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  1. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Can't speak for all the members of VoS, but I know a lot of them who had fun.
    Choices were all very logical and understandable from our point of view.
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  2. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Your base placement was terrible though. GG for defending till the last second.
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  3. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Valencia Castle Site (T3)
    VoS/Ginnunga v SwordArtOnline 
    They didn't have many people, easy win in a couple of minutes.
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  4. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic cant sell outfits, why no warning before purchase?   

    Investing in 17k pearls and not even checking things, smart move. Even smarter, not checking patch notes, such a big effort that 2 minutes of reading. Entirely your own mistake.
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  5. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic [Croxus] Top Guilds, Node and Siegewars   

    *throws cookies*
    Goodbye dear Croxus where I've met these awesome people from Ginnunga <3, hello New World with my buddies. :3
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  6. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic Top 103 Guilds after Server Merge (by PVE score)   

    3 Croxus guilds in top 10, and you manage to spell 2 of the names wrong. I don't know about the others and didn't bother to look any further. ShadowElite, Ginnunga.
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  7. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic [Croxus] Casual guild recruiting - Moon   

    I would like to have a talk with one of you. Me and my friends are looking for a guild to join.
    Main: Sorc 57
    Family Name : Cookie_Monster
    Char Name: Kookie_Monster
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  8. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic Marine costumes - a very bad signal to Daum   

    It's still your own choice if you want to be impatient or not. I do not like the marine costume, some others do like it. There will be more costumes in the future, I'm not worried.
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  9. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic Help me catch up?   

    Well I had a couple of times 1500 energy use and no shard at all.
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  10. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic Help me catch up?   

    Buy a Liverto, get it to +15. Start gathering for sharp shard and hard shard, any type of gathering will do. It has an extremely low droprate. Sometimes you won't find one in 1500 energy, sometimes you find 3/4/5/6 in 350 energy. The sharps are for your weapon and the hards for your armor. Heat them with 2 weapon stones or 2 armor stones. And enhance them like you normally would.
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  11. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic EXP Combat Book   

    So basically in 2 days and 22 hours my book will end and will become useless? @Myssy And thanks a lot for the quick info.
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  12. Cookie_Monster added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    EXP Combat Book
    So I used my book for the 2nd time yesterday and switched characters when I went off to save my book time. I just checked my book timer and it said effective time 2d22hr. How is this possible that I only have 2d and 22hr remaining? Or how does this timer work? Even so this is only the 2nd time I've used it so it can't have worked for 2d22hrs. If it means it has 2 days and 22hrs remaining. Please check my logs and fix my book.
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  13. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic Is the Chance getting a blue liverto to 20 higher than with a golden one?   

    You can't make your Liverto golden.
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  14. Cookie_Monster added a post in a topic Fix the Autopathing AFK Training   

    Get decent internet and connect your pc with a cable not wireless. No problems here.
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