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  1. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic Have fun   

    yea, my gear kinda sucks atm, so im jus getting prepped for lance. I also still need to get my bheg's and my kzarka.
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  2. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic Have fun   

    That bug was like 4-5 months ago. :v
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  3. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic UPDATED - Important fixes and what to do to compensate what Valks are lacking - Brainstorming   

    The buffs to sword/shield, yea. However the buffs to Lance are very good. The skill to swap between sword and Lance by pressing 'C' is a huge buff. You can switch from sword to lance anytime instantly by pressing Space in between skills. Unless you're doing Counter combo. However, to switch to sword from lance without the use of CS or SC you need to use 'C' which is very slow compared to using Space for Sword>Lance. Making it difficult to start from Sword>Lance and then back to Sword for grab without gimping your damage by not starting with CS. I usually did S+F(Lance's pull) OR Shift+Left Click(Ranged shield stun and cancel for Dash) W+F (Desperate Dash) followed by CS>SoJ>Space(Lance)>S+Left Click>W+ RIght Click(wether or not you have enough time for this AND a grab depends on how you start your combo). If you attempted to switch back to sword AFTER the Lance W+Right Click skill following SoJ for a grab using 'C' which is your only option you would without a doubt miss because it's animation is too slow. Meaning you would have to skip the second lance skill just to land that grab which isn't even guaranteed to land. If you can land that grab now then Valkyrie has one of the best combos in the game because there are only 2 instances of needing to overcome your opponents resistance. The only other thing you need is quick fingers. lol
    Lance and Sword has the best synergy of all the awakenings but that 'C' swap messed it all up since it was too slow.
    The skill that got the range buff W+Right Click is a hard hitting skill and has Front guard meaning it's your best skill for challenging your opponents mid attack to get a CC. Imagine a sharp light with a wider arc that hits like a SOJ but has the range of the Ultimate: Sharp Light(or maybe even more, gotta test) with a frontal guard. Makes it a great utility skill disregarding it's damage since it's unquestionably a hard hitting skill.
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  4. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic UPDATED - Important fixes and what to do to compensate what Valks are lacking - Brainstorming   

    I played plenty of Lance in KR and Death Line Chase never had frontal block on cool down to begin with. It gave frontal block and stun for a single dash when off cool down. All they did was update the tool tip. Pretty sure the post on reddit was just an error in translation. Valkyrie got nothing but buffs in that patch.
    Google translate isn't the best but you'll understand what I mean.
    ● The front guard has been added to the operation and effect of running the operation out of the rush of technology Brilliant light up.  BRILLIANT DASH GETTING FRONTAL BLOCK
    ● description of the sharp light technology, has been added to the description of the effect of air attack. SHARP LIGHT GETTING TOOL TIP UPDATED
    Which one does this look like?
    ● description of the purification of the shield technology, the information does not apply when the front guard effects technology used in cooldown has been added. 
    No nerfs. Just buffs and a slight error in translation someone did.
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  5. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic Golden Desert Coin   

    I dug at these coordinates. I zoomed my mini map all the way in with the '+' symbol and as someone said think of the quest area as a square. I went to the NE corner of the 'square' and instantly started getting coins on my first dig in that spot then the other 4 in the exact same spot. Use print screen to get your coordinates. My spot wasn't on top of the glitched artifacts when running up the hill.to

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  6. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic Recent RBF Valk description   

    The gameplay. The ttk is much lower. A single person can kill many with a 100% or 1vX with just regular skills. Makes grouping less desirable/ideal. All of the awakenings have good survivability in form of SA, I-frames and mobility. So the fights are spread over large areas. It'll be pretty dumb until more classes have their awakenings as all awakened weapons are pretty face roll in group pvp vs default weapons. You'll still see thorn balls for a while, but after getting wiped by a few warriors/sorc ulti's they will die out very quick. You end up having to play smarter/skillful. Gear is always a factor but even with mediocre damage, if you have awakening you can still be pretty effective versus better geared players since all awakenings hit very hard.
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  7. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic Recent RBF Valk description   

