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  1. Skormm added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    How do i get a refund after there statement of "we will never go p2w"
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  2. Skormm added a topic in General   

    Ninja/Kunoichi Cokro Outfits
    Is the Ninja and Kunoichi Cokro outfits going to be added soon they are in the July 20th Patch notes saying they are meant to be part of the cash shop.
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  3. Skormm added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   

    There is no ninja/kuno cavaro outfits avaliable atm. is this due to the sale?
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  4. Skormm added a post in a topic Tamer Awakening Weapon Name   

    Celestial Stick sounds amazing i want to ram people with my Celestial Stick all day!
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  5. Skormm added a post in a topic recent patch; wizard buff and still no ninja/kuno   

    An exact date is what people are looking for. A lot of people while we are mad about the delays, a date that we can expect the launch is what most of the community are after. Its becoming increasingly difficult for a lot of people to keep investing into a class that is going to be on the bench sooner or later. The ninja/kuno community want an understanding as to why its being delayed and when its going to be released. Balance really isnt a reason anymore considering the fact that wizard/witch is getting a MAJOR buff.
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  6. Skormm added a topic in General   

    recent patch; wizard buff and still no ninja/kuno
    So ninja/kuno was delayed due to balance changes, which is fair enough I can understand they want to bring the class out in the best state of play. Korea got their balance change and we find out that they are waiting for the awaken weapon balance changes before releasing the class. So ninja/kuno has been delayed for slight balance changes to the class that those who have waited for the class would have accepted whatever changes that are to come with the awakening weapons, they are currently more concerned with just playing and catching up then slight changes to the class. Then today they announce wizard/witch changes that are to help them compensate for not having awakening weapons. So instead of releasing a class due balance on Korea which is in a different state of game play then the NA/EU version they give one of the strongest classes and probably the strongest in the game with a horse a buff that makes them even harder to deal with. Then we find out that they are screwing over the ninja/kuno community even more. Introducing 50 health/breath making it even harder to catch up and the change to 55+ skills now being 50 so making it harder to catch up on skills and skill points.

    This isn’t another thread for ninja/kuno demand their release this is a threat to understand why the changes have been made and why they don’t consider ninja/kuno community, the little information on the release of the class has made the community upset and some clarification is all we are after.

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  7. Skormm added a post in a topic Veteran Player || Multi-Mega Server || Alpha post || CBT2 Feedback   

    Supreme Fish lord agrees that there should be more servers less channels. FISH ARE FOOD NOT FRIENDS!
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  8. Skormm added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Skormm
    Family Name: Kishi
    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/JxeLlKA 
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  9. Skormm added a post in a topic first thing that need a fix for cbt2   

    Group play should have less exp per mob, only due to the fact you can pull more then a solo player, it should not be a huge amount lower but it should definitely be reduced and varying depending on party size.
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  10. Skormm added a post in a topic Will there be other servers than NA and EU?   

    If they decide to stick with the IP block I would imagine its going to affect there potential player base quite a lot. I for one knowing that the game will be out already in NA/EU will be disappointed if I can play on these servers, mainly due to the fact that while a OCE would be amazing its player base would be quite small in comparison. I wish as an Australian player that we could have servers here but it is usually way to expensive to do so. Also it would be super annoying to have to wait even longer for the game all the while knowing its out in NA/EU
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