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  1. Concubine added a post in a topic Market Bots   

    Way to necro a year old thread with misinformed assumptions. It is true there was a time that MP bots existed, however given the current bidding system a bot would have no more chance at obtaining an item than a live person.
    An item is placed, it has a chance to go to preorder or bid, if preorder is selected the highest preorder gets the item, if bid is selected a random person is selected as winner out of everyone attempting to buy. A bot could be used, but it would still have no advantage.
    Knowing is half the battle-BDOoooh
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  2. Concubine added a topic in Suggestions   

    Denial of Citizenship
    Denial of Citizenship: For 1000 pearls will add the 'hide name effect" currently found on Treant Camouflage(Ghillie suit) to another costume.
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  3. Concubine added a topic in Suggestions   

    Sometimes less is better.
    Consider introducing new cash shop item;
    'Replica Armor Coupon'- Use: Replicate an 'Armor' piece into a wearable costume.
    Summary: A Cash shop item that would infuse an 'Armor' item into a costume. Applying RAC to Reblath Armor would yield a costume item that maintains the appearance of a full Reblath set. Each set effect may need to be slightly tailored, but for Agerian of course the RAC bonus costume effect would be +1 attack/cast, Talis would be +2 movement, +1 luck for fortuna, hp for heve, ap or attack spped for grunil//reblath//etc...
    Basically, I want a costume item to make my ninja look like he is wearing full Reblath, cause it is simple and slick. Thanks<3

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  4. Concubine added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    I'm guessing it's the same mutant ogre that was recently released in KR, which is not the same as our familiar friend. KR Mutant ogre is a weekly spawn on Friday.
    Couple days to find out. Though you would think it would be added to the "Monster changes", and also be a headline on the website. Everyone loves new bosses.
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  5. Concubine added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    I don't think he was exaggerating, I think he pulled a number from his ass due to lack of experience, if we do get a 3rd, or is it 4th now, softcap raise is makes his argument even less accurate.
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  6. Concubine added a post in a topic RAnt:Quests I hate!   

    I hate when: I go to talk to an NPC for quest at 8am game time and it only spawns at night...
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  7. Concubine added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    I was simply commenting on the authors change of topic, from level experience to trade skills, while using the same "it will take 5 years to reach xxx", because in both scenarios it is a false statement.
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  8. Concubine added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    well there is a guru 9 on my channel currently, I dont think hes been playing for 5 years, maybe 13.5 months though.
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  9. Concubine added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    If they increased gear progression to 50, w/o the current risks, everyone would grind +50 gear, this seems like it would be even more of a grind than what you are currently against. Personally, I don't like welfare epics where all you do is grind a predetermined number of points/mobs/turn-ins-whatever.
    Additionally, skill points are still extremely relevant. I'm at 14xx on my main, i need 7 more for my next skill that costs 70 sp, it will provide an addition damage. This seems like the small increases in power you suggest, but don't credit skill points in achieving.
    If you're still not convinced, every level past 58 increases your power extensively in pvp and wars as you are now on a level playing field. You can grind to 60 and have a large advantage, or 62 and destroy, though this will currently take roughly a year, not the 5 you suggest, it's all a matter of how far you want to "progress" your character.
    There are plenty of experience boost items, events, and dailies that make the higher level grind tolerable,
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  10. Concubine added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    The people that invest time and money are those that made the game. Your time invested, and money don't reserve you the right to anything, because this is a product you can choose to use it, or you can choose not to.
    It's like boycotting, you dont talk shit about something and continue to be strung along, stand by your values and quit.
    These threads are nothing but tear factories.
    There is a forum for suggestions to make the game better, though this would still lack a constructive argument. The fact there is no cap is a draw not a deterrent for many players.
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  11. Concubine added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    so instead of lvl 60.1, you want lvl 601, that wouldnt change anything. Except the pixel number in the corner, unless you want stats gains at each of the 600 levels, then you can rebalance the entire game and gear. The lower tier areas were given more xp gains because people were complaining they couldnt make alts.
    Fanboi, whiteknight, whatever, I'm satisfied, your the kids that think something that isnt yours should be changed to your personal expectations. Your views and arguments are onesided. and lack forsight into future development.
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  12. Concubine added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    You also don't have to play them.
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  13. Concubine added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    When does your MMO come out? Can't wait to play it.
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  14. Concubine added a post in a topic Ending the level 10 node debate   

    Not to mention, his 1 ring per 15,000 mobs is completely made up. The whole test is based on a made up drop rate that the author suspected to be accurate. Anywho, I believe he has already left bdo and gone back to proving climate change is real.
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