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  1. Zegram added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    Wait can we still post stuff?  I thought the forums would be shut down by now...  what gives?!
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  2. Zegram added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    This one!  This one is it!  I win the forums now...  I feel like the last post I make here should be something profound and visionary...  hmm...  hmmmmmmmm....  
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  3. Zegram added a post in a topic Black Spirit Claw!   

    Welp looks like its happening  
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  4. Zegram added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    Last post ever?  Hahahahaha...  suck it nerds!
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  5. Zegram added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    Yus!  I made it.  It has been a long road, the journey has been hard, I would like to thank my parents for always being there for me, for always believing in me.  I would like to thank all the wonderfull people who through their hardwork and dedication made this day possible.  I would like to thank our lord and saviour RNG'sus without whoom none of this would be possible...  *music starts*...  wait what...  I'M NOT DONE!!  YOU CANT PLAY ME OFF STAGE!!!!  THIS IS RIDICULOUS MY LAWYErs will hear about this....  do you have any idea who you are messing with kid...  im a navy seal with 200...  *dragged of stage* 
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  6. Zegram added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    For shame...  I didn't even make the cut...  whatever its not like my validation as a human being comes from some game forum!  Whatever...  like...  what....  ever... bro!  I dont even care!!!  Like at all....  I don't!  I'm not crying!  YOU ARE!!!
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  7. Zegram added a post in a topic NEW PC ?? Any tips for a build?   

    Legit the only thing I would highly recomend is some kind of liquid cooling.  I got one of thesesuckers a few years back, I'm sure there is better stuffout there, but it keeps my rig from getting too hotsince its on 24/7 basically.
    Again, I'm sure there is better stuff out there now, but it works for me  
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  8. Zegram added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Never played WoW cuz it looks like cartoon trash, but I played GW2 for like a month or 2, hit max everything, got everything, got bored and uninstalled.  BDO's timescale or progression or whatever you wanna call it takes much much longer so I'm still having fun woth it *shrug*
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  9. Zegram added a post in a topic For those who played over 5000 hours...   

    Im like 90 days or so off from 10k.  Afk fishing at night/work, basically all the time when I'm not actively playing...  which to be honest is not a lot, only time I can ever really get in there and play is when I'm not busy weekends.  Otherwise 1-3 hours a day maybe, mostly in the morning after work.
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  10. Zegram added a post in a topic New Korean Pearl Shop Costumes for May (Conqueror Re-skin)   

    They are going to release all of them eventually...  I mean come on, use common sense.  "No, lets not release these and not make a boatload of money!" - said no one ever at KAKAO.
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  11. Zegram added a post in a topic Good gosh almighty. Fired this game up again today, what the...   

    bruh... seriously its getting a bit sad... you should look into other hobbies.
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  12. Zegram added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    The thing that makes no sense to me is the starting over part...  L...  O...  L...  over my dead body, I'd rather quit and uninstall before I would start over.
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  13. Zegram added a post in a topic Shakatu seals   

    Im cool with it, guaranteed progression over time for everyone.
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  14. Zegram added a post in a topic Black Desert comes out on Steam!   

    Thats lame as hell!  I mean I like steam fine and all but no way in hell I'm starting over lol.  Why cant we just use our current accounts on the steam version?  I dont even mind paying for the game again, but I'm not forfeiting literally like 320 days worth of playtime...  GTFO here with that nonsense.
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  15. Zegram added a post in a topic House ranking P2W based?   

    Yep housing is the one true P2W thing in this game, there is no way to compete normally.
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