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  1. eHug added a post in a topic When can we start buying fs with cash?   

    Open World PVP! Oh wait...
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  2. eHug added a post in a topic PSA: Kakao challenging charge backs now   

    Tell that to the guys that bought the game for the promised open world pvp.
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  3. eHug added a post in a topic Guilds locking down cities and roads?   

    Wait, competing over something in BDO? You expect too much, people will just come to the forum instead to cry and cry until the open pvp system is even more broken. If that's even possible, the current state is just...
    Annoyance for you since you can't adapt which takes less then 5 minutes. Content for others that can have fun for hours. I'll never understand why BDO developers destroyed open world pvp by listening to pathetic complainers like you.
    And yes that's PvP. You can cry all day and it still stays Player vs Player combat. Why would you pull silly made up definitions out of your [censored] instead of looking that term up? Obviously it's cry babies like you that hurt the game the game, why don't you ask to get yourself banned for ruining all fun that pvp has? Some people like a challenge and yes we know, you don't.
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  4. eHug added a post in a topic Welp, Jail makes me not want to PvP   

    Wake up! The developers declared total war on open world PVP in this game. You are supposed to only play those single player mini games and share that mob with those other 8 guys while singing hippie songs about friendship and bonding!
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  5. eHug added a post in a topic What the hell daum   

    Is this guy a troll or plain stupid?
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  6. eHug added a post in a topic Merge All Servers and Channels Please   

    Who cares? This game is all about single player content, team work (beside killing mobs) is not welcome or allowed for the larger part of the game. You most likely wouldn't notice for weeks if you were the only live player if they added a few NPCs with player like names on endless routes along with some random auction purchases/sales to the auction house.
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  7. eHug added a post in a topic Welp, Jail makes me not want to PvP   

    To the griefers ("pvers") with fear of consequences that's how the system is supposed to work. They want a game where they can behave as anti social as possible without the slightest fear of retaliation or consequences. And Daum/Kakao thinks that's a good idea.
    You are doomed.
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  8. eHug added a post in a topic Red Battlefield is dead now   

    Wait, aren't the carebears constantly praising the oh so "balanced" battle ground instance crap as the only type of "real" pvp when they lash out at open world pvp fans? Now if BGs aren't balanced either, for them there's no "real pvp"?
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  9. eHug added a post in a topic Can Someone Explain the Logic Behind Villain System?   

    Why would anybody go through the boredom of spending 100s of hours killing far too easy, completely brain dead mobs when there's no chance of anything potentially exciting like a pvp fight happening in between? Obviously I paused playing until they fix the broken open world pvp system. I have no joy in combat where it's pretty much impossible to die if you don't loose the connection or have to instantly go AFK because eg. your house is on fire or your kid fell down the stairs.
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  10. eHug added a post in a topic Have they added Player to Player Trading yet?   

    Nope, economy still is NPC controlled and broken. But now you can use your credit card to make profits, so at least you can avoid most of the horrible economy if you got enough money on your bank account.
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  11. eHug added a post in a topic Can Someone Explain the Logic Behind Villain System?   

    It might come as a surprise to you as a MMO player that most likely only knows the modern single player MMO era, but in MMOs you can (surprise, surprise!) group up with others and even join a clan where people support each other. So find a decent team, join their groups for levelling up - or live with taking one of the smaller spots that aren't worth contesting for. 
    I know most people here seem to prefer to be loners soloing mobs that have the IQ of a slice of bread and are too afraid of competition, team work and such, but you really should try it. Playing with humans is far more entertaining then limiting oneself to brain dead npcs.
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  12. eHug added a post in a topic Can Someone Explain the Logic Behind Villain System?   

    They already did that de facto. I just suggest they should be consequent and disable it completely to make it clear they hate open world pvp and don't want players in their game that enjoy it. Saves them a lot of bad posts about their games, makes single player pve loving crowd feeling safe - and saves open world pvp fans the money. I don't see anything negative coming from this, after all they already got rid of most pvp players with their broken open world pvp system.
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  13. eHug added a post in a topic Can Someone Explain the Logic Behind Villain System?   

    Not gonna happen, I was waiting for that for a long time but got realistic. So now that I know that open world PVP is not an option for Daum/Kakao I'd prefer it if they made clear that they don't want any type of open world pvp in their game. I for example would never have touched the title if I'd knew that the developers start an all out war on open world pvp.
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  14. eHug added a post in a topic Can Someone Explain the Logic Behind Villain System?   

    The logic is to discourage open world PVP as much as possible, while tricking people looking for an open world pvp game into sinking their money into the title. I'd prefer it if they completely removed open world PVP instead of crippling it to the current broken state. That way people would know for sure that Open World PVP is not wanted or welcome in BDO. That most likely also would remove a lot of negative comments from the forum, because all the people being annoyed with this bad joke of "open world pvp" would never have wasted their money on the title.
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  15. eHug added a post in a topic Do you like the game?   

    This game at first reminds of the typical asian RNG grinder, with a focus on gear grind instead of level grind. But then you realize that the focus is on single players, team work is not allowed in any way except for killing things together. You trade with NPCs - they set the prices, you let NPCs work for you, you play plenty of repetive mini games and hunt easily killable mobs that require going afk to die - for 100s of hours.
    Then you waste all the money you made gambling for enchant levels or finally get lucky and move on to the next gear part. The cash shop can be used to buy in game currency indirectly, so if you don't mind spending a lot of real life money for RNG "content" you might be able to max out a lot faster.
    Then what's left to do are sieges, but if you enjoy PVP you most likely already left long ago, because the developers decided to penalize open world PVP so much that it nearly went extinct and battle grounds often are a bad joke.
    TL;DR: Game is great for players that like good graphics, grindy single player content and simple mini games. It's anything but great for team players and a nightmare for open world PVP fans.
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