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  1. Howin added a post in a topic Publisher's reputation salvageable?   

    I think that's the point, no one wanted to allow them to take any steps closer. Slippery slope and all that, being close to the edge is never safe.
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  2. Howin added a post in a topic YOLO for good gear   

    I'm surprised people even say the word jokingly, let alone in a actual way like OP just did
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  3. Howin added a post in a topic Beautiful game, great combat, ruined by overabundant rng mechanics.   

    What was the point of this post?
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  4. Howin added a post in a topic Beautiful game, great combat, ruined by overabundant rng mechanics.   

    Welcome to posts that contribute nothing to a thread, more like it.
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  5. Howin added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I haven't played BDO in a while simply because I've been doing other things but this is the kind of thing that will make me never come back what so ever.
    Thanks for trashing things, your reputation has gone down the drain entirely for me and no apologizing or back tracking will change that from this point on. I understand now.
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  6. Howin added a post in a topic Value Pack - Is it really an issue?   

    Isn't it obvious? Slippery slope, they're poking and trying to see how much we as a community will accept. Stop it at the first step.
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  7. Howin added a post in a topic ESO just (once again) upped their detection software and permanently banned 43 players in the last 24 hours. Daum, can you release a statement like this?   

    I disagree. I believe naming and shaming serves as another deterrent. Besides, I find it silly that people are so against naming and shaming when it's part of breaking rules and laws in general. When you commit crimes, it usually isn't private when you're caught and no one has anything against that. 
    You have it in you to be an asshole or selfish enough to hack? You don't deserve privacy like this. 
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  8. Howin added a post in a topic Found this white horse in Altinova. How is this obtainable?   

    It could be a GMs horse too, I guess.
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  9. Howin added a post in a topic this guy figured out why YOU QUIT BDO   

    Yes, like most people you're only willing to absorb what you want to hear and block out all the rest. Echo chambers.
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  10. Howin added a post in a topic Desert Fox is P2W?   

    Yes, but why is there marginal benefits to every damn piece of content in this game for us to purchase. It's not even f2p. 
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  11. Howin added a post in a topic What you need for Valencia Content [PREPARATIONS BY @DESKA]   

    Why does every feature of this game get accompanied by something you can pay for to have things go a little nicer. Already bet there will be some sort of eskimo outfit that helps prevents whatever the hell they come up with for that new snow area coming around. It's annoying.
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  12. Howin added a post in a topic New pet breeding system [ Discussion ] [Feedback ] #MainTopic   

    I think the breeding system is retarded in general. Instead of just, you know, BREEDING two pets together you have to murder both of them for a chance to get a nicer one. It's just a cash grab. Then there's RNG in skills instead of just.. training your pets.. to learn new things.. It's fine if you have to buy them, whatever. (Although I'd prefer being able to get regular pets in game at least and it being more of a buy for skins kind of thing). But everything else about the pet system in general is honestly a bit dumb. Business wise though..
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  13. Howin added a post in a topic Lack of consideration for PvChat (✿◡‿◡)   

    People keep PKing me in chat ever since I got above 45 and if Daum doesn't do anything about this I will quit the game forever. They have no right to talk about things in chat that I don't like and disagree with my opinions!
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  14. Howin added a post in a topic Playing in Korea (ask me)   

    What a blessing
    On a side note, really great thread. I'd love if you did these every now and then! Doesn't have to be too often or anything but really informative.
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  15. Howin added a post in a topic Gear Scaling - Skepticism about popular belief   

    You don't even know the context of what I brought up. This involved switching back and forth at any moment during fights just to see how things changed. Gear matters and again the whole every single slot can be filled with a powerful gem with enough gold is also a thing. 
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