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  1. Actordaz added a post in a topic This game better be worth it   

    glad you're enjoying it and not listening to any of the negative comments from a couple of weeks ago. Hope the connection issues you had while downloading didn't carry on either and allowed you to play the game properly. But yeh, no need to rush, just enjoy the game for what it is
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  2. Actordaz added a post in a topic Getting mad in upgrading a liverto short sword - any hints?   

    ah yeh you're right. I forgot i managed to snipe a +15 liverto for 44mil. Probably the biggest saving i'l make not having to fork out for the mem frags while levelling it up. Pri is around 90mil now, duo 180 and tri is around 360 btw.
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  3. Actordaz added a post in a topic Getting mad in upgrading a liverto short sword - any hints?   

    I know it's not gonna help you now, but may have been better trying to get a pri liverto and buying it from the market, especially after the money you've spent. i think pri liverto is around 40-45mil atm.
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  4. Actordaz added a post in a topic Shard droprate broken cause of Medal-event?   

    I'm sure the blackstone event was not to increase the drop rate of hard/sharp crystal shards but to increase the drop rate of the original black stone (weapon, armor). after all, the crystal shards are not technically blackstones in themselves. In any respect i shovelled 300 times last night at the cost of around 140 energy and got 2 sharp and 3 hard.
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  5. Actordaz added a post in a topic Gathering from golems   

    i ended up just shoveling yesterday and 500 shovels got me through around 250 energy or so and finished up with 2 sharp and 2 hard shards. it's all good.  + with the blessing of kamasilve we got for free, +gm's blessing i'm getting bk 5 energy every 3 mins, so that makes it even better, (at least for the hr the gm's blessing lasts.
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  6. Actordaz added a post in a topic August 10th Patch Feedback   

    It wasn't for nothing. Based on figures in KR they could go upto 100mil per costume. I'm still remaining tentative and will see how this goes over the next few weeks, but at the moment, i'm quite happy with where prices are and even more surprised that the 30 day value pack is 5mil, soo cheap.
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  7. Actordaz added a post in a topic August 10th Patch Feedback   

    To be honest, if prices are kept low artificially, i wonder how many will even bother buying a costume for 30euro only to get 30mil in silver. Seems pretty poor conversion rate to me. I like the conversion rate, won't see many people buying up costumes for the purpose of selling then will we
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  8. Actordaz added a post in a topic August 10th Patch Feedback   

    Don't forget that it's not daum/kakao that set the prices in the market for costumes. Surely this starts with the first posting of a costume from someone trying to sell one, hence player driven economy (at least to start).?
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  9. Actordaz added a post in a topic You cant sell your old outfits? Why? Whats the difference?   

    Because once you have used the costume you have bought, it becomes bound to your family/character and can't be sold.
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  10. Actordaz added a post in a topic Discord for Whale hunting (Edan)?   

    Why exactly would you "need" a discord for whale hunting. You get a massive notification when a whale appears, and to be honest, it takes long enough to get to it and kill it anyway, so unless you're in trent and ur boat is in Valencia Harbour, you've got plenty time to get to your boat, join a group and have your party be number 1.
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  11. Actordaz added a post in a topic Best food/scroll/potion to use on EXP weekends?   

    The book of combat stacks with the weekend bonus (this can be used unlimited for 7 days once you open the sealed book and has a 1 hour cooldown). Also milk tea stacks with it and you can also use a 10% exp scroll. not sure if the 50% scrolls stack. Bear in mind that the bonuses are additive, not multipicative. each bonus bases its extra % from base xp of mob you killed. Say you killed a mob that gave you 100xp basic. the 50% from the book gives an extra 50xp, the 50% from the event gives an extra 50xp, the 15% from an elixir gives 15%, the 8% from milk tea gives an extra 8xp. so the total with all of those bonuses together gives a total of 223xp instead of 100xp. It's a common myth that there is a combat xp cap, but there is not a cap. Some scrolls won't work at the same time with other scrolls and tell you that on the tooltip. Hope this clears things up.
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  12. Actordaz added a post in a topic Question on Knowledge of an NPC   

    It may be one of those "leader" type mobs that is bigger and tougher than the other mobs in that area. I don't mean like field boss leader though (kind of captain of the clan). I understand a lot of these type of mobs will be introdcued with the Valencia 2 patch, so it's possible it may be one of those "tougher" mobs.
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  13. Actordaz added a post in a topic DO YOU SUPPORT PAY TO WIN?   

    I'm sorry but have you even been keeping up with the arguments? We're protesting p2w being implemented very soon (as per DAUM/PA statement a few days ago).
    Because the idea that you can "buy" a game, NOT PLAY IT, just pay money for stuff on the pearl shop to sell for in game silver to then buy the best gear currently in the game is preposterous and despicable to me, and all of these people screaming that you love P2W are just self entitled fools with a complex who want something without earning it. (and i don't want all this, "Well i earned my real life money"). Not the same thing.
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  14. Actordaz added a post in a topic Anti-P2W Crowd there’s the door use it   

    If you read what the OP is saying, you'll notice that it's a pro-p2w thread. let's hope we can derail it and keep anti-p2w alive!
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  15. Actordaz added a post in a topic Silver making (Struggling with 150 AP)   

    I know i'm talking about a different class, but as a zerker, i have no problem killing centaurs/basilisks and i only have 115ap. Granted it takes a while to kill them, but yeah if you're having problems with 150ap, then something is going wrong somewhere. As someone said above, check your combos etc.
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