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  1. Tesla added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    Here's a little something you may want to have a look at, and try to recreate, if you can. It was a late night, I wasn't paying as close attention as I should have been, and I don't know how I ended up playing the Amity game with Alustin (in Velia), with one space (topic) empty. I did take a screen shot of it though, right after realizing this wasn't the way it is suppose to work. This was a while ago, and it hasn't happened with any other amity game interaction since.
    While I'm in my screen shot folder, I might as well bring up a few more things I'd like Daum EU to have a look at.
    First, how the hell is this not a bargaining win?! (Really, WTH?)
    Second. Trade Manager Quina (of Altinova), is a Shia, not a Goblin. Looking at the pictures below, you'll see why I'm pointing this out.
    Third, well to be honest I think the rest that I have are incorrect or omitted words. Here are a few obvious examples.
    The word skin is missing from the Monastery Riverhead description, and for the Crant description, "he knew he needed -to- get out".
    Last time I checked, the word thought still has two t's. One in the front, and one at the end. The preposition word of, is not spelled o, even if you are a Tough Sausan Soldier.
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste, even a psychopathic one, like my buddy the Black Spirit has. Won't somebody please give him a higher education, or at the least a lesson in proper grammar? ( dare -missing words?- you for a while)
     ...and I gave up on trying to guess, what this Soldier was trying to say.
    The word here, is missing, here.
    Poor Duras, either has a speech impediment, or a stutter, or I don't know what, but he needs some speech therapy.
    Y ou can see for yourself, what's wrong.
    Lara in Heidel, seems to have two names for Weehol, or is it Wihor?
    Andrei, might have identity issues. He thinks he's a Sea Otter. Queek!
     Word missing between "hurts" and "smacked", idk, maybe getting, or being?
    Here it's plain to see that a was left out of the last sentence. What is of more importance to me, is where can I get that tattoo that Olson has on his arm? That's some nice work there.
    Needs one tap with the space key.
    If the intention was poor grammar, because it's a child. Than disregard this submission.
    Another a, or two, needed here.
    Now for Becker ("I am not a Witch"), she may not be a Witch, but she is a woman, most definitely. It would be respectful to her, to refer to her as such, and not as 'he'.
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  2. Tesla added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    Job well done, and a good show made by all of those that are involved. Especially the CM's and GM's.
    Thank you Pearl Abyss, thank you Daum EU, thank you CM's and GM's all!
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  3. Tesla added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    Cavaro outfit for all classes except the Witch?!
    From what I understand a decision was made to not create one. It was not an oversight, not a 'whoops' we forgot to include it in the Pearl Shop, it was a conscious choice to provide it to every class except the Witch.
    This precedent of neglecting a single class is much more worrisome than the lack of a Pearl Shop vanity item.
    Will this be the last time something like this happens, or is it to be the first of future omissions, due to a decision made by the powers that be, in regards of a single class?
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  4. Tesla added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   

     (so lame, but 1st time I ever used MS Paint so kinda fun)
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  5. Tesla added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    Not one of PA/Daums better ideas to begin with. Until it is removed, it will continue to be abused, and continue to be another added reason to disable global chat. The fact that it was added by PA/Daum in the first place, is a puzzlement.
    Please remove the Megaphone. Like if you agree.
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  6. Tesla added a post in a topic [Poll] Trade or Not - Gauging Community   

    Majority/minority, irrelevant. What is 'best' for Black Desert, doesn't have to equal what is best for its player base. A MMO with no trade is, simple, clean, unique. If you have a +15 anything, you must have done something to 'earn' it. No damn wallet warriors. Until you, or some one else has the solution to non exploitable trading, adapt to a new kind of MMO where you get back from the game as much as you put into it.
    Black Desert online would be a 'perfect' MMO, if not for the opinions of some of the people who play it. And that's 'my' opinion.
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  7. Tesla added a post in a topic The comunnity wants Player Trading   

    One player's opinion, even yours, even mine, does not represent "The Community". We want this, we want that... come on. You have a better way of minimizing the negative impact professional gold sellers have on a MMO, speak up, Daum, PA, and the rest of the world would love to hear it, and they'd listen to you. You don't have a better workaround, than learn to play a MMO with a no trade system in place. Can't live with it? No one is forcing you to keep playing. Going to leave because of it, go and be happy in a MMO that is P2W and overrun with bots and pro gold sellers. Be happy, but I won't be following you out the door, and I feel just fine in a no trade world.

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  8. Tesla added a post in a topic Do you miss a CBT2 title/reward after 9th of March? - please reply   

    Missing Title/Reward: Triathlete and "Beauty and the Beast"
    Character name: Steel
    Family name: Debonair
    Server : Orwen
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  9. Tesla added a post in a topic reserved family name question   

    Hello Skyfrog
    I put in a little work on your behalf. Below you will find some links that should either give you your answer, or at the least, bring attention of this to the Daum EU Team.
    Below is the Name Reservation FAQ page from the official BDO website.
    and a quote from that page...
    I hope this helps, and that the name reservation page is still active for you.
    And now for your viewing pleasure...
    Cindy Wilson & Kate Pierson are great, no doubt about it. Personally, my always and forever favorite is Annie Lennox. Rockin it with a four octave vocal range.
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  10. Tesla added a post in a topic POLL: What will be your MAIN character class come launch?   

    The very forces of the cosmos are mine to command. The magic I wield is capable of rending asunder the universe.
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  11. Tesla added a post in a topic Interview with the Developers   

    I am looking forward to a bright new future of MMO RP Gaming with Black Desert Online.
    To be honest, it would feel better, having gotten any sort of answer to my question though.
    [My question for Pearl Abyss is, was]
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  12. Tesla added a post in a topic Why I believe Vigor cost should be increased for Channel chat.   

    For me personally, this is not only a +1, it is one of those 'minor things' that if addressed and adopted, into the Western version of BDO, would unquestionably be a improvement to the game, as well as the gaming experience.
    My opinion is, this along with adjustable chat text, such as the ability to change font, size, and color, as well as the overall length of chat text can and should be improved. Is it a matter of urgency or high priority, no, not in my opinion. Is it a matter worth taking seriously, yes it certainly is in its present situation.
    The game designers at Pearl Abyss have lovingly labored over 5+ years and created a beautiful MMORPG, free of Gold Spammers, a minor miracle. That is just one of many, many reasons I will be playing Black Desert for years, and years to come. The developers of PA have more on their plate right now than I can possibly imagine, and will continue to have, for quite some time. I am not speaking for anyone but myself when I say, I sincerely would appreciate this being added to the 'to do list' at some point, and if it is not, to know the reason why.
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  13. Tesla added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Tesla
    Family Name: Valient

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  14. Tesla added a post in a topic How old are you?   

     Happy Birthday, and feel good. (because some of us here are still a decade older than you.. and feeling good about it)

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  15. Tesla added a topic in General   

    New to BDO? CBT2 First Time Playing?
    Being as this is such a vast sandbox, the depth of the UI can be intimidating. Here is a link, I hope everyone uses and saves. When the game is live, this feature is accessible through your UI. Offline, it's a great tool of study.
    This little link answers questions and explains features you may not have thought to ask, or that you may not have known existed. Familiarize and educate yourself with this, and it will save you hours of game time in the long run.
    Personally, I know you will all enjoy playing Black Desert Online. This will help you to enjoy playing BDO, even if you aren't playing BDO.
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