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  1. Orania added a post in a topic Santa's presents?   

    i've got 2 bandanas, tradsies?
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  2. Orania added a post in a topic Santa's presents?   

    I have opened 75 presents and still no fox mask
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  3. Orania added a post in a topic Knowledge - Balenos Adventure Journal I   

    I am on my character in the second char slot, i am level 14 and i have 204 aminity.  Still no reagent quest.   (side not, alfredo also has no wagon quest for me either)

    Got it.  Had to use my fourth character.
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  4. Orania added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Unable to mount horse
    All of a sudden i am unable to mount my horse.  I can whistle for it, communicate, use item, and all other hot keys.  I just cannot mount it.  I have tried rebooting, stowing and taking him out again, and a different mount all together.  I still cannot mount him.  Has anyone else ran into this problem?
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  5. Orania added a post in a topic The "I spent too much on dye" thread! Show Your Armor Dye Jobs!   

    There is a cape toggle right next to the helmet toggle.
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  6. Orania added a post in a topic The "I spent too much on dye" thread! Show Your Armor Dye Jobs!   

    Mine may seem pretty boring but i like it.  Mostly black with purple tights to match my hair.

    just look at that beautiful face

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  7. Orania added a post in a topic Help With A Guest Pass(Thanks Reddit For Responding Flame Free   

    I am not going to comment on the legitimacy of the cancer.
    I am just confused as to the fact that you ask everywhere for a guestpass saying you cannot spend the money unless you know you will really like it.  You also say you played in both betas.  Was that not enough time for you to make an educated decision on whether you like the game or not. 
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  8. Orania added a post in a topic LFG Boss Scrolls Orwen NA   

    I've got an ancient relic that expires in a day
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  9. Orania added a post in a topic Server Forums   

    I would have to concur. 
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  10. Orania added a post in a topic Yuria vs Liverto   

    so i found this.  Added the Bares longsword as someone also posted a topic about it vs the yuria.  The only problem is that they all say Accuracy is increased with enhancement but it doesn't show by how much.  I have read that items don't all scale the same so it is hard to tell if one has an advantage over the other and by how much.  For the yuria and bares it also say damage to certain species is increased but doesn't show how it scales.  Is 5 additional damage equal to 5 extra AP?  I really do love this game but i find that it provides you with so much information but at the same time no information at all

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  11. Orania added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Yuria vs Liverto
    Hello All,
    Just curious as to which is the better sword. I instantly thought that was the Liverto because it is the more expensive and more rare one.  Although i remember reading somewhere that critical is not as important to Valk due to her skill already having high crit.  The additional damage to humans may only be effective to humans, but there are quite a lot of human mobs in the game, not to mention PVP for guild wars and what not.
    What is you opinion?  Which is the best sword?
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  12. Orania added a post in a topic What does investing in a node do exactly?   

    Handy Video
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  13. Orania added a post in a topic "Block the strategy leak" need help   

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  14. Orania added a topic in General   

    Client Issues
    Hello All, 
    Sorry to bother, a quick questions to see if anyone else has had this problem.  My boyfriend just made his first character and when he tries to start the game with it he gets no UI and he is unable to control anything besides the camera angle.  In order to even close the game he has to Ctrl+Alt+Del.  Has anyone else had this issue and/or know how to solve it?
    ps.  i know it should technically be in a different section of the forums but those are hardly ever read by the general public.  
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  15. Orania added a post in a topic [Discussion] Head Start   

    at the risk of being the cliche girl.  I have a boyfriend. 
    They haven't released the time yet.  Luckily you can just patch the CBT2, so it shouldn't take too long.
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