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  1. MrGrim added a post in a topic To the sheep complainers.   

    when you count the drop rate of stuff alone. maybe yes. but when people complain about rng in bdo it's far more then just the drop rate they complain about
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  2. MrGrim added a post in a topic To the sheep complainers.   

    erm dude... rng mild? this game has rngs in it's rngs. -----ing rngception the whole game through. from what i heard even leveling up is rng it randomizes the stats you get (hp and such) (might be wrong on that last one dunno) either way at this point i don't know if i prefer aions rngs or bdos and that says a lot.
    your other points i got nothing against.
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  3. MrGrim added a post in a topic Attack speed or Casting speed.   

    casting speed is useless on warriors ^^
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  4. MrGrim added a post in a topic BDO Support exists ?   

    I had to wait close to a month for one of my tickets. to get an automated shit response telling me to go to the forums for help
    so your ticket might take a long while ^^
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  5. MrGrim added a post in a topic black horn bow forge. WHYYYYY   

    Accuracy is still a hugely important stat. far more important then evasion.
    erm.. i think you miss understood my thread.
    the horn bow is in the same town i setup mostly. but the issue is. it's at the exact same location where i put a residence with cash shop walls and floors.
    and there is no other place for the black horn warrior bow.
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  6. MrGrim added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

    if that shit even is true about the conq t5 having better stats. i rather have a horse with a little less of that. and 2 proper functioning testicles for breeding purposes...
    @CM_Jouska and i hate the fact that you closed my topic in general discussion for this shit. when this one gets a lot less views. and this is something that people should really see and be made aware of. because business practices like this are a big nono.
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  7. MrGrim added a post in a topic black horn bow forge. WHYYYYY   

    did that ^^ thanks for the tip. now i shall wait a month for their reply like with my last ticket. and then get a automated response telling me to search help on the forums. like with my last issue
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  8. MrGrim added a post in a topic the game is taking 11.5gb ram? O.O   

    another night of running bdo with auto loop for str training my musa.
    12.9 gigs used.
    i have bin running my game at the very lowest settings with upscale and remove player lanters/effects.
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  9. MrGrim added a post in a topic the game is taking 11.5gb ram? O.O   

    normally the biggest i get is like 3-4gb. even with leaving it on overnight
    but after not having done that for a while and doing it this 1 time for balder str lvling. i later found that 11gb ram usage
    it keeps going higher as well (haven't bothered restarting it yet got plenty ram left)
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  10. MrGrim added a post in a topic the game is taking 11.5gb ram? O.O   

    i was talking RAM.
    what you posted is hardrive space ^^
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  11. MrGrim added a topic in General   

    the game is taking 11.5gb ram? O.O
    I just noticed in my task manager. that the game is taking an ass whooping 11 gigs of ram

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  12. MrGrim added a post in a topic Realy? Conq T5 Horse   

    still no news about our horses tho.
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  13. MrGrim added a topic in General   

    black horn bow forge. WHYYYYY
    there are like 8 different locations to upgrade that white horn bow.
    But why is there only 1 bloody spot for the black horn bow and why right in my house i already spend 5-10 bucks worth of walls and floors on ;-;
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  14. MrGrim added a post in a topic Realy? Conq T5 Horse   

    no legs and half a ball*
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  15. MrGrim added a post in a topic What happened with all the stuff about Redface and the exploit?   

    it wasn't a legit mechanic.
    The mechanic was there for SCROLL bosses. not to repeatably lock down a field boss over and over so he couldn't even do shit.
    exactly. im not asking for a ban. but i am asking for a punishment. otherwise you'll see me exploit just as hard the next time around because apparently they allow it anyway.
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