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  1. aidlac added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    If you don't mind prices or energy, savagery is ez to get. Buy ain weapons from Ornella. http://bddatabase.net/us/npc/41002/ heat those and get your savagery. 
    Blackstone powder is just ppl becoming lazy. Back in the day it was hard to sell if you didn't put minimum price . 
    Blackstones are ppl being too accustomed to blackstone events without wanting to put up effort to get any, even though it's super easy (world bosses, daily + weekly scrolls + regular grind for examples)
    Logs have always been sold out, since a lot want them but not as many want to gather them.
    Rough stones, same as logs.
    Weeds, easy to get. Just gather like with logs and rough stones (except that almost EVERYTHING you can gather with/without a hoe will give you weed as long as you gather barehanded).
    Ogre rings? Are you fcking kidding me? . It's BiS accessory mate. Expect them to be sold out. It's a sign of a HEALTHY market, not a dying one. 
    Base bloods, once again, ppl don't like to gather as much + a increase in price could help with ppl selling it. 
    Savagery was above. 
    Magic tools, rare by standard. You shouldn't get used to something just because we have an event that gives plenty of them . Learn to stack up on stuff and if you want magic or lucky tools, start craft tools yourself via workshops. 
    Hard and sharp shards again, ppl are too accustomed to events which give a higher rate of them. However especially for sharp and hard shards it's GOOD that they're not overflowing the market. Because ppl expect themselves rn to be TRI-TET (maybe even PEN 1-2 pieces?) after like 1-2 months of playing and that's just.... no. Not everyone and their grandma should be able to be "in the top" after just a short duration of playing without actually playing and instead relying on silver so they could buy it. 
    I think you don't get that due to the market being sold out on a lot of these things, it's a good sign that the market is alive and well. I'd be way more scared if suddenly one of these was overflowing on the market and making it hard to sell. 

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  2. aidlac added a post in a topic BDO Vernacular problem - "Autism"   

    Braindead should work.
    (PS: Isn't it rude towards those with actual autism to call the retards autistic? <.<) 
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  3. aidlac added a post in a topic Downgrading Gear   

    the fact that enchantment was increased in chance, it's rather simple to conclude that this means downgrading would be harder as well. Try changing option to the durability option instead, that should help your gear level down just as well as before. 
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  4. aidlac added a post in a topic Downgrading Gear   

    read the damn patchnotes pls  
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  5. aidlac added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    Let's start from the bottom.... No. Unless the MAP somehow added a new FUNCTION, it doesn't affect HOW you play in the slightest. You could life skill before it, you could grind before it, you could RP before it (triggerwarning @Dremlock ), you could pvp before it and the list goes on. Unless the area explicitly gives you a new WAY of playing you're not affected in the slightest. If it was a new Life skill tied only to that region, fair enough. 
    Jesus... you seem to not understand a thing... 95% of the pvp players have grinded for the PvP aspects. Not the pve. If you suddenly introduce a system (I'll be assuming here) that gives everyone a pvp gear/system with everyone starting from 0, you don't think you're devaluing all the hours those who have gear rn have put in to be able to pvp?

    If you mean a different system, feel free to mention and describe it . 
    Urgh.. "How on Earth would adding an alternative way to progress devalue the time someone already put in?"... Do you even think before you type? You mention the answer to your own question IN the question. "devalue the time someone has ALREADY PUT IN". Get it? By making an alternative way now you'd basically be going "well, we all know you've grinded for endless hours to where you are now so.... HERE'S A NEW WAY, BECAUSE SCREW YOU!". It'd be like if they raised the soft level cap to 62. How the hell do you think those who've grinded for weeks, if not months to get to 62 now would feel? You don't think they'd be "----- this, I'm out"? .
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  6. aidlac added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    Probably bait but I'll bite,
    Different you say? The problem with this is that it'd either 1: devalue the time already put in by people so far, which would make bdo lose a LOT of players, way more than those it'd gain by implementing such a system OR 2: it'd give players the possibility to somehow switch their pve gear for pvp gear when first introduced, to make sure that those who wanna pvp would have pvp gear instead of pve gear without having to devalue the time they've already put in, in which case we'd have the same problem we have now: those who've put in more time would still have better gear. So in the end you're stuck with 2 quite terrible alternatives. 

