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  1. Biggus added a post in a topic Strategies to fight Sorcerers   

    When in doubt or frustration in pvp: Stomp cancle.. you will die in the end but at last, they will whine alittlebit..
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  2. Biggus added a post in a topic Another Armor Gear Thread   

    I do run sayier + evasion gem in helmet, special attack evasion gem in chest too. Evasion =gold in my experience, kinda maxed out in that department atm (cant find anything else that boosts it for the time being) 5 AP is nothing, i swapped out some gear for more AP stacked up around 15% more ap and i couldnt for the life of me register any faster kill times on mobs, i did not test in Arena vs other players mind you.
    Does AP scale horribly on zerk after a certain point perhaps  (i have around 104 paper AP and 204 DP atm) ?
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  3. Biggus added a post in a topic Red battlefield after patch   

    a bit more than a week in and still: the lag is atrocious, and its still just a massive zergfest. If you guys still think this is okay, im just bafffled.
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  4. Biggus added a post in a topic Another Armor Gear Thread   

    running 3 taritas and grunil gloves, i love the wp, Accu and evasion..
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  5. Biggus added a post in a topic Super armor damage reduction doesn't work   

    its a tad anoying playing zerker with the desync going on, ive bee knocked down WHILE flying during undertaker with an enemey in my hands (wich of course promptly teleported out of my hands..) im talking halfway through animation of undertaker and into KD , combine this with 5+ grabs in row where people just mysteriously ports out of my hands midway through animation and im just going *SIGH*
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  6. Biggus added a topic in General   

    Maehwa Seal
    We get these daily or through grind?
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  7. Biggus added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    Thank you Surrender you have made my life alot easier (reading on the korean forums is a PAIN in the ass hehe)
    Running 3 tari grun gloves atm
    Chest i use the 10% evasion on special attacks, have i misunderstood if i think that means 10% avoidance towards down/back/air attacks etc?
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  8. Biggus added a post in a topic Super armor damage reduction doesn't work   

    pleaseplease fix, im getting kd, stunned, slowed all the time when in Super, and the damage reduction seems negligble imo.
    KD by ranger while holding a guy in the air with Rocksmash f.ex super anoying hehe
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  9. Biggus added a post in a topic Red battlefield after patch   

    Stop changing your argument everytime. First it was to low dp ("need 300 dp" a number you pulled out of you ass) your guildies had NO PROB going into 20 peeps tanking while CC'ing the focus they got, and now its l2p. And you still havnt anserwed the question: do you think they current state of RED B. is fine the way its skewed towards ranged classes? My statement is and always was: that battleground or whatever you want to call it was not made with that amount of people in mind, atm there is one going on jordine with 38 players, there was one with about 47, the area is to small for that amount of people, no room to manouver. It just got a helle of a lot more zergy, if you enjoy that kind of pewpew, thats fine i on the other hand do not.
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  10. Biggus added a post in a topic Red battlefield after patch   

    Im doing OK thank you, maybe your server is just bad at this? what do i know? But do you no agree that the size of the map and the amount of people skews the balance to ranged classes?
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  11. Biggus added a post in a topic Red battlefield after patch   

    Have fun in the red battlefield as a ranged class, i dont think i will attend it as much in its current state. If you still belive that having 230ish DP will allow you to tank 20 peeps while CC'ing you are dead wrong. You should realy read up a bit about other classes and how they build before commentign, perhaps spend som time with the russians and some time on the korean Forums: Full DP in anything but node wars is a waste of time. Red B is not node war and atm its to skewed towards ranged clases: as In spawn point is to easy to camp, playing field to small to effectivly spread out and do a flanking attack. If this is not a problem for on you servers: good for you, but on mine it definatly is. But i guess as a witch you dont see a problem in being able to lay down tons of AOE in the middle of the spawn point, heck you can even put in right on the top of the tower.
    Conconlusion: Red B. is  now a zergfest, where you could in the past (at least sometime) get a good fun fight in between the grinding and the world pewpew
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  12. Biggus added a post in a topic Red battlefield after patch   

    And again this is NOT 300, far from it. The Dp/AP discussion is anyway moot, to much speculation going on. From what is known is that it might even scale diffrently from classes, my point still stands: 20+ vs 20+ in such a small confined area it favors the the ranged AOE classes immensly. Much more fun with 10vs 10 or smaller (and yes RED B was sometimes imbalanced but still this zergfest that we got now is just MEH)
    PS. any Zerk that stacks FULL DP in anything but largest GvG is huge mong,  but thats my oppinion ^^
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  13. Biggus added a post in a topic Red battlefield after patch   

    Ye this what i do to, but with alot of randoms as im in a smaller guild. Still you brag about 300 dp show me please? dont spout BS if you dont back it up. Im on Jordine EU, there is no such thing as sitting in the middle of 30 people CC'ing on this server, ill just throw your insult back at you: your server sounds terrible and needs to l2p? (take this as a friendly joke, so that you dont throw stupid shit around you as your first post in a thread)
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  14. Biggus added a post in a topic Red battlefield after patch   

    yup deffo L2P issue! (im guessing trollpost but ill bite) Show me a zerk with 300 unbuffed dp so far in the game? Red battlefield should not need a GVG setup anyway. As a witch i bet you like it, no danger anymore and can just stand there and cast ad infinitum with no pressure put on you anymore. GOOD troll i took it.
    Red Battlefield is just a joke anyway but it was a fun place to test and have some fun in between grinding now it gives me Alterac valey vibes and it aint a good one..
    Indeed, but dickus was not allowed (alt is dikkus)
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  15. Biggus added a post in a topic Red battlefield after patch   

    Not like this haha, its just insane atm. Are you melee or ranged? I guess rangers and Wiz/witch likes this alot   It was at least possible to get decent fun 2v2 and 5 v 5 before patch. But it could get zergy before to yes i agree
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