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  1. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic BDO - So much to do but so unengaging   

    Most of these posts aren't about defending the game, they are about viewing the game as play nnot as an achievement.
    For example, tetris, angry birds, candy crush, mario kart, etc. Each time you play it is fun. There is no "get to the end THEN the real game starts". No. Turn it on, have fun.
    You can do the same in any MMO if you want . But it is a choice. You have to decide "you know what... f**k the bosses and grinding, f**k my gear, f**k sausans and f**k node wars. I'm going to see if i can get a berserker past the red orcs using only head butts because that sounds ridiculous and i need to laugh."
    TThe only point to "end game gear" is to kill the same enemy faster. Think about it, you have to kill the toughest enemy in every MMO without best in slot gear in order to get bis gear. it is a hamster wheel. There is no progress, no purpose beyong the purpose you set for yourself.
    You can cucle through game after game having the same experience of getting to "end game" and being bored, or you can get off the hamster wheel and play like a kid.
    one option is fun, one is frustrating. And it has nothing at all to do with bdo being good or bad. It doesn't even have anything at all to do with any single game. Find your fun and PLAY. Here or there, doesn't matter what game. 
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  2. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic Relatively new player's impression after a month of playing   

    Ibthink the the desert is the least of the reasons why valencia is empty.
    * nodes cost 3cp vs 1 but materials ffrom nodes arent 3x more on ah (vanadium costs same as iron, teff and silk same as corn and flax).
    * no warehouse transportation
    * no disconnect/transport past shakatu and sand grain
    * every vendor/npc is farther apart than the ones in heidel
    So it is more expensive, more annoying, has zero automation, and no financial reward for putting up with that crap. Seriously the desert is nothing compared to those reasons.
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  3. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic How important is the normal AP for the Awakening dmg   

    The difference between ignorance and stupidity is that you can always learn, but you can't fix stupid.
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  4. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic Heyyy everybody!   

    thre are no intanced raids/dugeons.
    All game contenis open world. People mostly play solo but group up for world bosses and sometimes for grinding.
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  5. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic New KR Pearl Shop Costumes for December   

    http://www.thecaperadio.com/files/CoHCape/PSA - Gender Identification.mp3
    A public service announcement of direct relevance from an old MMO i used to play (rip city of heroes).
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  6. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic New KR Pearl Shop Costumes for December   

    If they made a system for players to marry their characters they might give Apple competition as the world's richest company.
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  7. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic Do I have a cursed account?   

    There is no real way to know, but it has been theorized some numeric value affiliated with accounts gets used in the rng seed.
    All i can say is welcome to the club, my luck is horrifying too. *high fives @Marlynie*
    Even on the black spirit board game, it is sad how many buffs i roll, and i hit the food box two of every three rounds. As the old song goes "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all".
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  8. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic Knowledge Rank C - S   

    I have never seen anything official about this. And for unofficial i just see people argue. Maybe the redditors have tested it like hidden accuracy, but i haven't seen the post if they did.
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  9. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic Restrictions of the game   

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  10. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic TET OGRE RING!!!   

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  11. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic Tomorrow, 10 different dreams will get destroyed   

    So would that make you a "Weeeeee-eb"?
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  12. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic Restrictions of the game   

    The max number of characters is twelve i think. You need to buy some of them, i think you get four for free? I lost count because they added some free slots when new classes were released then did a server merge.
    And yes there is a search, but it sucks.
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  13. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic New player, need help   

    based on the time when you posted the servers were in maintenance. Try again now and you should be fine.

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  14. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic What to consume before grinding?   

    If you are tradtional, then Mountain Dew is the only option.
    If you are both Gen-X and weird, then Jolt Cola. Bonus points for Monster Ultra Blue or similar color in a cup marked Essence of Gelfling.
    If you like South Park, then cheetos, monster, and hot pockets.
    Beer and tacos seems to be the goto for a bunch of my friends, or pop and pizza.
    Me, I like pasta and coffee. But i am an abomination, so there's that.
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  15. GavinRuneblade added a post in a topic Heyyy everybody!   

    Welcome, and yes people do ise controllers.
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