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  1. crazyryoga added a post in a topic How is the Ninja Awakening?   

    I am personally giving up on doing battlegrounds. Like you said you basically need to run evasion, hence you need longer combo to kill someone unless you have over the top gear. Stealing kill can be rewarding for the final score but it's absolutely not satisfying, and to be honest our CCs are not the best, most of the time I grab someone they just desync out of it, our bounds work half of the times, our knockdown is the 4th hit of a skill...Even when you manage to bound someone they get up in an instant. Meanwhile you see Tamers and Rangers jumping around like real ninjas while doing tons of dmg and while being immune to cc...Add to that the ABSURD mechanics of some skills that literally lock you in place for 4-5 seconds (sorc's ult is one of them, I mean, wtf?), 1 grab for a zerker and you can go afk. No disminishing return. I never seen anything like this in any other mmo I played, and i played a lot. I always loved spending hours doing battlegrounds in other games, here I enter and I just feel frustrated. There is really no balance in the design of bdo classes. 
    Pardon my rant.
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  2. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Awakened grab vs zerker   

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  3. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Continuous disconnections in the evening since 3 weeks   

    You know what, ----- it. If they don't care about this, why should I? In the end if I don't play I don't buy stuff from the market and they lose money, not me.
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  4. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Dandi...   

    Ye, that guy lost a chance to get it when I was selling one of my Dandelions. He wanted to do the trade in the middle of the night lol. I successfully traded it 10 min later with another guy with a preorder. People tend to exaggerate things, I am not saying he doesn't have bad luck but 400 karanda...I don't even think the game spawned that many. Still, I assure you auras's drop is not that low if you put up a good fight with the boss.
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  5. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Dandi...   

    I don't know your guild master but I would say he's doing something wrong, like killing her with a low level character or not doing enough dmg. I didn't kill 400 Karandas for sure (in fact I lost a lot of spawns) and I'm sitting with 87 auras. They definitely drop more than 10/15% of the times. Kzarka is the same (already got the reward) and from Nouver I already have like 20 auras. 400 kills 50 auras sounds really unlikely honestly, but then again, you have to get in the loot table to get something.
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  6. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Dandi...   

    If you do Karanda regularly you will get one with the quest, sooner or later.
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  7. crazyryoga added a topic in Ninja   

    Skills Add-On [PVP]
    Since I finally hit 60 I'm going to focus more on pvp so I need to change my skills add-on. I was thinking about something like the image below but honestly I don't know how viable are dots in this game pvp wise (in pve you can barely see them ticking). The ones I chose would apply 700 dmg. Any suggestion? Better focusing on speed attack, acuracy, something else? What did you choose?

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  8. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Continuous disconnections in the evening since 3 weeks   

    Io sono un paio di sere che stranamente riesco a restare loggato (con lag di 2-3 secondi...). Devo però assolutamente evitare posti affollati (i world bosses me li scordo di sera ad esempio).
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  9. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Continuous disconnections in the evening since 3 weeks   

    Hai provato a mettere i personaggi fuori dalla città? So che non è il massimo della comodità ma per qualche strana ragione di solito funziona.
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  10. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Continuous disconnections in the evening since 3 weeks   

    Quindi usando uno di quei VPN non dovrei averi più disconnessioni? Perdona l'ignoranza, sono a pagamento?
    EDIT: vedo ad esempio che CyberGhost c'è sia a pagamento che free..
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  11. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Can we at least get replies on the ninja forum? Plz Gm's Senpais Lol   

    I checked all the last korean patch notes and the nerf is not listed there.
    If they make another undocumented change to this class I'm gonna rage.
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  12. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Continuous disconnections in the evening since 3 weeks   

    Ye I'm sure though something changed in the game, like some sort of timeout timer that kicks you out if you fail to sync in a short time. I just tried a login in and got disconnected shortly after, even if my speed is now near to 4Mb..
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  13. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Continuous disconnections in the evening since 3 weeks   

    I know, I think it started with the merge honestly...I always played in the evening and I never noticed any bad latency. I even used to play the battlelground in the evening and it was fine. Now I simply can't stay logged in.
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  14. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Continuous disconnections in the evening since 3 weeks   

    Do you have fiber or the adsl wholesale? Because I have the wholesale (the fiber is not ready yet in my zone) and my connection basically goes from 14Mb in the morning to only 2 in the evening.
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  15. crazyryoga added a post in a topic Continuous disconnections in the evening since 3 weeks   

    Sorry for my late answer but yes, my issue is exactly like the one showed in your video. It only happens in the evening, when my shitty provider (Fastweb) gives me only 2MB to navigate. I'm "glad" to see I'm not the only one with this issue that, I repeat, I never had 2-3 weeks ago.
    Please help us. Thanks.
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