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  1. Huer added a post in a topic Can we have a PvE channel?   

    In my case I got that game cause a bunch of friends said it was pretty fun, I got it... didn't think I would like it, but soon fell in love with the grindy stuff, leveled a few chars to low 50's and realized that until this game opens up a PVE channel/server its not my thing... Like I said, I love all the RPG grindy stuff, even liked the pearl shop, probably spent at least a couple of hundred there. But I am done playing until there is an option for me... a PVE option. Pretty much all of my friends that used to play feel the same way. Its kinda like calling it quits in a relationship with someone you love but is a train wreck, your better off moving on and finding someone who fits you better and makes you happy...
    I still keep checking in to see if BDO has changed
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  2. Huer added a post in a topic From a reds perspective   

    What most people forget is that this game isn't an OPvP game.. if it was, you would level flagged from day 1, there would be no safe zones and have player drops. I think that is what the game needs, but most of the hard core PvP'ers really are not that hard core. all the whining and crying about no exp loss this and their gaming experience is ruined.. hehe  Lets have a RED server and see how much of the so called hard core BDO PvP community joins.
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  3. Huer added a post in a topic 60 to 0 in 1 second - Quitting the game and XP loss   

    Its really about western attitudes about greed and an almost psychopathic desire to hurt someone else even if its "play".. cross your fingers for the next century.
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  4. Huer added a topic in Suggestions   

    New Server/Channel System Based on Karma
    I would like to see a 3 tier server/channel system based on your karma. you could move up or down by being good or bad. This would appease everyone except the sizable population that like to tell others how they are gona play the game.
    3 tiers
    Blue : 150k-300k Karma  PVE only, no pvp flagging, cannot flag for PVP, would have duals, arena, battlefield and maybe node warfare.. if the community cares? only way to get bad karma once you get here is by stealing, killing certain NPC and horses, maybe have a quest for neg karma?
    Yellow : -149k-149k Karma This is where everyone starts and this is the game as it is now, no changes for people that like things the way they are. you would not have to move from there if you choose not to.
    Red : -150k-> Karma This is crazy town, your always flagged, no safe zones, can kill city NPCs, player item drops, PVP exp loss.
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  5. Huer added a post in a topic A Solution to the Whining   

    Stealing, killing certain NPCs & horses.
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  6. Huer added a topic in General   

    A Solution to the Whining
    Iam going to start off by saying I don't care how people want to play this game... stare at weasels all day.. i don't care! Everyone who bought this game should have input on how they want to enjoy this game. I really don't get all of the twisted panties over the PVP exp loss removal, sometimes I think that this entitled generation really gets off on taking someone else's cookie...
    SO... here is my idea!
    Karma dictates what server/channel you can join, there would be 3 tiers.
    300000-150000k karma, PVE only server/channel, cannot flag for PVP, would have duals, arena, battlefield and maybe node warfare.. if the community cares?
    149999-Neg149999 karma, standard server as it stands now.
    Neg150000- karma, RED server always flaged, no safe zones, full loot drop
    So players would be able to move between servers, thou I would slow down how fast and slow karma moves. I think this would make everyone happy.. the weasel freaks, people that like both and the psychopaths.
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  7. Huer added a post in a topic PVE channel   

  8. Huer added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Can I get a straight answer on weapon enhancement increase from black stones
    So when looking up information on weapons, everyone states  that Yuria is the weapon to get.. even over a weapon with a higher base damage like the Kalis... the consensus is that the BStones will raise the +5 damage to humans along with the other enhancement effects, along with the base damage. which will make the weapon better.
    My question is, and i can't seem to find any answer to this is, how much will the BStone raise the +5 damage to... 1 point per stone? does anyone know?
    Also, how do you compare the accuracy increase from a +15 Kalis weapon and a +15 Yuria weapon since these are hidden stats? Seems like most people are just going by feeling.
    WOW.. no one else curious about this?
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