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  1. Iksanun added a post in a topic CPU Temps spike up and stays there   

    While that's happening, did you check to see if the Coherent UI processes is running at more than 30% CPU usage?
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  2. Iksanun added a post in a topic CPU Temps spike up and stays there   

    Might be the Coherent UI process, otherwise, get a better cpu cooler.
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  3. Iksanun added a post in a topic FPS drops in combat   

    I had the same issues with this build:
    GTX 1060i5 6600k overclocked 4.4Ghz16GB RAM DDR4PSU 650wASrock z170 Pro4sI recently upgraded to the i7 7700k (overclocked to 4.7Ghz). I got FPS improvements that were enough to make a difference during battle, but it's still no where near perfect. I would suggest upgrading to the i7 6700k, but you should not expect this to completely solve your FPS issues during battle.
    I also play with the Nvidia settings, maybe once a week, but it doesnt seem to do much.
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  4. Iksanun added a topic in Technical Issues   

    What do I have to do to get performance like this?
    Forget about the contents of the video, check out his computer's performance.
    He says he's running an i7-7700k, a GTX 1060, and 16GB RAM. I think he's a liar because the only difference between him and I is that I'm running a 6600k (OC to 4.4Ghz stable). Even with it overclocked, I'd be lucky to even get 35 FPS with both the texture and graphics on low and all effects (SSAO, Hit Effects, etc,) turned off in Red Battlefield. So the question remains, what do we have to do to get this type of performance? His is obviously the better processor, but the 6600k isn't a potato (the 7700k is only 12% faster anyway). Do we have to play with Nvidia settings? Maybe it's the way he's recording his videos? Perhaps it 'cause Pearl Abyss cares more about Korean servers than NA servers and we can't do anything to improve performance.
    What're your thoughts?
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  5. Iksanun added a post in a topic Coherent UI   

    I use an overclocked i5 6600k running at 4.4Ghz and it still can't render the game fast enough on a 'good day'. Throw this Coherent UI non-sense in there and it makes the game unplayable. 40% total CPU utilization? Why.
    Fix it.
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  6. Iksanun added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Where are the frames?
    I'd like to think my computer isn't a potato. I have a GTX 1060 running at 2Ghz and a i5 6600k running at 4.4GHz, both stable. I also have 25 MBps download speed for internet, which isn't horrible. Despite this, the input lag and frames lost are way above what I'd expect since I can run other games that are more graphically demanding than BDO. Are there things we can do to optimize?
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  7. Iksanun added a post in a topic What would be required to PVP correctly?   

    Here's some inspiration 
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  8. Iksanun added a post in a topic Do players count as humans?   

    Thank you all for your prompt responses.
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  9. Iksanun added a post in a topic What would be required to PVP correctly?   

    I'm not sure what he means when he says "valks are bad at pvp". Perhaps he means that they don't do as much damage per second as some of the other classes. In a node war and other group pvp situations, Valks are really good at crowd controlling and protecting the back-line damage per second classes. They're also the best, besides zerkers in my opinion, for initiating combat; they're literally the vanguard. 1v1 pvp is where you might find some trouble, but the game tells you at the beginning that it's a support leaning class so that's to be expected.
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  10. Iksanun added a topic in PVP   

    Do players count as humans?
    I ask because:
    TET Heiress’s Kamasylven Sword gives +123ap +7 against humans for a total, I assume, of +130ap.TET Dandelion Kamasylven Sword gives +131ap. Unless I'm interpreting the information wrong?
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  11. Iksanun added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Is this game still in Beta?
    I ask because the crashing is just non-stop. Sometimes I'll be life skilling, sometimes I'll be grinding, sometimes I'll be in a GvG or RBF (anoying AF). Perhaps something in my build is the issue?
    GTX 1060 latest driversi5-6600k latest driversWindows 10 latest updates16GB RAM250GB SSD half full25MBps down, 10 up; East Coast, NA
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  12. Iksanun added a topic in Ranger   

    Wailing Wind (Awakened "Q") Slow Motion
    So I decided to put our Wailing Wind in slow motion just for kicks. Notice anything? 
    You can slow it down even more using the YouTube video options.
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  13. Iksanun added a post in a topic GPU and CPU Utilization Question   

    I'll google how to do that
    I apparently have no parked cores  
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  14. Iksanun added a post in a topic [POLL] Hidden Stats and Mechanics   

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  15. Iksanun added a topic in Technical Issues   

    GPU and CPU Utilization Question
    When I'm playing black desert, my computer typically caps at about 55-60% GPU and about 70-75% CPU usage. It will stay like this even if I'm experiencing lower than 60fps. I'd like to know why one or the other doesn't cap out at 100% under load. I'm 100% positive that temperature isn't the issue. Any thoughts?
    Nvidia GTX 1060 (typically runs at around 1990Mhz and at 66 degrees for temperature, not overclocked)
    Intel i5-6600k (typically runs at 45 degrees for temperature, not overclocked)
    Windows is running in high performance mode.
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