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  1. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic Ninja Worth the time and effort?   

    As usual, you say "I love ninja's gameplay, it's unique, it's cool". Then you'll go in PvE, you'll get outfarm by other classes. Same for GvG (ninja / kuno extremely weak).
    The only situation Ninja is good is in 1v1 situation. And even in this case, Ninja will get rekt when facing : War, Zerk, Tamer, Musa, Maehwa & Valkyrie.
    Enjoy playing this "fun" class!!  When you'll get bored being rekt you'll come here to whine & reroll.
    There's a reason most skilled RU / KR player who played Ninja just quit this class. It's everywhere on youtube if you want a proof.
    But eh.. If you really enjoy this class & don't care about being smashed by others, just play it. But if you think it's somehow decent in PvP you'll get extremely disappointed. (Lv 58 195 PA ex Ninja talking here).
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  2. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic Ninja, ignored by devs. Done with.   

    Yes ninja got great mechanics. The only reason why this class is great at 1v1 is because you can land your skills EXTREMELY fast. Seriously, skills animations on this class is extraordinary
    But most good players Ru / Kr on youtube stopped playing Ninja class on BDO. Even BJGodNA stopped, simply because other classes are WAYYYYY more effective when it comes to GvG, PvE or even 1v1 situation.
    Ninjas lack damages, even with good stuff. You have to chain combos to be able to notice any good damages output, but while you do your combos, other classes just rekt you down, easily.
    I play Berserker from the start, and it was trash tier class I can assure you that. Since the buffs, this class has become extremely OP. I can handle 3v1 fight as long as they don't have 210 AP+, because tankiness + heals + AoE CC / debuffs = king in this game.
    I rerolled Ninja when released, I enjoyed this class very much, but I quit it when I realized how bad it is compared to other classes. Since this game emphasizes the competition between players, Ninjas don't fit many players' expectations. That's all. It's just too weak.
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  3. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    Every Wednesday there is a maintenance,
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  4. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 2nd   

    And here comes another massive leave from players! Red Nose Armor everywhere again.
    Keep up on this time consuming shit MMO.
    Seriously you could have at least given another boss part to every player. WTF with your bullshit RNG? 
    Extreme unbalanced PvP game has now been spotted. Hasta la vista kids!
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  5. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic Patch Notes - October 26th   

    Nevermind, cuz people won't play those classes then. We will see when awakening come, otherwise reroll OP classes, as always, in every single game. Great.
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  6. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic Actions against 'Shovel Exploiters'   

    Great job doing it. Exploit users should always be perma banned. 
    Let's wait the tears now.
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  7. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *extended* Maintenance October 26th   

    Careful players,
    New terms of service will absolutely ruin you in this game. Didn't read 100% of it, but I feel like I don't wanna play this game anymore. Damn they're smart.
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  8. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening can use Ninja Step in latest KR update   

    Yep, but there are huge numbers of unskilled & trash players playing Warrior awakening. Non sense how easy it is considering other classes lol (Berserker aside, cuz easy no brain class too).
    But the problem on those awakening is clearly the hit box. Don't understand why it's so huge.. Well, might be good choice for noobs!
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  9. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic 20 sec Steatlh CD & Pets invis   

    Ok enough chitchat about Vindictus. Let's get back to the real deal : Ninja / Kuno class.
    In theory, 1v1, I think Ninja is god like, awakenings aside ; it's close to Tamer. Mobility, i frames, Stun lock, lots of CC, burst & ability to disengage any fight.
    But we all know it's not the case IG, considering gears on same level. 
    So, for the most optimist sheeps all around, Kakao & Pearl Abyss fcked us up, deeply. "But why do you say that?" Because you all know they don't give a shit about this game. The key word is making PROFITS. That's why there's no problem in the damn cash shop, with suits / costumes & useless expensive stuffs. As long as they make money, you will NEVER see changes in the game.
    Every single patch there's a problem, every single one, from the beggining of the release in EU (no need to remind you what happened last Wednesday, 12th of October, right?)
    Black Desert Online is a great game, but they keep failing, over and over again, consistently. It's non sense telling they're right or they're really considering problems in game, face it & deal with it.
    And please, ffs.... STOP trashing about "but you know this is like this in Korea so it will be like this in EU" IT'S UTTERLY WRONG !!!! You won't have same damages, nor tooltips, nor whatever, because you HAVE to understand Korean players don't play the same way as the european players !! Same for any single MMO. The distributors ADAPT the product to the CUSTOMERS, so stop misinform people it's fcking annoying to see kids talking as if they know everything seriously
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  10. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    You Staff Members, apologize a lot recently. Lots of mistakes, in every single patch. Every single one. How come can you be so neglecting?
    You should consider quiting your jobs, or players will leave, as it's currently the case. Your choice.
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  11. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Extended*Maintenance October 12th   

