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  1. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic A NO GEAR-BASED PVP GAME ?   

    Guild wars 2
    Pvp gear is fully aesthetic in that game.
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  2. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic Speed on Baby Elephant   

    You can go straight forward if you press T. But you cant set a destination and use autopath.
    Sweethai is calling moving forward with T autopathing, which isnt really accurate. But you don't have to keep pressing W if u do that, so ... its better than nothing.
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  3. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic Randomly disconnects after 2 minuets of signing in   

    A lot of people are having these issues. They started like 2 weeks ago or something. I get disconnected 5-10 seconds after logging in the game.
    Also, it takes like 3-4 mins to load the freaking game, instead of like 1 minute, as it was a couple of weeks ago. The worst thing is, they dont even -----ing acknowledge these damn issues. So -----ing frustrating and annoying.
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  4. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    All of this started like 2 weeks ago, after a patch. Every day i have to spend 20-30 mins trying to log in, before i can actually manage.
    It's weird how all of a sudden, tons of people are having trouble with their DNS settings and sh*t...
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  5. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic Less than 4.9% can enjoy Kamasylvia! (This game caters to Hardcore players, something needs to be done to closen the gap between new and veteran players)   

    All you "hardcore" players, have fun playing a game with a total population of 5000 players, 1 year from now.
    BDO can be an amazing game, but is has some really, really stupid game design issues right now.
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  6. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    Because i dont have a Dandy weapon? and i need to increase my AP?
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  7. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    It wasnt a dande, it was a regular blue awakening weapon. And TRI blue awakening was worth like 320 mil or something. That, PLUS the several hundred millions, yeah, thats more than a TET blue weapon, PLUS, my weapon is -----ing PRI now.  Smartass.
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  8. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    After going for TET on my awakening weapon, i lost few hundred mil, all my armor is PRI instead of DUO / TRI, and all my main / awakening weapons are PRI. Went DUO / PRI and back and forth on my awakening a shitload of times. Awesome....
    Anyway, after quitting for like a week, i was like, you know... ok. Screw that. Im going back to TRI, and im staying there, screw TET. Yeah.... I failed going from PRI to DUO 7 ****ing times in a row, on a blue weapon, starting from 22 fs!
    **** this game. I am out.
    But you know what's the most annoying and frustrating thing? That BDO could've been a really amazing game, honestly. It could've been, but it's not. That's what pisses me off.
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  9. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic Daum publised exact player count (by accident?)   

    The game was literally launched 1 year and a few days ago.... Those numbers are from 11 months ago. So not over a year.
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  10. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic 3 Days   

    Try to delete everything in the Cache folder. Sometimes it helps. Im plagued by this issue, too. And it did start like 1 week ago. Also, loading takes like 4 mins, instead of less than 1 min, which was before.
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  11. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT? Enchanting high risk?!   

    How do people do it? Well, i, for one, quit 2 days ago.
    Going for TET, i got all my armor and weapons down to PRI, and all i got to show for are some stacks of 60, 40, 40 something. And like 8 mil in the bank left.
    So f u BDO. As a game designer and game developer myself, i knew this enchanting system is utterly stupid, and i'm really not surprised to see other people quiting in bunches because of that. With the price drop of the game and free trials and everything, there was a resurgence of players in the last couple of months, but this is not a sustainable model. Which is a real shame, because BDO could've been one of the best MMOs out there.
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  12. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic Quick question: Did they reduce the drop rate of red coral earrings?   

    i Killed over 25 000 pirates and no RCE. I even found a rotation where i would kill 6 Crazy Jacks per minute. And i've done that rotation for hours. And still no RCE.
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  13. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic The bidding system needs a failstack mechanic   

    Please explain to me, how would it work?
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  14. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic The bidding system needs a failstack mechanic   

    I thought of this as well, but then, this method of stacking wouldn't be that useful. You have 11,642 bidders. One of them has 1 chance in 11642. You have a fail stack of 36, for example, so you have a chance of 36 out of 11642. While that chance is 36 times better than some other player's, its still not that big. It's still only 0.3 % chance to win, instead of 0.0085% or something. Don't get me wrong, it's still something, but i don't think it's gonna be enough to get rid of players' frustration over the current marketplace issues.
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  15. ayrton2388 added a post in a topic The bidding system needs a failstack mechanic   

    You do realize this CAN NOT ACTUALLY WORK, right? Do you even math, bro?
    If there are 723 players bidding on the same item, there's no way some players can have a +30% win chance or something, gained from failstacks. The chances, combined, from all the players, have to be 100.
    Also, people would just bid on random, cheap crap, and hope they'd lose the bid, just to gain failstacks. Which would lead to an even more unbalanced economy.
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