    Also, how exactly does adding a new area to the map change how you play in the slightest?  A class I get but a new area? Really? How exactly?
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  7. aidlac added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    You mean BESIDE ruining and de-value the time put in by everyone grinding to get gear until that point?  But ofc, screw those ppl because YOU want a pvp gear system, right? Right? RIGHT? 
    Jebus... Maybe it's time you stop think of what you alone want. IF you want a pvp gear system, you might want to think of a way to implement that WITHOUT devaluing everyone else's effort/time spent so far to get the gear that they have (and pvp players use in pvp) .
    No, general is general stuff about the game. Just like off-topic is none-game related stuff. There's a suggestions sub-forum for a reason, use it. 
    Because once again, screw other people's time, right? What you WANT is soooo much more worth than what literally THOUSANDS have put into the game in terms of their own time, right?  Jesus -----ing christ, be a little bit more egoistic and arrogant, would ya? 
    *cringe* Titanfall 2 auto aim gun.... 
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  8. aidlac added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    Then again, suggestions belong in the suggestions part of the forums. I'm positive that if they listed their "suggestion" (using the quotation marks as it was more a rant than a suggestion) in that part of the forums, ppl who hang out in general and read general wouldn't be as salty. If you have a suggestion, come fourth with it without complaining too much . 
    (Link to suggestions part of the forums: forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/forum/16-suggestions/)
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  9. aidlac added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    well, if you can't handle these 2 things, mmorpg's aren't for you. At least not bdo  I'm sorry but that's how it is. Bdo was designed as a PvPvE game, not a "pve game with a separate pvp system" . 
    Time --> anything else. This is especially true in mmo's (or at least the ones without full p2w shops). 
    If you want something more casual for pvp, there's CS:go, Battlefield, COD, Blade and Soul, MOBA games (league, dota etc), Overwatch etc. 
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  10. aidlac added a post in a topic China will force games with loot boxes to publicly expose their drop rates and probabilities   

    ah  my mistake then, I apologize. I thought you meant literally new players to a mmo/game, not companies. 
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  11. aidlac added a post in a topic China will force games with loot boxes to publicly expose their drop rates and probabilities   

    Ik you just quoted the article but this smells like horse shit. "prevents new players from entering the market." If you need to spend over 437 USD to "enter the market", something's seriously wrong. Less pay 2 win and more "put in some time you lazy -----er" , please.  
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  12. aidlac added a post in a topic Need help completing Balenos Adventure Journal   

    1: Are you level 13 or above? 
    2: Do you have all quest types active? By default the game have only combat quest types on. Press O, select All next to "Prefer" at the bottom. 
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  13. aidlac added a topic in Suggestions   

    Double/triple horse prices.
    I believe the topic title speaks for itself. 
    I'd like to see the horse prices (at least for t8, maybe t7 as well) doubled or tripled even at horse market. 
    My reasoning for this is simple: A lot of breeders have to use horse skill reset or horse breed coupons to get t8 horses. I think that to validate both their pearls spent and the effort (way more effort I'd say ) of ppl who get t8 horses without breed resets, the prices of said tier 8 horses should be doubled or tripled. The chance of getting a t8 horse is about the same as getting a TET or PEN I'd say (probably somewhere in the middle), yet they're not worth nearly as much right now. 
    Example: double prices for regular t8 horses and triple for courser horses. 
    Anyway, hope someone will read this and forward to @PM_Jouska or Pearl Abyss. 
    Have a good day, 
    Greetings: Traveler. 
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  14. aidlac added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    Sorry for butting in  
    But I think a thing brought up a lot is that horses aren't worth enough rn to sell? In that case... Could we get 2-3 times the amount of money that ppl are currently getting for selling t8 @CM_Aethon @CM_Yukimura @CM_Serenity?? (sry, not sure which one of you have interest in training, hope one of you do) I mean.. at least bring it up with PA if you can't make the decision at Kakao's office(s)? 
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  15. aidlac added a post in a topic Making Pub/Bars more interactive   

    While I'd like that I can not agree with that suggestion (the silver into the system). It would be too easy to abuse. Example: I want something for silver (or abovementioned tokens). I have friends. I tell friends to partake in game and fold so I win. I get free stuff (or lots of silver). 
    See my problem with it? :c Like... Maybe daily dart competition with the winner getting 5 blackstones for example could be nice. It's not something that'd break the system and it's still "more than nothing" for those who just want it for social purposes . 
    As for why not something like yugioh: Because it takes AGES to make even the rules, yet alone make sure you have a system that can't be cheated/abused + you'd have to deal with a way higher ticket load then, since ppl would call others cheaters etc. Poker and such is a lot easier since most ppl know the rules, they're simple and there's 52 card (unlike what? +10 000 different ones in yugioh? Probably even more ).
    (as for those concerned, whether that's Kakao employee's, PA or forum users, this would NOT introduce gambling to kids. The game CLEARLY states PEGI 16. Sure, you might want it to be PEGI 18 to have gambling but if this is a large concern simply introduce a no-stakes game then, that way you'd be fine)
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