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  1. Falkyn added a post in a topic Tamer Guide 1.1   

    You slot precisions in mainhand because they provide much more in that slot than any other crystal does.
    You have to make up the attack speed and crit elsewhere.
    Temptation is a terrible crystal anyway because it's only a net 1 gain in stats.
    Jarette's costume would be great for node wars and stuff but for actual grinding a costume with 10% EXP will be much more preferable.
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  2. Falkyn added a post in a topic Trade Item Bulk Sale Profit Calculator   

    I've added the raw data as a separate sheet and removed an extraneous column.
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  3. Falkyn added a post in a topic High end siege guild kicks all TAMERS. The purge has begun.   

    The problem with dedicating ninja kuno and tamer to such a task is that once again, you could just have a party of sorcs zerkers or rangers do the job just as well or better. And they would also be able to back up the main force. Sure there are some specific tasks that tamer could be used for, but their lack of impact in mass pvp (mainly due to low # of damaging superarmor skills, lack of passive DR, and zero ranged skills) makes them a poor choice for any large scale situation where flexibility may be required.
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  4. Falkyn added a topic in General   

    Trade Item Bulk Sale Profit Calculator
    Link to the google doc

    After selling a couple thousand calpheon timber crates I wanted to get some exact numbers on how much I was potentially losing from market value depreciation from each crate sold. I spent a couple hours gathering data to derive the (near) exact values for the calculation of a trade item's sale value and how much it decreases with each item sold.

    The major findings of the research are that:
    Distance bonus is not a whole number in %, and for Trent to Valencia is closer to 99.84% distance bonus. Each trade item sold decreases the value of the next item by 0.27% of market value. The highest it can reach is exactly 130% naturally excluding boom nodes, and a floor of exactly 80%, only reachable by mass sales by players.The master buff is an exact 1.5 multiplier to value.The full equation for crate value isThe chart values for silver per batch of items sold is not 100% accurate, but a batch of 60 calpheon timber crates for me was off by less than 200 silver out of 14.6 million comparing the calculated value to in game silver, which I think is close enough.
    I settled on 60 crates for my batch of 2300 because that was approximately 1 million silver lost per batch of 60 compared to selling every single crate at the full 130% market value, which would have taken absolutely forever. 
    Save a copy of the document for your own if you want to make lots of edits. 
    I don't know know how to do some of the fancier chart editing to make this a more functional document so if someone wants to make a copy, spruce it up and leave a link in the comments for people to view.
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  5. Falkyn added a post in a topic Class with most CC   

    In terms of number of CC skills and ways to apply different types of CC, you have to give it to tamer.
    In terms of usefulness of CC, I'd say it's between valk and tamer, and berserker if they've got their 100% stomp. Valk vacuum and spammable void lightning AoE provide so much area threat in group PvP. Tamer does lose out a bit though since none of their CC is ranged.
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  6. Falkyn added a post in a topic Artisan Goblin worker with "Advanced Herb Packaging Skill" doesnt make 4 special sunflower crates   

    You need advanced produce packaging for cooking materials
    I would suggest not crating sunflowers anyway. You can make a lot of money just cooking and doing imperial trading, with the added benefit of the cooking byproducts.
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  7. Falkyn added a post in a topic Weapon durability issue   

    I can confirm that it is moonlight strike that is causing the durability issues. When I grinded without using it, I lost 3x less dura than when I was using it.
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  8. Falkyn added a post in a topic Elaborate ?   

    BJ still gets its air attack bonus so it's used after grab in combo, even with awkaening weapon. It's still powerful then.
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  9. Falkyn added a post in a topic What natural bonus do Tamers get?   

    Unfortunately this is no longer the case. In a long distance footrace we already lost handily to bladers and plums of course, just like everyone else. But we also lost to a weapon sheathed ranger running and a berserker who knew how to use their mobility. And post awakening we lose to everyone else who gets spammable dashes, which includes warriors and rangers.
    However, in terms of our short term burst movement we are nearly unmatched post staff awakening. Moonlight blink, cloud stomping, and LBP give us a lot of ways to cover a lot of distance in a very short time, but each have their individual cooldowns that make them only useful if you catch your opponent with them, not as long distance chase tools.
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  10. Falkyn added a post in a topic Awakening Tamer PVP Videos   

    That's the best Tamer PvP video I've seen, though that valk really is just taking it sitting down there. Seems really outclassed skillwise in this case. I'd love to see them match up against a better player.
    Really good use of the movement skills for juking and spacing, and repositioning to get around the frontal blocks.
    If anybody knows any better, I'd love to see them as well.
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  11. Falkyn added a post in a topic questions on skills   

    Tree climb I don't see being worth it. The skill itself is useless and actively harmful to you since you can be air attacked during it, and the flow skill doesn't seem worth it over just taking spray scratch.
    Throat burn is a disengage tool only, and not a great one at that. Eventually we'll get the KR patch where the first level of all skills is free but I wouldn't take it until then.
    Stretch kick is another one of our floating tools but its range is low and I haven't really tried to fit it into any CC combos as of yet. I imagine it could be useful.
    Surging tide is actually a down attack, though it doesn't list it as one in the skill description. If you use it on a knocked down target in PvP with enough accuracy it's your biggest burst for sure. Frontal block is also invaluable in a PvP situation against more than one person.
    Roaring is underrated but still not great. The animation lock is long and there is no defensive part of the ability. It leaves you very vulnerable for its duration, and standing still for two seconds against a non CCed target will usually spell a large chunk of damage or death to you. However, for quickly farming weak mobs in PvE off the back of a horse it's second to none. Its only use in PvP as I can see it is as a final move to debuff your target as they're getting up from a knockdown or as a final tick of damage to get that last sliver of health as they run away since its range is so large.
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  12. Falkyn added a post in a topic Strats agains musa and maehwa   

    You will never catch them so you have to wait for them to come to you.
    You usually win any actual fight though since your melee arsenal is more powerful than theirs. Just don't get range stunned and combo'd first.
    I usually just stick around one of my rangers/wizards and eventually they'll come in for an assassination attempt. Otherwise ignore them cause you can't do anything about them.
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  13. Falkyn added a post in a topic Summon Heilang worth it?   

    After the patch I can void travel maybe 1 in 4 times I try. The timing is a lot more strict and it's much more difficult to go a long distance without it triggering. As it is I don't use it in PvP anymore because I don't find it reliable. If I go in expecting heilang to follow behind me ready to void bomb but he doesn't it gets me killed more often than not.
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  14. Falkyn added a post in a topic Skill tree for PvE?   

    Max Bolt, Jolt, evasion, whiplash, level 3 Void Lightning, maxed Summon Heilang, and you've got your core.
    Secondary would be Flash tree, Surging Tide, Fearful trembling.
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  15. Falkyn added a post in a topic How do you start (engange) your combos in PVP   

    I prefer the awakenings on fearful trembling. 15 PvP AP and 20% crit rate. I usually use surging tide as a finisher so those extra stats don't come into play until very late in my combo, whereas fearful trembling is a great start/followup CC early on in a combo. 
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