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  1. rachcouture added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    You know what would work better than server restructuring and all the woes that come with it?

    Harsher unlawful PK penalties and more incentive to group.
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  2. rachcouture added a post in a topic Continuous Max Repair Durability (broken)   

    Also having the same issue.
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  3. rachcouture added a post in a topic Does Valencia Need a Rework? No. It's a Good Expansion.   

    I like Valencia, but from the perspective of someone that has to solo her way through most things, it's just... really not accessible between mobs with stupid amounts of HP and damage and horrible exp curves past 56. Only character I have that can survive is my valkyrie.

    May not be an issue now, but with Kamasylvia several months away...
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  4. rachcouture added a post in a topic Voice-over options to be removed?   

    Really miss the Korean voices. Please add the VO option to our client!
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  5. rachcouture added a post in a topic [Advanced] NVIDIA All-in-one performance guide (Fps, Lag, Stutter issues) *Long Guide*   

    Preferred GPU: High-performance NVIDIA processor
    Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance

    Those two will definitely make a difference on performance issues related to throttling. Most of this is bad advice, however:

    -AF override will likely work, but won't come with a performance difference. Pretty sure BDO is already running 16x at max settings, though; certainly looks it.
    -AA override has never worked in this game. Same goes for transparency AA. DX9 + deferred limitation.
    -Shader cache should be on for lower clocked CPUs. Might make a vague impact on CPU-bound games, but I sincerely doubt it if you're at 5 GHz already.
    -Texture filtering quality should be left on high; this setting hasn't had an impact in performance on any high-end GPU for years. Useful for old and/or bottom-end GPUs with low VRAM but that's about it.
    -Texture filtering quality negative LOD bias should always be on clamp if AF is used, so that's fine.
    -Triple buffering on if using driver level Vsync, BUT:
    -Vsync should be forced off in BDO, especially for people getting the 24 FPS bug.
    -Threaded optimization should be turned on as officially suggested here.

    Registry editing of hidden network settings will have no impact on performance whatsoever and likely to cause more harm than alleviate any problems. Same goes for messing with CPU priority; literally the last resort solution for severely broken Windows configs and nothing more.
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  6. rachcouture added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

    Why are four of the most popular cash shop outfits being removed? :\
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  7. rachcouture added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    Is Pinpoint > Charging Wind bugged or just attached to a flow skill now?
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  8. rachcouture added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    Hair transparency is bugged again as of the last patch. Well, more bugged than usual, it was actually starting to get pretty close.
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  9. rachcouture added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    The texture actually never changed; the shading fixes show it better (screenshot below), but the transparency bug throws the look off under certain lighting conditions.

    Basically we're halfway there.
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  10. rachcouture added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes can we please get an update if Pearl Abyss is working on fixing this or not?
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  11. rachcouture added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    It's only a lost cause if people give up.
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  12. rachcouture added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    I don't get it, either. I'd be less concerned about a slightly faster horse than a significant visual bug that destroys the overall look of a game people paid significantly more money for.
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  13. rachcouture added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    Unfortunately no, still bugged as of the latest patch.
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  14. rachcouture added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    Shaders were definitely improved with the Musa/Maehwa patch. Transparency is still very borked, though. :c
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  15. rachcouture added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    Will continue to refrain from cash shop purchases and playing the game until this is fixed. Suggest anyone else bothered by this to do the same.
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