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  1. Noobius added a post in a topic Players Killing Other Players' Horses   

    Thanks. If this works for players as well, then I'll be able to cruise in a noble wagon or what-have-you with no worries.
    This may be an approach I'll have to consider once I run out of character slots... or if I get too lazy to change characters.
    I found out the hard way that standing in front of world bosses is a great way to prevent yourself from leveling up.
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  2. Noobius added a post in a topic Players Killing Other Players' Horses   

    So, I'm guessing my horses are indeed penalized for being killed by players? If that's the case, I guess I can just have a character sitting a level 30 or whatever for breeding and racing horses for now.
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  3. Noobius added a topic in General   

    Players Killing Other Players' Horses
    I have a few questions regarding horses, wagons, and PvP. I considered putting this in the PvP forum, but since this is really about horses being killed by players, I felt it'd be more appropriate here.
    So, here are the questions:
    - Can a player kill a horse owned by another player?
    - Can a player kill a wagon owned by another player?
    I am assuming the answer to the above is "yes", but I've never heard of either actually happening.
    - If you can indeed kill another player's horse, will the horse be penalized; i.e., will it have a death added to its death counter? I've read here that it doesn't count, but I'd like a confirmation, as I don't really trust information from January.
    - If a wagon is destroyed by another player, will the wagon suffer any real penalties; i.e., will it have its lifespan shortened? Also, what happens to any attached horses?
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  4. Noobius added a post in a topic PSA: Use Marker system, Game Mechanics, Ghillie suit p2w?   

    It is true that Arma is a different game, but you'd be surprised at how many things you learn in that game that could be applied elsewhere (e.g. BDO). For example, having the patience or prudence to not immediately attack a hostile target who hasn't acquired you and instead taking the time to assess the situation goes a long way. Also, if I'm attacked by players while I'm focused on fighting mobs, or even while I'm performing said recon, then I'm running away. I tend to lose fights I'm not ready for, and I really don't like losing.
    Well, from what I gather, the issue here is how the ghille suit affects PvP. If, being a high-ranking fisherman, you have no use for the information given here, then it doesn't apply to you, and you therefore do not need to "git gud" in the manner that this thread suggests.
    EDIT: fixed grammar cuz I can't English...
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  5. Noobius added a post in a topic PSA: Use Marker system, Game Mechanics, Ghillie suit p2w?   

    Aww, my edit wasn't quoted. I should really work on getting things right the first time around. 
    I may be suffering from this lack of sandbox understanding, because I don't see how, for example, showing people how to mark targets or positions or how to identify classes via their weapons in a PvP environment is harmful.
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  6. Noobius added a post in a topic PSA: Use Marker system, Game Mechanics, Ghillie suit p2w?   

    The way some parts are worded may seem condescending, but I find this constructive nonetheless. Telling people to improve their strategy, awareness, and "perspection" (perception? perspective?) only serves to benefit them.
    Personally, I don't have to do much adapting here, but I also come from Arma and other realistic shooters, so I may be just used to it.
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