    The "people" you're all talking about are mostly kids. Kids don't have the patience, always whine / complain for anything they can & point out false judgments based on net trollers. Now, when you see them post whines & stuff, just block them, ignore them, whatever, don't waste your time for those annoying trashes. 
    That aside, you may say everything you want, PA & Kakao are extremely bad as far as informations towards customers are concerned. I'm not talking about garbage videos marketing they make (ads for new class, new system, new balls & stuff..). I'm playing with some friends on this MMO since the release on EU ; Communication = 0. Not saying they're not working, it would be non sense for sure. But i've never seen such a bad relationship between customers & company (online game, considering).
    As @Vladja said earlier, the problem is not the 3 more hours we have to wait, it's the whole package. The game is great, sincerely but the misinformations coming from the EU Staff members.. So to put it in a nutshell, just play the game (afk activities for most of the time haha) & don't count on them. 
    At the end of the day, they're getting paid so they don't care ; Don't understand by the way.. the fact reddit has become more attractive than the forum itself. 
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  12. Wild_Instinct added a topic in Ninja   

    About stats on Rocaba Armor for Ninjas / Kuno
    Greetings fellaz!
    I have a question, maybe it sounds stupid, but I need answer since I can't find it on the forum so I figured it out it may be a good thing to post it here
    As far as the Rocaba set is concerned, I know there are 2 bonus (Chest / Shoes & Helmet / Gloves) ; The Chest / Shoes gives +75 Hp & 75Wp / Mana right ?
    When the stuff is on a Green level those bonuses are seen on tootips, but when you upgrade the set into Gold the tooltip doesn't say anything about those bonuses
    For instance, Ultimate Rocaba Shoes gives you +2 Mvt Speed & +2 reduc damage ; The Ultimate Rocaba Armor gives you some hp regen..
    My question is : Does the bonus +75hp/wp still apply on the rocaba set (chest/shoes) when upgrading it to blue/gold ?
    Thanks for your answers guys
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  13. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    We agree on the fact Taritas is a way better option than Grunil (especially since HP buff on zerk, WP boost damage + WP regen on hit with awakening, it's just so clear now people won't even debate over Taritas vs Grunil lol).
    But I have to disagree with you on one thing.. Liverto gives you +10 flat AP & hidden humanoid damages, it's better than Yuria in every single aspect of the game (the more accuracy on Liverto is an absolute must-have, since Berserkers do rely extremely heavily on Accuracy)
    Liverto has hidden damage on Humanoid, it's a fact (icons on damages prove it) ; And as I said the extra accuracy on Liverto makes it way, way better than Yuria, no matter how you might think about it : More accuracy = more chance to land CC & hit properly = Way, way better chance to win PvP / GvG.  
    It's as simple as that
    If you have 3 Taritas (Helmet / Chest / Shoes) + 1 Grunil (Gloves) you have no other choices than to stay with Yuria
    When you have Liverto you can go for 3 Taritas (Helmet / Chest / Gloves) + 1 Zereth (Shoes) & you'll suddenly become OP as f***.
    Concerning your necklace / belt try to get Ancient jewelries (gives you+5 Accuracy when you get the combo set, much better than Tree Spirit Belt / Ogre Ring because easier to Pri / Duo & gives you more accuracy).
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  14. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic A Berserker be Zerkin' (Open world pvp)   

    Nice video, even though I think you're better geared / on a higher level than your opponents ^^
    Still cool to watch, good job dude!
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  15. Wild_Instinct added a post in a topic Berserker issues   

    Appearently Tamers, Ninjas &  Zerkers got buffed in the KR version ; we'll see about it Can't wait to feel the change. 
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