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  1. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic Risk Vs Reward and what it truly means   

    dont bother, carebears lack the intellect to comprehend this. they just wanna hold hands and repeat the same 3 key strokes over and over vs the same mobs till eventually the next mmo with fancier gfx pops up which they can hop over to leaving another game that had potential ruined in the dust.
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  2. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic Turn soft cap into hard cap, and cap gear at +15   

    not at all but skill should always have a much bigger impact than gear. look at darkfall to see how its done right. theres far more char progression in that game than in any of these themepark shit mmos but a much better player on a much less developed character will always beat a baddie on a maxed out character and thats how it should be.
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  3. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic Turn soft cap into hard cap, and cap gear at +15   

    isnt it obvious? its because the majority of BDO players have FAR more gear than skill and they dont want the only thing that makes them remotely decent been taken away from them.
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  4. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic Hourly costs on guild wars need to be re-implemented   

    yea lets restrict pvp even more, good idea. infact lets remove it all together then all the real players will leave for good and you can sit around a campfire like happy unicorns holding hands with the other carebears in your carebearworld.
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  5. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic Arena PVP what rules do you guys use?   

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  6. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic PvP Game with Broken PvP ! Good Job !   

    hah so i hit the bullseye.

    btw its not an insult when its true
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  7. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic PvP Game with Broken PvP ! Good Job !   

    not even gonna dignify ur UO comment with a serious reply. 
    25% + way better spawns makes it effectively like 50% better xp (atleast) 
    also if u enjoy grinding in daoc (or any mmo rly) you have down syndrome, period. no1 played that game for pve. i guess you were some complete shit tier in some nonfactor guild that ran 40 man in RvR and died to literally every single 8man (even the awful ones) let me guess, excalibur/albion/GoL ?
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  8. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic PvP Game with Broken PvP ! Good Job !   

    classic was like that in a way yes. tho even there it was more to it but yea overall it was pretty simple. kinda funny so many ppl already struggled there tbh. however TOA was very good for the game. it seperated good players from great ones and made anyone below that level complete nonfactors in 8v8. with TOA came hybrid setups and with hybrid setups came huge changes in meta and a MUCH higher skill ceiling. i never considered run through a problem tbh it was so easy to counter and baddies would miss so many styles and followups cos of it that it did them more harm than good. especially when its 1v1 between 2 assassins i always loved when some poor clueless idiot tried to land side stun on me. literally the dumbest thing you can do is stun in an assassin duel. id literally just let them land it, say thank you, purge the stun together with all poisons, land a hamstring chain and never get hit again in the fight due to defense buff and just ez win from there. 1v1 was kinda easy if you knew what you´re doing and understood game mechanics. i made a highlander scout and got it rr11 in just a couple of months then specced it 50 slashing 50 shield aug dex4 Mastery of Blocking 5 purge3 ip2 for shits n giggles and won a 1v1 tournament with it. that shit was hilarious. most fun for solo play was assassins tho cos they could beat every class in the game except maulers if played correct. (no class could beat that joke class in 1v1 really) 
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  9. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic PvP Game with Broken PvP ! Good Job !   

    UO was complete shit after trammel. every single good oldschool UO player will agree on this so yea ur right UO wouldnt be where it is today without trammel. it would be much much better. 
    regarding DAoC no you didnt have to go to RvR zones to lvl but anyone with a brain would go lvl in the frontiers after around l30 cos the spots were much better xp (compare crim fins to 4fins f.e.) + u got 25% xp bonus in frontier zones a couple patches in which made it even more worthwhile.
    im actually impressed you could figure out what the heck that guy u quoted was trying to say. i read it 3 times but his english is so bad i have absolutely no -----ing idea what he was trying to say.
    your´re wrong about DAoC tho, gear had extremely little to do with success in RvR. it was often used as an excuse by bad players after TOA released but its simply not true. i know and have played with quite a few ppl that were too lazy to pve and still did very very well in 8v8. one of the best bards that ever played the game was level 47 until like rr9 cos he couldnt even  be bothered to grind to 50. another friend of mine dinged rr11 in less than 5 months while using a 2 artifact ghetto template and still beeing ml2. (on a bard also, no phaseshift or zephyr lul) DAoC was all about individual playerskill and teamplay. bad players would always be bad no matter what gear or RR they have while good players would do perfectly fine in ghetto temps and rr5. pre TOA gear was practically irrelevant cos you could cap everything with SI necky + SI bracer (both quest items) and spellcrafted armor. it was also one of the very very few games where 8vs100 was actually a winnable fight if you played in a top tier group and 8v8 between top tier groups was the pinnacle of skill ceiling ever seen in an mmo. nothing else comes even remotely close. well except darkfall maybe but that cant really be compared cos it requires a totally different set of skills. 
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  10. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic Disable PVP?   

    id put him in the bin kid.

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  11. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic Disable PVP?   

    id love to know this too. id take great pleasure torturing that kid until he has a mental breakdown lol. funny thing is i would most likely not stop there.
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  12. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic Disable PVP?   

    that is how advertisement is done. you let known sites test your game and review it. the entire internet understands its a pvp focused game, only you carebears are too stupid/ stubborn to comprehend it and do what you always do. enter a new game well knowing you suck balls at its major aspect and then try to bend it to your will. just go play single player seriously. fallout 4 will be great for you. you can even mod the game and change everything that you dont like to suit your needs and let us real gamers play proper games and compete vs each other without the interference of you nonfactors.
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  13. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic Disable PVP?   

    didnt know you can ignore yourself 
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  14. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic Disable PVP?   

    first paragraph
    here´s a review from mmorpg.com if the first link wasnt already enough.
    infact i shouldnt even have to link anything, the mere fact that the game has little to none endgame pve content  should be a giveaway to anyone not suffering from a severe case of down syndrome. the endgame is sieges and OWpvp, pretty much nothing else.
    yw clown
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  15. BICEPS XL added a post in a topic Disable PVP?   

    then for gods sake please just do that and dont try to change the game that was advertised as a pvp game into something you want it to be by whining on the forum about how mean and evil pvpers are. -----ing clown.
    ppl like that are the very exact reason why every new mmo is complete garbage these days. 
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