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  1. Orentos added a post in a topic Siege Rehearsal Part 2   

    because we woke up this morning and said: "----- it, sieges tomorrow"
    nice planning.... as usual Daum.
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  2. Orentos added a post in a topic Keep getting failed to connect.   

    wow....that sounds so OP go tech guy.... GO!!!!
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  3. Orentos added a post in a topic Can't play game   

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  4. Orentos added a post in a topic Enchantment - Heavy Oversight   

    i have to agree that this patchs is a "casual slayer"... there is no doubt, most of the people on my guild got tri on every single thing... we are talking about wizards with 199 ap / 240 DP and warriors, valks with 330 + dp, for casuals, it was already hard to get 300 ap/dp, now this game its about to become the one shot land.
    We clearly have a big advantage over almost every single guild on our server... but to be honest, i dont think this is fair anymore...
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  5. Orentos added a post in a topic Mark of Shadows drop exploit   

    you can kill a mob of 10 monster and recieve 10 marks... it is actually "possible" the RNG in this game is -----ed up.
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  6. Orentos added a post in a topic When did they increase the cost of reblath armor pieces from armor vendor?   

    last patch.... what?? did you thought that daum was going to let something on this game simple? of course not!
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  7. Orentos added a post in a topic A Critique of Daum/Peal Abyss's Patch & Game Development   

    yup reasons like these made B&S die sloooooowly and paintfully... but... lts daum learn the lesson for themselves....
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  8. Orentos added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    There is no excuse for this. Any serious company have a local test enviroment where they prove their patches BEFORE releasing them into the productive enviroment. It doesnt matter if they already have them or not on KR/RU or whatever tha f u want. See this ridiculous amount of bugs, only tells me that developers make patches and drop them in without any kind of test, why? bc the community can make the testing cus they want to save every single fking coin possible.
    And even more stupid. They dont know WHEN they are gonna fix this. 
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  9. Orentos added a post in a topic BROKEN seige system.   

    yush i just came here to see these kind of post.
    Daum -----ed up the war and a lot of guild got their money and their time wasted cuz you cant set a game that is already running on other servers.... Whats the point to build defenses and buy a fking 7 mill device if you are not gonna use it.
    This node war should be rolledback or all the money refunded
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  10. Orentos added a post in a topic the game pvp balance became a parody with this last patch   

    you didnt understood the upgrate... go and read again
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  11. Orentos added a post in a topic the game pvp balance became a parody with this last patch   

    I have to agreed.
    Zerkers got just to much burst, its just stupid, that they deal 300 dmg to a 210 dp warrior only with their grabs... srlously this buffs where retarded as -----
    daum shouls just del warriors and thats it.
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  12. Orentos added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    and what about the hackers? ....
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  13. Orentos added a post in a topic 2mill dissapeared from Marketplace   

    wow ok... thats like... a lot? but tnks for the replies...
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  14. Orentos added a topic in General   

    2mill dissapeared from Marketplace
    Maybe i missing something and someone can help me with the issue.
    I put to sell 2 witch earings, 6,9 mill each yesterday.
    Today when i logged in i received only 4.2 mill from each... so... am i missing some tax or something? o_O
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  15. Orentos added a post in a topic 20% Horse exp on the new costume.   

    Get tha fk over it cry babies!
    We all knew that this was coming
    Ps. I am a trainer too
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