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  1. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Mobs for the Quest "To Cultivate a New Farm" Are Broken   

    Please let them fight the mobs to confirm they are very overpowered. They hit for 400hp each and there are about 6 at each statue but I can't even get their HP from yellow to orange after fighting for a long time. They feel about double the strenght compared to ogres or cycploses.
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  2. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Why do I feel like I've been ripped off yet again?   

    The fact OP is not enjoying the game, even though it's still the same game, is more of an issue with OP rather than the game.
    In other words, OP has become bored, time to move on.
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  3. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Khurutos getting drunk quest not starting   

    Finally found out there are two guys named Clarkster. The first is just north of Delphe's Castle and Delphe Outpost on the mountain ridge, this is the one you need. The second is the Karanda Ridge Node Manager.
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  4. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Razor Wind or Tearing Arrow?   

    Razor Wind. It's a high dmg channel cast, whereas Tearing Arrow requires a lengthy charge up before it does high damage.
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  5. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Tired of marketplace snipe bots   

    I've been able to purchase a +15 dagger and full +15 grunil armor using my speedy piano fingers. That said I would say my success chance is about 1/3. So I doubt there's botters, just trigger fingers.
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  6. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Time to quit? Or Is there a way?   

    If you quit for the reasons you mention, you cannot play any game ever, since they all work by the same mechanic nowadays.
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  7. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Lack of AP accessories   

    Correct @Dremlock, you haven't sacrificed enough kittens or pandas.
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  8. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Would you buy this game again, seeing how the team DAUM solves problems?   

    Definitely yes. I played WoW too much and totally lost interest ever since they merged the Russians into Western Europe and made humans OP.
    Black Desert is the only proper alternative when it comes to MMO's, particularly since I like sandbox MMO's.
    GW2, ESO, Wildstar, EVE and Archeage are all crappier in comparison.
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  9. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Anyone notice there are very few Witch/Wizards around now?   

    I see every class a lot, except berserkers. Their yuria weapon sells for nothing as well.
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  10. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Tax Relief Wanted   

    Tax is desperately needed to counter the hyperinflation in the game. It should definitely not be lowered. If anything the market should react more to price changes, in other words prices on the market should be allowed to increase more easily.
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  11. Amsterdoom added a topic in Suggestions   

    Pet command: special
    I really really miss a feature to have the pet command: special always turned on when I summon my pets. It's a major pain to have to activate it each time I summon my pets, especially cause the UI is very sluggish and unresponsive when it comes to the pet ability bar
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  12. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Assessment of the complaints against BDO   

    The single reason BDO is better than the other's imo
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  13. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

    Valencia is an American channel? So I'm connected to an American server when I play the European version?
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  14. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Amity, NPC's & Horses   

    Amity with stable keepers unlocks knowledge and their amity shop items, it doesn't improve breeding.
    Horse breeding and exchange is similar and based on the horse tier, level and their amount of deaths.
    Use this site to calculate the possible results http://www.blackd.de/horse/
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  15. Amsterdoom added a post in a topic Are pets useless?   

    @ Mike, cats have gathering,  dogs spot enemy players
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