking:

    10/10 English btw would read again in either language 

  11. Glad you didn't deny any of those facts were false. Further proving you are a scumbag

    hes a scumbag for posting siege score? Meanwhile birdonnia was sitting around acting like iconic were on "equal footing" , hes just showing it how it is. :/ 

  12. "The more i talking shit about gravity, the more i starting to love them."------Lacari, 2017

    Hate can become love, because love has stronger power than hate. I had a dream, that one day, everyone loves each other. Gravity X Manup is a fresh start of the New Edan, its a prove of how strong love is and how deep love can be, its a prove of the light of the world is love. 

    Do not jealousing about the lovely edan couple and stfu on the thread thanks a lot appreciated and go take a shower please u smells so bad and stop hiding in dumpest eatting expired snakes autistics thank for purifying the world


    Umaru, the hero we need , but dont deserve. :$

  13. why did the thread where gravity was getting absolutely roasted get deleted? lul



    dw u can keep it rolling here. 

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  14. Which sorc squad are you gonna lead now that youre an outcast sinistar?


    Quick edit: I'll apologize since that one prob hit to close to home too soon FeelsBadMan





    i dont get it

  15. manup is hands down the strongest guild in the server. Vision is A rank at best 



    learn something already sinirat

    you corrected me ..... to shit on your own guild? okay my bad.  sry