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  1. Cernwn added a post in a topic How much does your guild pay?   

    Pay, regardless of whether people take it or not, is an incentive to keep valuable resources (members) from migrating to another (better paying) guild. Personally I prefer bonus payouts to daily pay, as they are much larger and can cover purchases beyond basic repairs. I only rarely bother to click the button to take daily pay and use it solely as an emergency repair fund. While pay shouldn't be a factor for member retention in social guilds, it is the #1 factor for mercenary guilds. Mercs are there to get paid, period.
    Disparity of pay, between the guild leader/officers vs regular membership (not trials/recruits), will definitely cause an increase in malcontents. The pay is listed for all to see and a GM receiving HUGE daily pay cannot claim they are in it for altruistic or social reasons.  The GM is also the owner of the guild (if the guild is eventually sold/traded) and benefits in the long term from general membership leveling it up for them.
    IMHO the best bet would be to set everyone (GM and officers included) at lowest possible daily pay and give out very large bonus payouts when the guild can afford to. Of course, when anyone hits 10k activity give them a small bump in pay, to establish a new contract and get rid of the 200% daily pay they receiving.
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  2. Cernwn added a post in a topic Maintenance and Lag   

    For unknown reasons, certain channels lag badly for specific accounts. Try swapping channels, then check for rubberbanding. To do this, rotate your camera a full 360 degrees until everything possible is drawn in by your video card, then sprint (hold down shift while pressing forward) in a straight line for 10 seconds.  If you get even a slight rubberbanding effect, where your toon seems to snap back to a spot they were previously running in, that channel is no good and should be avoided. It is best to do this away from cities/towns/villages, as overcrowding is a separate issue. Keep swapping channels until you find one with zero rubberbanding.  Good luck!
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  3. Cernwn added a post in a topic relic shard scroll - no more waves   

    Right now all scroll bosses (except the ancient puturum weekly scroll boss) are underpowered for most players and go down within seconds.  They are NOT challenging content for most groups.  This is because they were designed for players with much lower levels, smaller groups, and lower enhancement levels on their gear (AP/DP).  We should be rewarded according to the challenge rating relative to each particular group.  Allowing summon scroll boss difficulty (AP/DP/HP + special AI or moves) to scale upwards, along with correspondingly scaling rewards, might help combat the attrition of bored players currently playing whack-a-mole at scroll bosses.
    The rare drops for scroll bosses also need to be normalized in value according to their distance from the starting region of Balenos. For example, players aren't going to take scroll bosses all the way out in Valencia region if they can take a closer (faster) one that gives the same amount of seals and the possibility of a much more valuable rare drop to sell (market value of Red Nose's Armor vs Ring of Cadry Guardian).
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  4. Cernwn added a post in a topic Fix the amity mini-game   

    It would be nice if they made the amity game more enjoyable and engaging, perhaps with less frustration and more intricate social and knowledge elements.  As is right now, the amity mini-game is just a dull and tedious time/energy sink.  I only bother with it any more in the old pre-mediah areas, where a decent amount of amity can be gained with 3 attempts.
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  5. Cernwn added a post in a topic Cap Play Time   

    It's called "time-gating" and yes many MMOs use it to one degree or another. Google it. It's also not very popular in Western gaming. 
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  6. Cernwn added a post in a topic If you flag and kill someone...   

    Anyone pked by another player is likely to drop trade goods they are carrying, which can then be looted.  Boats, wagons and horses also drop trade goods they are carrying when destroyed. The more storage capacity a transport has, the more valuable of a pvp target it becomes.
    Most people who are smart do not carry trade goods, or sell/store them ASAP, for the above reasons. As far as players being a solution, there is rumored to be a bounty system which will be added with a future update.  I cannot say how effective it really is until I see it in action though, but bounty systems in every other MMO have failed.
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  7. Cernwn added a post in a topic Percentage of ur Guildies buys the value pack   

    Lots of people using the free ones, but I noticed there is no option for NONE 0%....
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  8. Cernwn added a post in a topic Patch stopping   

    Mine isn't stopping, but may as well be. I think I may have also discovered WHY.  This morning the game froze and I was forced to relaunch. A lovely 893.41Mb patch was awaiting me at the launcher, which I proceeded to download. I have a fairly stable 25Mbps broadband connection with very low latency to my ISP, which was verified by speedtest.net.  The BDO update initially estimated 20 minutes to finish, but then began to get slower and slower, until I was eventually downloading at a choked off 0.06MBps. Windows 10 performance monitor reports the launcher is connected to the IP address, which when searched for on iplocation.net, reports an akamai CDN in Germany/Austria.  Why are we downloading from the EU when our client is set to NA?
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  9. Cernwn added a post in a topic Guild level restrictions for guild missions?   

    @CM_Tytyes: Since this change was made with no patch notes or notification, could we please get the non-selectable guild quests hidden, so they are not even displayed as a choice if our guild is the wrong size? This would be a significant Quality of Life improvement from how they left this...
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  10. Cernwn added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    This has happened 2-3 times to me since June 17th patch and was never an issue before that update. I know its not my internet connection or PC since I remain connected to other services such as Teamspeak or Discord when the game disconnects occur.
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  11. Cernwn added a post in a topic Advancement Quests Broken with latest Patch   

    Seconded. The June 17th patch broke advancement quests. I had finished all the gathering questline up to and including the L44 advancement. After this latest patch, it is showing the L30 gathering quest in the black spirit guide again, but not allowing me to progress.
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  12. Cernwn added a post in a topic lost contribution points   

    I can also confirm this CP loss, although items I was upgrading with were returned to storage, where my workers are.  Per this announcement, all upgrade forges were removed, and we can now use the black spirit to upgrade: 
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  13. Cernwn added a post in a topic Marketplace script/hack/ban   

    Per Wellbia, which provides the anti-cheat tool Xigncode3 for Black Desert Online:
    "Getting sick and tired of annoying hackers in your favorite game? Send information such as screen shots, videos, web-site URLs, manual, or any kind of information to report at wellbia dot com."
    That's right, email your hack/cheat/exploit complaints along with which version you are playing and the proof to report@wellbia.com
    Good luck...
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