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  1. Femian added a post in a topic Kakao just lost 2 customers - paymentwall   

    The funny thing is on their verification page it says you show up only the last 4 digits but the PW respondent asked me to unmask the first 6 digits as well. It was a pretty shitty process for me. I had to sent them my ID as well ...
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  2. Femian added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

    @Tekeii Yeah, I already have a fixed group with guildies but I just wanted to see to what extend they are backing this up.
    @Blondie Nah, if you want to see a bad CS example. Check this: https://support.trionworlds.com/hc/en-us/articles/204183367-Scamming-And-Exploiting
    TL;DR: Scamming is allowed on Archeage.
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  3. Femian added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

    What about scroll scammers? When people agree to do their relic scrolls together in party and one leaves without doing his/her part.
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  4. Femian added a post in a topic Sorry everyone, looks like you can only gift 10 accounts period.   

    The limit was supposed to be reset with today's maintenance but I still can't get any more gift packages. Anyone else with the same issue?
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  5. Femian added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 4th   

    @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytyes @GM_Dew @GM_Caramel
    "Available gift packages have been reset for all users."
    Well, it didn't reset for me. What's the problem?
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  6. Femian added a post in a topic [Guide] semi-Afk leveling as a Witch. it works! 0,007% exp per~ 2 minutes   

    lmao I would never PK afkers but all I see is unfair advantage. I'd love to see Kakao nerf your pets.
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  7. Femian added a post in a topic [Guide] semi-Afk leveling as a Witch. it works! 0,007% exp per~ 2 minutes   

    Better aggro a lot of mobs, bring them next to pet so it'll hit them and take aggro so that mobs will hit/kill the owner. V'ing out or escaping may work as well.
    Pretty sure the guy also have a healing macro on off-the-record which would be against the ToS.
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  8. Femian added a post in a topic Game runs bad now   

    Possible fix for the fps issue after the patch:
    1) Close the game.
    2) Set Fullscreen from the launcher settings.
    3) Launch the game.
    It worked for me and few other guildies.
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  9. Femian added a post in a topic PSA: KR has new boss armor   

  10. Femian added a post in a topic Payment wall sucks   

    I had to go through a criminal investigation type of verification to use Paymentwall but I had to comply since I like BDO. I understand this is necessary to combat fraudulent purchases but it will be a huge turn-off for newcomers. I can't use PayPal because reasons...
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  11. Femian added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 28th **Update**   

    It's really a bot. He changed from "Nouver?" to that. 
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  12. Femian added a post in a topic [Bad troll attempt] Mutant Ogre - can be killed - 100% drop rate   

    I heard about this rumour in which there was actually a Mutant Ogre exploit on the first month(?) for Ogre rings. But it shouldn't work now since It was fixed at the end but a few people got away with Tri Ogres very early in the game, same people abused the MoS drop exploit. One of the reasons why some people created a huge power gap and it took months for people to catch up with them because of the power creep.
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  13. Femian added a post in a topic AMD/full windowed/crimson drivers/ Vsync option ?   

    You can force off V-sync from AMD Crimson settings. You should create a profile for BlackDesert64.exe first. Here are my settings below.

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