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  1. Clearing added a post in a topic To the people saying no one was deceived   

    Sure, developer in charge of monetization.
    I'm sure the contract between Daum (KR) the funder and publisher of the game, and PA, who desperately needed a publisher and couldn't exactly pick and choose or self-publish, is entirely weighted towards PA deciding on business model matters, no matter how extremely unusual that would be in the video game industry.
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  2. Clearing added a topic in General   

    Node wars last super long and guilds spam guild funds to build new buildings to just stall something they won't win
    There's been quite a lot of opportunites for people to experience node wars now, so opinions are probably formed regarding this for a lot of people.
    Situations where a guild keeps building new buildings that have already been destroyed until a draw occurs must have happened to most of you who participate in node wars.
    Personally I'm of the opinion that with only 3 hours to accomplish victory and the messy situations that arise in G vs G vs G ( vs G vs G) situations, the ability to build new structures during the node war time itself should not be there, as it unnecessarily results in draws with no victors, and the guilds that "benefit" from being able to do this usually have their buildings destroyed because they are incapable of winning the node war in the first place anyway, as they are clearly not strong enough to turn the tide vs the guilds that choose to attack them, just managing to get the tiny little breathing space needed to rebuild once in a while.
    I can see one side effect of this that might be viewed as negative, which is that a guild going 1 vs 2 trying to focus on taking out 1 guild first with a barebone defense force can't rebuild their base once they have taken out one of their opponents, but I think in such a situation, their players should be more than enough to finish things off vs the 1 guild that remains, if they were strong enough to kill one of the 2 guilds attacking them anyway.
    Rebuilding barricades seems OK. They are not that powerful, even when upgraded.
    Maybe I missed something, What do you people think?
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  3. Clearing added a post in a topic Crescent Guardians bugged? | Valencia loot should be buffed!   

    I've experienced that if I try to stay close to them after dodging their jumps, they usually try to auto attack instead of jumping unless I go too far away from them, and one can dodge those auto attacks while still being close enough for them to want to auto attack again rather than start jumping.
    It's not 100% reliable, but it made things a lot easier for me.
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  4. Clearing added a post in a topic jghphhhf   

    All of us are schrödinger's hot asian babes. We might be hot asian babes, we might not be hot asian babes. The only way to find out is to look inside the jigglypuff box.
    There is no actual way to look inside the box, however. This means we can be imagined to be the hottest asian babes the world has ever seen, without that alluring, wonderful possibility ever being punctured by that pesky thing called coming face to face with reality.
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  5. Clearing added a post in a topic [ Jordine ] Top 10 PvP Guilds   

    Starting to get curious as to what guild Kat is in now. 
    Node war reporting thread --> Node war Drama Thread ---> Guild Drama Thread ---> Grindspot PVP Drama Thread
    Edit: Oh, Proud. Nice skimreading, Clearing.
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  6. Clearing added a post in a topic Subscription pricing~   

    I voted 20. Seems pretty reasonable if you play a lot, and even in a niche game like this with a relatively low amount of players, it might be enough funding to keep the game going quite well. I had wished this was P2P since the start, I would gladly pay 20£ a month for a self-contained game world with no cash shop bullshit and no game design revolving around trying to milk the customers even when it makes the game less fun. Aspects of cash shop model games invariably become worse and include unneccessary hassle as a side effect of the mechanics put in place in order to create the problems that can be solved via cash shop items. These cash shop items usually don't even solve all the problems created.
    Imo, the cash shop model is driving people away from mmorpgs, not necessarily directly or because people consciously would rather have P2P, but because the quality of the games suffer for it, and the barrier of entry in F2P games or low cost B2P games is so low. People don't like "committing" financially before they've tested the game a bit, and many feel like buying items in a game is more tangible than buying a subscription, and thus less of a waste, even though that doesn't mate sense at all because every single one of those cash shop items could be baked into the game and gotten via in-game means rather than the cash shop, in a P2P model. Many of these are the same people that end up spending 2 years worth of subscription at 20£ within 4 months of starting to play the game.
    P2P games get underfunded, no huge influx of players to be content for other players, no big influx of players that spend a lot and then leave, and the cash shop model is just supremely profitable. Players who like mmorpgs are in a bad situation due to this, and developers who would rather have a P2P solution, where the interests of the player and the interests of the developer and publisher are exactly the same, probably have a hard time getting investors and publishers to launch a game as P2P.
    People need to wake up. I'm hoping an upcoming potentially big game like Camelot Unchained becomes a huge P2P financial success, and a good example that P2P can work today. If nothing happens any time soon, I see the genre developing more and more into the joke wallet milking vehicle it already seems to have become in the eyes of many publishers and cynical players.
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  7. Clearing added a post in a topic [ Jordine ] Top 10 PvP Guilds   

    1: Processed Coal
    2: Iron
    2: Platinum
    1: Copper
    3: Gold
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  8. Clearing added a post in a topic jghphhhf   

    We're already 2:1 wizard:witch ratio. We're practicing affirmative action to equalize opportunity by de-equalizing opportunity between prospective recruits in the favor of the demographic that is currently underrepresented.
    One might criticize this logic, but anyone willing to attempt this should consider the fact that our progressiveness is stronger than any apparent contradiction in the reasoning behind it.
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  9. Clearing added a post in a topic jghphhhf   

    need active +- dedicated people that fit the rest of this thread's description (but play a lot)
    preferably warrior/giant/WITCH(not wizard) but depending on the person any class could be fine
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  10. Clearing added a post in a topic Payout Limited to 30+ Member Guilds   

    Yeah it's not that huge. Contracts are still available for guilds of any size, I am talking about this:
    Atm a payout of 30% of guildfunds would give us 10m per member, which isn't huge, but it would still be felt. The guilds funds grow much faster than we can spend it on node wars and guild wars however, so it feels kind of wasted for it to just sit there and accumulate.
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  11. Clearing added a post in a topic Payout Limited to 30+ Member Guilds   

    Thanks for the replies.
    The possibility of it being in place to prevent officers from kicking most people and then collecting makes sense.
    Idk how war dec invulnerability works precisely. If that's how it works then that does point towards a "different class of guild" logic for when they set all the rules about guild size.
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  12. Clearing added a post in a topic Payout Limited to 30+ Member Guilds   

    Yeah, I don't... understand why.
    Maybe they got too categorical when thinking about guild sizes and "what type of guild each size is supposed to be" and made unnecessary restrictions.
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  13. Clearing added a topic in General   

    Payout Limited to 30+ Member Guilds
    Is there any good reason for this?
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  14. Clearing added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    He was dark red. Before I went afk earlier he was -1mil and that was at most an hour before that happened.
    I see the guild chat, you don't. He's retardedly stubborn at times (he should just switch channel, especially before node war day) and some people just keep coming back and the deaths spam the chat window. He grinded for idk how many hours straight, it must have been 6-8.
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