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  1. Iron side added a post in a topic Exchanging items for life XP   

    Thank you.
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  2. Iron side added a topic in Guides   

    Exchanging items for life XP
    Hi, guys.
    Does the buffs apply when we exchange items for life XP ?
    • 2 replies
  3. Iron side added a post in a topic Game freezes for several seconds   

    I had exactly the same problem for months (with another game). I was looking for a solution on every forum i could find, i even switched a few hardware pieces.
    Updating the bios solved the problem for me.
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  4. Iron side added a post in a topic Which goods are tradable   

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  5. Iron side added a topic in Guides   

    Which goods are tradable
    I got lost in all the topics about trading, one thing i could not answer to:
    Are all crafted and processed goods tradable on trade managers ? And if not, how can i find out where to sell a particular item ?
    • 2 replies
  6. Iron side added a post in a topic Which materials to keep for trading   

    Great, i have these allready.
    As for the iron ore, isn't it better to heat it and sell the melted iron on the auction house ? I mean afk proccessing ....
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  7. Iron side added a topic in Guides   

    Which materials to keep for trading
    Hi guys.
    I have around 25 workers and i havent sold the materials for a while (mostly flax, cotton, potatoes, pine, acacia, cedar, iron ore)
    My question is:
    If i eventualy decide to level up trading, what kind of materials would be worth keeping in order to craft something profitable?
    I would appreciate your thoughts on the subject aswell.
    • 2 replies
  8. Iron side added a post in a topic What to TET   

    I dont have red corals yet, isn't the accuracy from bheg gloves more important than the evasion ? I dont know how much it is .... 
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  9. Iron side added a topic in Warrior   

    What to TET
    Hello, warriors.
    I managed to get a TET dandelion GS and now i am wondering which item to enchant next.
    Accuracy is a must, and i am not sure how much AP/Accuracy bonus we gain from enchanting kzarka longsword, basically i will either make my kzarka or my bhegs (I have kutum offhand).
    Share your thoughts please.
    • 13 replies
  10. Iron side added a post in a topic Explorer Event Series   

    Will they keep the beer after the event is over ?
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  11. Iron side added a post in a topic Warrior Greatsword Combos By Poo   

    I guess everyone will decide for themselves which skills to use, based on your posts, but there is a valuable information in this topic.
    I appreciate that you guys are sharing your experience.
    Keep up with the good stuff.
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  12. Iron side added a post in a topic Warrior Greatsword Combos By Poo   

    In the first combo, you use Overwhelmed for cc purpose, the target is knocked down, but then you continue with Balance Strike + Hilt.
    Do they have any effect on knocked down target, or you just use them for the quick burst ?
    Also in the Jump Attack Combo - Overwhelm + Balance Strike + Hilt ...
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  13. Iron side added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Feedback   

    ... few swings later i can confirm hits.
    I also noticed that you can't activate the +20 attack buff (with autohit+block) if your previous move was "head chase/dash". Somehow i must be standing still in order to activate it this way (autohit+block). Is this also the case in KR ?
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  14. Iron side added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Feedback   

    Yes, counter is the other skill that i've noticed after the switch, but since i do not even have points inserted to it, i thought ill inspect that further before posting.
    I have watched your guide, and other warriors, your switch looks clean.
    I will spend some more time into it, and maybe seek your opinion again.
    Thanks for the replay.
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  15. Iron side added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Feedback   

    Feedback: Level 57
    When i use a skill to trigger the weapon swtich (from greatsword to sword and shield) my character inserts spinnig slash right after the switch.
    For instance:
    From a greatsword mode, use "merciless" (S+RMB, RMB), then switch immediately to sword and shield.
    If i do it quickly, it will insert a spinning slash.
    I don't have previous experience with awakening, i have only seen a few movies, and it doesn't seem like that.
    Correct me if i am doing something wrong to trigger that effect.
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