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  1. JudgeMental added a post in a topic Have u attend Spring Tulip Screenshot Contest?   

    I'd rather hammer tent pegs into my elbows than do the B/S that they think is game worthy.
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  2. JudgeMental added a post in a topic Where BDO fails.   

    BDO fails=  because of avarice,
    BDO fails= RNG gone unchecked and gone awol.
    BDO fails= Loyalty rewards are a f~~king joke.
    I adore it, but,, it has issues. I'd prefer a subscription and get the things that u all know dam well should be included in game.
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  3. JudgeMental added a post in a topic So when we are going to have secured forum connection?   

    You can have a secure connection for 15 mins with our "safe gaming togther connection " sold on the pearl shop for £30, better faster forum posting, more emotes, better memes.
    Or selling at the pearl shop is your very own forum, for £100 -  Your own forum, massage your own ego and post how much u have flushed down the toilet on pixels, and getting a ever slight better edge than then next idiot behind u. Edit your own forum with our " super editting maid" she'll spell check and and bump your own posts on your own forum every 12 hrs for the cutt price of £50 for 1 week.
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  4. JudgeMental added a post in a topic Black Spirit Egg   

    I binn all the  brick o brack crap that gets posted, sent, rewarded, these are not worth my time , nor my inventory space. elixirs, eggs, worker seals, bits of tatt they seem to think that i want,,, i dont, am spammed with crap, for returning , am spammed with crap for staying, am spammed with monthly crap why? erm seasonal crap?Enough is enough, give me a opt out section a little box i can say noty. The interuptions are now boarding on spoiling play.
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  5. JudgeMental added a post in a topic Farming questions   

    What i've found so far in farming  (am skilled 5) atm , is that u still can go afk for 6-8 hrs but only if your not interested in leveling your farming skill up. Pruning is the main leveling up process to get farming xp . I ve found the breeding and harvesting gives very little xp. So u have 2 options , (a) hire workers , have them work on your farms , but u wont get any pruning xp, meaning u wont get much in the way of farming progress xp,  (b) do it yourself and get as many farms as u can manage. I did 10 large farms , made a ton of the best fertilizer and distilled water, and fished near by.
    If u prune reg and feed and water often, it will grow faster and have a slightly better crop, but at skilled 5 atm where am at the better yield is not much. Am near by most of the time so i have not really neglected my farms for 8hrs to see what really the effect is in not watering or feeding/pruning will do, But am of the opinion that it extends the crops growing time quite a lot and the crop suffers.
    Yes theres profit to be made, a very good one if u have good rotation on breeding and harvesting. once your of high enough level i suggest u leave the farming to your workers if your only after the crop, but if u need to level farming your going to have to prune, For the first couple of levels noob-apprentice u will mainly get your seed back ( the one u planted) and maybe a clone of the same seed. At apprentice to skilled i started to notice i got my seed back and a higher tier seed. U can plant blue seeds straight out the gate if u have the funds, but tech it will be wasted on low level farmers, u wont be able to breed as many  and the crops wont be as good as a pro. My goal was to start growing crap seeds in the first farm, breed the higher grade to my next better farms, multiply and the last farms are for cropping only, having an infinite supply of seeds all strating from 1 crap seed.  The going to work  for 8 hrs and coming home to a red batch every day will take u an age to level farming unless u put in the ground work to get your dude to a level where u wont suffer as much crop / sanity wise.  
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  6. JudgeMental added a post in a topic Special Wheat Farming   

    Am up to skilled farm 5 atm, its slow going, rng, mind numbling boring, i dont use workers because i dont get any xp other wise, Besides the terrible xp i get from my farms anyways, when am gathering or breeding gives goddammn awfull xp, Harvesting is a ball breaker at low lvl, having spent 6-7 hrs on high quality seeds, the best furtilizer and water, and all u get is the same seed back. Am trying to grow all special potaotes, started off with normal seeds, many days and wasted hrs laters i got around 540 of em. but the rotation of breeding and getting seeds at my skill lvl is slow going, i have 6 farms all 10 slots, and i fish near by so i can prune when needed. Unless u like being tied to your farms all day and back and forth every 5 mins to prune, I can see theres no difference between a noob farmer to my skilled 5 lvl atm, am getting the same seeds back in most cases. Maybe the regeant back and weeds. Am hoping its picks up after professional.
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  7. JudgeMental added a post in a topic Cash shop - is it a generational thing?   

