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  1. Mynban added a post in a topic Pvp and this game is a joke   

    BDO,  PvP? lol
    BDO is farmville with waifu. Nothing more. Action combat would be thrown out of the window with awakenings even if there were no desynch; and there IS desynch.
    For Honor is the PvP go to now (used to be B&S arena), and BDO is still the good old fishing farming waifu game.
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  2. Mynban added a post in a topic FPS issue possible fix for it - NVidia Only GPU's   

    Thanks for the time and effort you put into both investigating the issue and more importantly writing down that comprehensive guide.
    However sadly, it did not improve the performance at all, at best it was similar fps; but felt like it was a bit worse. That being said I highly doubt it is as simple as Nvidia drivers causing the problem, because the computer I handed down to my partner has an AMD 280x 3gb GPU and that is the computer that I used to play in RU/JP servers with mid/high settings with a decent 40-60fps.
    That same computer can not even run current NA/EU BDO at low settings with a reliable 30fps, and at snowy area gameplay completely becomes intolerable. That mentioned computer can run witcher 3 on ultra btw, and whole weekend we spent in For Honor open beta, and at max settings it sustained 60+ fps very easy without any issues. And it looks way better than BDO does especially with blur and zone in effects.
    So while BDO has the potential to look amazing, current ingame gameplay experience is far from that. And considering it used to work just fine; dev team probably loaded their already struggling engine with more stuff with little regard to optimization and performance to reach the point we are.
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  3. Mynban added a post in a topic [Speculation] Info Regarding Dark Knight Awakening   

    I have a friend's friend at Trump administration, he told me they plan to make Canada great once America is ok. Totally legit info.
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  4. Mynban added a post in a topic Balance, where is it?   

    At this point I think unfair to expect a balance action combat from PA; since they have pretty much proven that it is not their strong suit at all. They are darn good at creating a beautiful world, and I think BDO should be the satisfying enough for that part.
    For the balanced action combat, at early times it gave the illusion that they had it under control because they copied or directly stole systems from other games that (kind of) pulled off action combat like i-frames, resource regeneration with basic attacks, superarmor etc. But it turned out they just imported systems that they dont actually grasp how to implement properly, and the AP scaling mess or non-stop spammables are a clear sign of that.
    If i want to enjoy proper skill based action combat vs other players I go play Elsword or DFO. But that games look like shit so I come to BDO for eye candy.
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  5. Mynban added a post in a topic Equalize PvP   

    But that's the thing. If players are placed on a scale based on player skill it would look like a pyramid. And only a very small group at the tip would excel at the game. When a huge portion of the population simply are not good enough to be competitive in actual skill based games, it creates a great market opportunity for games like BDO where a low skill player who has absolutely no chance of excelling at lets say MMX, then can become competitive by simply putting in enough hours.
    This is apparently the new trend in KR, new big title Lineage Eternal is going to be an ARPG so simple and easy that it can be played from a mobile phone touch screen. But of course it will require insane amounts of time and a broken power creep, so that people will be able *work hard* towards getting better at the game vs others. Of course open world PvP will be there too. 
    There is a market opportunity for tapping in, people envy those good players that beat the crap out of them in balanced games; so games like BDO are a sanctuary for them to strike their egoes.
    I wish BDO took a milder approach like Elsword, where it allows poorly skilled players to become relevant with easy characters like Ara, Add, Lu once they overgear their way to S/SS; but SSS and Star rank still being only occupied by really skilled players.
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  6. Mynban added a post in a topic Equalize PvP   

    BDO does not have PvP, it has a food chain decided by gear score.
    If it was a PvP game it would have tiers based on player skill, and that would make majority of top BDO PvPers to ragequit. 
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  7. Mynban added a post in a topic Best new computer per buck for new year?   

    Thanks a lot I will check that out now
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  8. Mynban added a post in a topic Best new computer per buck for new year?   

    I dont am more than happy with a regular monitor and directing my $ more towards other hardware like CPU or graphic cards for best performance
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  9. Mynban added a topic in General   

    Best new computer per buck for new year?
    Since Boxing Day deals are on, I am planning on putting together a new desktop computer and passing my current one to my partner. I have roughly put aside 800 USD (including monitor) but if it will make a big difference for performance/buck I can go a bit higher. 
    I am trying to get best performance per buck, would someone who has good understanding of computer parts and prices be kind enough to give me some advice please?
    Thanks and happy new year!
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  10. Mynban added a post in a topic Bring back the exp loss on pvp death or something that prevents grief   

    I will give you two not one;
    1. Anyone who is fighting mobs in area appropriate to their lvl will face this situation; an overgeared self entitled player who refuses to go to their own lvl appropriate zone, killing them for being present in their magic circle of rotation -whatever the borders of that self implied magical circle might be. There is no guarantee that another one of these type of players wont be in the next place they may try. In most cases it is way more simpler to just heading back to the same node since Kakao intentionally made a system to prevent them abusing their overpowering. They do not give a fuk about you or your efficiency. You are just a random nobody to them. They just do their own thing.
    2. You kill them, but we all know that is not what the players of your kind does. You swear, insult and belittle. What happens after that is called karma, not the game mechanic but the real life one. You act like a complete asshole, and you sure can expect to be treated as one. Simple as that.
    In conclusion; it is never about YOU. Noone, (unless you managed to make a personal enemy somehow), but noone gives a shit about YOU unless you make them.
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  11. Mynban added a post in a topic Bring back the exp loss on pvp death or something that prevents grief   

    In your example it immediately implies that this griefer does not value their own time and are willing to sacrifice their own time just to cause inefficiency to YOU.
    Let me break it to you, you are just a random nobody and noone gives a ----- about you. People just want to do their own thing, and you just want to have the bully power to repel people away when it inconveniences you. 
    It is as simple as that.
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  12. Mynban added a post in a topic Bring back the exp loss on pvp death or something that prevents grief   

    Have you even considered that maybe YOU are the asshole in this story? Because from that guys perspective you definitely are.
    Perspective. It is hard.
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  13. Mynban added a post in a topic Fix the game please!!!!   

    But that is the funny part, he doesnt want to focus on PvP he is just a pleb crying for the efficiency drop in his PvE rotation.
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  14. Mynban added a post in a topic Survival of the Fittest - A suggestion to reduce karma bombing.   

    - MOOOMM someone else is killing mobs in the area I OWN in an open game world!!!! I even peed at the tree to make it mine!
    - Yes honey, very nice sweetheart <3
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  15. Mynban added a post in a topic Fix the game please!!!!   

    You fail to understand what the game you got into in the first place. YOU fail to understand what the game is, and YOU demand that it should be changed to what you think it should be. Self entitled little kids these days.
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