    NP, i refuse to comment on alot of things because I'm the same in the way of people making Valkyrie seem like trash tier when it quite strong. Also, 'large scale' fights change quite a bit post awakening. Won't see those large blobs like you do on NA/EU anymore. Awakenings change a lot in terms of pvp. It's more like small skirmishes here and there which is much more fun imo.
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  8. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic Recent RBF Valk description   

    That was a video of NA, Kzarka/Nouver? Kr. Don't recall mentioning my gear in the description/comments if we're speaking of the same vid. lol This is the thread of someone having success in RBF. Not really anything constructive going on in this one. I've read the other thread here and there. Discussing skills sure, but there is also talks of how 'useless' Valkyrie is, and re-rolling to warrior since they share gear with valk and get their awakening first. Also talk of how Lance doesn't bring much to Valkyrie. I've been playing Valkyrie since the day it was released. I had no one to learn from at all. Builds, gear, places best to grind. Cancels, combos. I had learn everything on my own. I still learn things here and there a year later. As such, anyone that's started playing from NA/EU launch should still have much to learn and should be quite eager to. I think dueling without pots is a great way to learn, teaches you not to get hit at all versus trying to turtle and kite after getting combo'd.
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  9. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic Recent RBF Valk description   

    I do make mistakes in fights. More than I'd like tbh. However, I was trying to stagger my grabs/CS or refrained from doing one of the two if I didn't stand to gain significant damage dealt to him. Also, to attempt to keep him from healing which I had done a few times.
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  10. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic Recent RBF Valk description   

    First, you should learn what hypocrisy is. Secondly, I have. I've only fought sorceress' a handful of times and I somehow still won.You're mistake is thinking I'm saying I'm skilled. I just don't blame Valkyrie for my short comings. Secondly, I was playing full DP (less than 100AP, I don't even think I had 95 iirc) which means I had to play as aggressive as possible to have a chance at winning. If I had similar AP to him I would've killed him in 1-2 combos easily. It's amazing that I killed him at all tbh. I made that video because it was a fun fight. I learned more about sorceress in that 25-30min duel(you saw the last half) than since I started playing BDO the day beta started in Kr. Even though my gear is still garbage I easily hold my own and get successive combo after combo without taking damage against sorcs ever since that fight. Even when they severely out gear to the point that they can 1 combo me. I know my class very well, I simply lack insight of other classes. Which is why I enjoyed such a pointless fight so much.
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  11. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic Recent RBF Valk description   

    People would rather chalk it up to the class being useless rather than take the time to better themselves. Can't fathom the idea of needing to improve to get better results. Instead they'd rather complain and/or beg for buffs.
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  12. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic Ulti SoJ bugged?   

    Only difference I see is SoJ: Ulti's 2 animations going off simultaneously to the point it looks like only one. Which is a buff.
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  13. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic KR Skill patch 6/28   

    Also, seems whats skill awakenings you have available is unique to each individual skill. Was translating some on my valk in kr and each skill had different awakenings. awakening weapon skills had the more powerful ones. I picked up the +25 damage to monsters real quick. The bleed debuffs were pretty good as well, stuff like 58 bleed damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. If there are debuffs for toxic, fire as well. You could stack them and do really good passive damage. There was a nice variety of things to choose from. A friend translated extra damage on down smash. The resets are free, you just need a memory fragment now.
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  14. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic KR Skill patch 6/28   

    Exactly, like I said. A difference in cultures. Koreans are rather helpful and nice. They'll work together very readily for a common goal. I can't tell you how many times I had a channel cd and was fighting dragon solo for like 20 minutes till the zerg showed up. then I joined them for the rest of the channels.
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  15. StellaAlamarr added a post in a topic KR Skill patch 6/28   

    In Kr the 100 kills is very feasible. When I got my Dragon shield in KR I was doing 6-10 Dragons in a single day. The Koreans started at the top channel and the zerg went to each channel systematically down the list of channels. At that rate, a modest 5 a day. You could get your Kzarka/Nouvre in 20 days... in Kr. If and when this mechanic comes to NA/EU if the community could reach a general agreement to doing bosses starting at the top channel and going down like Kr; it could be done much sooner. Biggest problem with this strategy is the difference in cultures between NA/EU vs Kr. This strategy most likely won't be as successful as it is in Kr.This could be done much faster. I assume we'll get Kr's spawn times at some point as well.
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