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  1. Pyper added a topic in Suggestions   

    LAG - D-SYNC
    I have been a horse trainer since the game started. However, with the horrible lag spikes & disconnects, all horse trainers know that the lag is just impossible.  I set my horse (or wagon)  up to auto-run - 10 mins later - I come back to check on her before heading off to work and she is standing in the middle of the road - no horse in sight.  She is lvl 34 so i know no one pvp'd her.
    I run back to tariff and my horse is hurt and in the stable..  This happens repeatedly.  I am making no gains in leveling my horses at this point.  These issues have been going on for as long as I can remember in this game, - we, as players keep asking for it to be fixed..... but nothing happens.   I feel certain you are going to lose many many customers if it doesn't get fixed - SOON.
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  2. Pyper added a post in a topic Is Life Fame bugged?   

    I have been trying to level up more characters to lvl 56 and hoping to increase my house fame.  I was getting 500,000 /day - but since then I have leveled 2 more characters to 56.  But my fame has not risen at all!   Anyone know why?  I REALLY really think the fame system is bugged.... something is wrong with it.
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  3. Pyper added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    EVERY WEEK it's a salty whine about SOMETHING -- anything - bunch of cry babies.  NO MATTER WHAT GETS added and when - the babies just throw their pitiful , self-entitled rants and tantrums.  Give em all a coloring book and send them to their "safe space"   GEEZE if u don't like the game - quit already.  FOR MONTHS it was when are we gonna get the new DK?  Or Nouver, or ( whatever)  Did any of you come back to post your "Thank you's" when those things you screamed and stomped your feet about were added? Doubtful...
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  4. Pyper added a topic in General   

    Magoria opened up?
    The last time I ventured to Majoria (a few weeks ago) the village was mainly locked up - you couldnt really go anywhere.  Can someone tell me if that has changed? can you explore Magoria now? or are the gates still locked?
    Thank you!!
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  5. Pyper added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 1st 2017   

    How come horse trainers never seem to get anything?  PLEASE give us T5 wild horses? please?
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  6. Pyper added a post in a topic [Notice] Log in / Connectivity Issues - 1/21   

    @ CM_Aethon.  I have been trying to log into the game for over an hour now. I put a post under tech issues -  It seems to be the same issue I was having last night while trying to log in. Are other people having this issue as well?
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  7. Pyper added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Cannot log into game - AGAIN
    Not sure what is happening, but Just like last night, I can log in - but after I choose my character, and channel, at the next screen with the little guy running across the bottom of the screen. It just stops...... and then I get disconnected.  
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  8. Pyper added a post in a topic We Are Recruting Family Friendly(closed c Obsidian Dragon)   

    Hi, I'd just looked through the guild's website and very much liked what it had to say. Before I apply - I wanted to know is the guild currently involved  in node wars?  Eventually, i'd like to try node wars - and i'm especially interested in having fun and doing boss scrolls as a team.  My family name is:  Oflynn and I have several characters 55 and over. My favorite is my Maehwa.  I'm off to put my application in - hope to hear from someone soon . Ok, I just tried to apply...... I was able to log in, but the website will not let me fill out an application for the guild.   Hopefully, you will be able to get in touch with me in-game.  I am usually on my character Pipen - BUT she runs my horses while I am AFK at work or sleeping - SO, if i don't answer - it's because I am not there.  
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  9. Pyper added a post in a topic Looking for mature, laid back guild.   

    Same here Jess - have been playing since game opened here in NA - but took a few months off to move.  Now back to game with 56 Maehwa, 56 Kuno and 55 Ranger. - GS over 400 now.   Like you, I would like to find a mature guild to enjoy playing the game with.   Some days I have quite a bit of time and some not - just depends on my schedule. I would like to experience all that the game has to offer. I am not interested in a hard core guild.  However, I am interested in taking part in node wars, grinding my chars up more , doing boss scrolls, getting ready for the new Majoria patch --  and hanging out and having fun with others.   IF anyone knows of a guild like this - pls let me know
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  10. Pyper added a post in a topic Trying to connect to server not working   

    I think the servers must be down - i lost connection and cannot get back in.
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  11. Pyper added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    So amazing!!!  It seems you just can't win with most people BDO Team - they complain if you don't do something - and complain if you do!!  For my part, i'm sending you a HUGE THANK YOU!!  compared to MANY other games i've played, you are hands down AWESOME!   Thank you for extending this!!  
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  12. Pyper added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 23rd   

    Has the Black Spirit board game been removed?  I just looked and didn't see it
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  13. Pyper added a post in a topic ur support sux   

    The game is acting in a very unstable way. My game completely froze up, I couldn't even ctrl-Alt-Del out of it - had to shut my computer down. Rebooted, came back restarted game, and tried to log into Edon - clicked Edon server, and ALL chanels were saying they were in Que - so so WIERD... there was only ONE channel that didnt say that - so i logged into it..... so far, i'm ok BUT tremendous amount of LAG.  I will most likely lose connection soon
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  14. Pyper added a post in a topic Cannot apply the results to memory   

    I'm on Edan Server and was having the same issue - tried to log out and then back in - but cannot log in - got disconnected
    cannot get into Edan server - it says "internal Error" and then i disconnect. Please help
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @GM_Caramel
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  15. Pyper added a post in a topic The comunnity wants Player Trading   

    I DO NOT want the system changed.  IMO, changing the system would break the game bc it would make it very easy for the gold sellers/cheaters in the game. I vote, keep it as is.
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