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  1. Zyler added a post in a topic Coherent UI is killing this game   

    Yup nothing wrong at all that it's using 16.3% of your cpu for album + guild tab.  When the black desert uses 24.5% for the whole game.
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  2. Zyler added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

    I don't want to be pessimistic but this problem is in this game since it was lunched with no fix in sight.
    Topic from April 2016
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  3. Zyler added a post in a topic Weight limit bugged   

    I did not have time to check it but from what I heard the culprit were the lanterns.
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  4. Zyler added a post in a topic Weight limit bugged   

    Same problem here EU server
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  5. Zyler added a post in a topic Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!   

    "Special weapon animation effects can now be deactivated when you use the function “Remove Other’s Effect” in the game options window."
    I'm not sure what this should do but if it meant to remove the black flashing then it doesn't work for me.
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  6. Zyler added a post in a topic I can't buy daum cash   

     Well Kakao doesn't want our money during Christmas (idk if i should be happy or sad because of that). Probably like few people I now have some spare cash that I wanted to spend, especially now with the discounts.
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  7. Zyler added a post in a topic Seven Day Trial   

    Idk if this will help but try it the old way with the quest codes (here some unused codes)
    F9G1D7A-8BE9KH5-INQOI8E-4HFP6    Claimed        
    UJI2I17-IBKJ51J-VHGPI9G-D426G    Calimed      
    RGLV61O-BUO652P-L8P2MCF-0T5H    Claimed       
    UBEGU22-CC70QTD-KLJKCPP-QTC4F    Claimed      
    R2ILCLK-G4TUH94-EQ9ORF6-I84LC    Claimed        
    FSD6QC5-UM7S40L-0RIQ9OF-9V0KM    Claimed        
    EIIAIL9-4B28EUT-QFR8RG3-TFL22    Claimed       
    DJB0DCU-8ILP82K-KQ1E60G-LFRCD    Claimed        
    VOFMV18-1DSJB5O-6E28CFM-CLIPU    Claimed   
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  8. Zyler added a post in a topic Game crashes when it's snowing   

    Well for me it doesn't matter if I have everything on low, high or optimization mode. Major city with snow animation is equal to a freeze/crash for me, I'm perfectly fine when there is a usual weather or any other place in the game. About the ram increase it is some solution but idk for a stupid snow to need 4gb more ram. 
    The Santa event is meh and I have issues with the in game snow great Christmas in BDO.
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  9. Zyler added a post in a topic Game crashes when it's snowing   

    Well for now I found out that the game isn't freezing or crashing when I'm inside my house. So if you are processing wood/ore/anything else my advice for you is to rent a storage chest for 10 cp from the manager and just put it in your house. The issue is that you can't place items on the market by using that chest. For training horse go outside of the snow range. As for fishing well all that's left is to fish in the smaller towns like Kusha or outside of the snow range. So far I tried: clearing the cache folder, running the file check reinstalling the game, installing older drivers, installing the newest drivers but nothing helped.
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  10. Zyler added a post in a topic Game crashes when it's snowing   

    Dual core here. I was training afk my horses, with my alt, running them between Olivia and Western Gourd Camp all night without a crash/freeze, 5 min in Heidel with snow falling and the game stops responding. The same thing in Valencia all day in the surrounding desert without trouble I step foot into the city the game freezes and i have to restart the client. All this started after the last patch. 
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  11. Zyler added a post in a topic Game crashes when it's snowing   

    Same here every time when it's snowing after 5-10 min the game crashes. I tried playing with optimization mode on, but still after 5-10 min crash.
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  12. Zyler added a post in a topic [PETITION] Remove energy cost for jobs   

    No for full removal but I'm in favor of better energy regeneration (that full storage of raw material) and for God's sake remove "processing is not going as planned" the only purpose for that is to waste our time.
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  13. Zyler added a post in a topic Increase hard cap price on some items   

    I would say there is a even bigger issue there many items that are not even worth to craft because of the market price. For example the Vangertz Shield it sells in seconds when it is posted on the market for around 25k but to craft it you need pure iron which costs around 65k. Probably there are more item which similar problem
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  14. Zyler added a post in a topic EXP Life skill event buged   

    We are all forgetting that over 24h passed since the bug was reported and no response from Daum (and it's not the only bug after the urgent "hotfix").
    Would be nice if they would say anything.
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