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  1. Weamz added a post in a topic Great boss event. Thank you!   

    In the end whoever went to the event will just have wasted a half hour.  As badly as it turned out the most likely outcome is that whatever loot  we were supposed to get will be in the mail which is what they should've done in the first place.  Either that or they should've made it a world wide event where an event boss shows up simultaneously at every city on every channel.
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  2. Weamz added a post in a topic How the hell are characters ordered?   

    From what I've seen if you want a particular character to have the top slot you would've had to have deleted the first character you ever made.  I had messed up my first character I created and when I deleted it and made a new one it took over the top slot even though I had used up all of my slots by then.  That Plum you created will always be in the 7th slot once you replace any characters you deleted.  It's position was determined at the time of creation
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  3. Weamz added a post in a topic Red grade fish?   

    Wonder if fishing level is a requirement as well.  The tooltip does say when you level up you can catch more fish species.  Kind of makes me wish I spent more time fishing during the XP event.
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  4. Weamz added a post in a topic Why are NA/EU publishing staff silent on important issues being discussed in the forums?   

    A lot of you fail to realize our version is pretty much on a ride for whatever the Korean version decides to implement.  Most the of the balance changes a couple of patches ago were because of the Korean version which is way ahead of our version and until we start catching up its going to have a lot of unintended consequences for us.
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  5. Weamz added a post in a topic Other versions of the game allow players to purchase cash shop items through the auction house.   

    The P2W aspects to games only basically hurt poor casuals.  Hardcore players don't really care because they will still have tons of silver and still have the best gear but will now be able to get cash shop items while whales are just being whales. On an even playing field the hardcores will still wipe the floor with the whales and the casuals never really had a chance to begin with.  
    The P2W games I've played in the past were Eve, WoW and Diablo 3 and in none of those cases would I say P2W had a negative impact on my gameplay experience.  Now all games are different and P2W will affect each in different ways.  Since P2W is enabled in other regions the question is how bad is the gameplay experience affected there.  I haven't played any of the P2W versions so I have no insights one way or another.  Personally, I would be fine with it because I have no qualms with selling silver for pearls.
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  6. Weamz added a post in a topic Why can't we know the Gender of our Horse?   

    How hard is it to figure why this is the case?  200 pearls to change your mount's name, that says it all.  I'm just going to name all my mounts Bruce and be done with it.
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  7. Weamz added a post in a topic Reply if you would like a hotkey to quickly turn all game sound on and off.   

    Yep pretty much play silent nowadays.  After awhile of turning off sound at the Velia warehouse all the time at some point I just never turned it back on.  Sucks when there is a cutscene that I haven't seen yet but oh well.
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  8. Weamz added a post in a topic Gamecompany baits and switch/false advertisement   

    Wonder why we keep seeing complaint threads all the time? hmmmm 
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  9. Weamz added a post in a topic Gamecompany baits and switch/false advertisement   

    You could say it 500 more times but no you won't be.
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  10. Weamz added a post in a topic Gamecompany baits and switch/false advertisement   

    Truth hurts...
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  11. Weamz added a post in a topic Odd new forum policy, don't use publisher's name?   

    Greed and lying are usually frowned upon as well...
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  12. Weamz added a post in a topic Gamecompany baits and switch/false advertisement   

    It's never a good thing when a good portion of your customers thinks you are a bunch of greedy liars...
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  13. Weamz added a post in a topic How much money do you have to spend monthly on Cash shop if allowed to sell on marketplace for silver? A market study, everyone invited to vote   

    We all know this will happen at some point, the only question is when Daum and PA thinks it's in their best interest to implement it.  It's the natural progression for this type of business model.
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  14. Weamz added a post in a topic Please increase the speed of the more tedious parts of the game   

    Processing lets people spend more time PvPing on the forums...
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  15. Weamz added a post in a topic Tips, tricks you learned and wish to share..   

    You don't actually have to be at the storage npc to use the transport function.  Took me awhile before I discovered this.  You can transport anything from any warehouse from anywhere on the map.  Helpful if you've maxed out storage accidentally and your workers stop working.
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