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  1. Ahlkazar added a post in a topic Updates and Changes. Please Read.   

    Player Viewing Distance - PVD and Player Texture Distance - PTD
    This would be nice. I have a good computer but crap internet so I play on low graphics to combat lag.
    Pearl Shop
    Trading silver for pearls. While it sound nice to us players, would most likely not work in a business sense. Silver is easy to get, you can farm mobs or fish and make millions quickly. Even if you make the transfer rate insanely expensive players will complain about it.
    Besides the prices for some items that are seemingly high (20-30 for a costume is too rich for my blood) I think BD has the cash shop right. The items aren't pay to win, many that have good effects are obtainable for free (see; inventory increases, weight increases, potions for more energy (obtainable with free loyalty tokens with can also be exchanged for good things)). Some of the items that give a bit of an edge aren't completely terrible, like items that give a better chance at obtaining mob knowledge. You can always reset this for 10 energy and try again.
    What im getting at is, the company has to pay its overhead. While they will make money on game sales this isn't sustainable for a long period of time (Which i hope this game runs for). After a while you saturate the market and the cash flow becomes a trickle. Without the cash shop or with items buy-able with in-game currency how will they pay for servers and employees?
    Also, "at least they have some goal in mind for end game content." I think "End Game" is something BD is working on phasing out. There is no lvl cap, only a soft cap. There are updates planned to catch us up to the Korean version. I think end game is an idea that many MMO's have problems with. Oh, you reached max level? Now you can pvp and work towards some gear that will be replaced in a few months with other stuff (I'm looking at you Tera and Aion). This game is so open world and hands off (The game isn't leading you around with a straight line quest system) it could do without "End Game". From all the MMO's i've played, end game is when the game starts to have problems.
    Ship/Wagon Stamina - Sailing Levels
    Yes, ships and carts should be repairable using the same materials you used to build them. It should continue to be expensive though, to make players continue in investing in nodes for ship parts.
    The guild I'm part of has only about 15 members, and most don't get on much during the week (besides to fish). Usually me and an officer run a gathering quest every other day or so to build up silver and level the guild. It works OK for now.
    I'm OK not getting level exp directly from quests, though you get some exp from them. If its a crafting quest, you get level exp from crafting. If its a kill quest you get exp from mobs. If its only a delivery quest then I don't think you really need level exp from that. Im still a low level, just getting to 29, mainly because i spend my time farming, crafting, doing dailies for energy and contribution points, exploring, and fishing.
    Class/Gender/Age Locks
    Im not really going to say anything about this. I figured there would be a male ranger, there wasn't, which seemed weird, what with the insane amount of customization this game boasts. I just had to come up with a girls name.
    Finally - RNJESUS
    Though the RNG is strong with this game, I don't think its overly done. I've played lots of games where RNG is designed to ----- with the players, this doesn't seem to be like that.
    I'm not sure what their algorithm for loot is, but they do have one. Thats what RNG is, an algorithm by which a random number is generated. As we don't know what algorithm they use we don't truly know if it is TRULY RANDOM or PSEUDO-RANDOM. Now as this is a game I doubt that it is truly random number generator. Why? Because to be truly random the generated must be using a phenomenon that naturally occurs in nature.
    PSEUDO-RANDOM is the closest we can get, and it is a lot better than just running some RNG code but it still is not perfectly random. They usually have some pattern that develops, even if its a ways out in testing. Take a look at this for more info on RNG; https://www.random.org/randomness/
    Honestly though, without seeing the code, we don't know how its worked out. Possible they do use a system by which a characters kills are counted and if they kill enough mobs their chances get higher, possibly not. It doesn't bother me much after playing Lineage 2 for multiple years... The grinding and RNG in that game is unlike any I have seen from recent games.
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  2. Ahlkazar added a post in a topic Map Functionality Megathread   

    Yeah, I'd like to be able to use the map while fishing.
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  3. Ahlkazar added a post in a topic Character creation issues   

    You first might want to go to the Blade and Soul forums and ask the question because this is the Black Desert Online forum.
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