    So everyone who wants the prices dropped? i guess u all want the game and all servers for everyone to be running around in ghillie suits with pimped out wagons and wings, all sold for £5 each? i do not own any of the items, Ive only bought invent slots weight expansions, and i'd rather not the the whole game in said vanity items.
    Personnaly , i'd rather the items were inc in game but hey -ho those days are long gone (inventory space and weight that is)
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  8. JudgeMental added a post in a topic 2P reporting "Black Desert's God-Mode Hack and Cooldown Hack Raise the Community Concern"   

    Go ahead , ignore what is clearly happening
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  9. JudgeMental added a post in a topic My Review of The Game   

    Maybe Causeallity is the answer, but the do not have the means or the coders to do what u require, changing the world and leaving your mark is prob whats needed to take gaming to the next level
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  10. JudgeMental added a post in a topic My Review of The Game   

    Its sounds like the gaming world has shown u all of its cards, nothing left to suprise u, even if  questing was of Lord of the Rings quest like adventure , surely its always will lead u to "ok whats next"  Killing , saving, fetching, i cannot see any other way around the elephant in the room aspect of MMO's. We have to have something to do, to occupy our time?  Its a sandbox, i learnt this as a child playing , i could always fill my time with my own goals. The brilliant thing about this game as it does not have a set path, u dont have to do any of it. At lvl 5 i have ignore'd  all aspects of what the dark spirit offer'd me and lvl'd through fishing . Am lvl 51 atm and not done anything i was told to other than what was need to progress my equipment a little.
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  11. JudgeMental added a post in a topic My Review of The Game   

    I do suffer in hell, am a Newcastle Utd fan, and mike ashleys is the devil  incarnate
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  12. JudgeMental added a post in a topic My Review of The Game   

    Coming from TAB based games , this is leftfield and needed, yes it deffo needs a nudge in the right direction, but grind is here to stay, along with cash shops, pay to vanity, and the no need for leaderboards- other then them just being leaderboards for the sake of them being leaderboards. U have to admit it was the combat and graphics that got u here in the first place? same as everone else,, we all knew the questsing story was "meh" . I have a kindle,i have movies, i have stories coming out of my kazoo, i dont really need it here also tbh, Profession wise am a fisherman and have never afk'd for more than the length of time for eating or taking a shower, am norm atk, i did enjoy it, i enjoy'd the part of finding my own hotspots. Yes there are people who like the idea of leaving there character at a location and going to work, personnaly i dont see the problem here , the game was well documented for having this feature. I dont pvp personnaly, i'd rather clean ovens than do that, Am a PVE sorta chap and am awiting with baited breath if they ever give me the opt out option other than quitting, Crafting wise , yeah i'd prob prefer something a bit deeper, maybe specialize in a "Thing" being it leather or weaps, but its a rng world we live in now and crafting short cutts wont appear here and time soon, i.e make your self the best weap/ armour, Daum would rather u battled it out for the better drops.
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  13. JudgeMental added a post in a topic My Review of The Game   

    Runescape ? seriously,  The orginal SWG Online takes a mighty long dump on that thing, crafting, lore, community, shame they added holocrons and f@@ked it up. If u dont like the game fair do's, but there are many that do like this format, theres are no A-B-C dungeons to do thankfully, personnaly i hated that in WOW , And am thankfull guilds are not the Be -all and end all in this game, MMO doesn't stand for i HAVE to grp with said people to make it soo,  Yes the musics terrible, yes the quests are well dull, grinding is grinding- u cannot polish a turd in this matter- its grinding, coming from a Asian game converted to an western format - yeah lost in translation, so what, the combats great,  the graphics tops for most MMO's out there , its like what ive always wanted tekken the mmo, with fishing. Will i be here forever ,, no  is this my forever mmo home, no,, but it might be for others . This might just be what for them was for u in Runescape, so dont bash it
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  14. JudgeMental added a post in a topic Bot Desert   

    I suggest u vist there site, the botters and see the numbers for yourself, i did (out of curiosity), I looked at there forums and posts  and holy s@@t! are u wrong , so very wrong. There ball deep, dugg in like tics and not going away. Like Diablo 3 your going to need a massive ban wave. I hope Daum get ahead of the curve and not well behind it, because theres a bot for every situation, fishing , grinding , trading, emptying of bags , repair, climbing back on boats if being knocked off.
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  15. JudgeMental added a post in a topic Fishing for 30% of Silver   

    The further away from where u fish- to where u sell your fish matters
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