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  1. Eragorth added a post in a topic <Cynical> Orwen PvP Guild | Join Us On Discord   

    Except how final war doesn't end a war.. It just loses you a bunch of money when the losing guild runs n hides  Spoken like someone who has never engaged one. Acolytes score hasn't been updated due to us not having a real X vs X fight since that was taken, it's just irratic pks. We aren't showing off as we know these guilds may be seen by say.. Bastion? The great and mighty guild looking down on all of us plebs as no name scrubs, however it shows we are active as a pvp guild regularly  honestly I think you are just a bit Cynical friend. ^_~
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  2. Eragorth added a post in a topic Karma System and you!   

    make no mistake being a red player is not a play style it's a heavy punishment, enchant loss is planned to be removed from what I understand but, currently it's just yet another reason pking is pointless most of the time only hurting you. My guild mate lost 3 enchant levels from a single death. Here's the kicker, he was actually positive 6k after being outlaw AND it was a war death. We didn't even bother putting in a ticket.
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  3. Eragorth added a post in a topic Daum, let's remove PK at this point... no pvp player likes to be made a fool of.   

    Just knock people low, you can almost kill a player enough to make them run scared 12 times near mobs for the cost of 1 pk in karma, it's true though that the victim is the winner when they die under this system. As its a matter of time before you are out of karma, I don't think anyone can argue it's ok for the loser of a fight to win overall in pvp. There's never a real reason or any value to pking when the opponent is aware all they have to do is die to you till you turn red then they win it's just silly and, against the spirit of pvp focused games in general.
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  4. Eragorth added a post in a topic Declaring War   

    15 minutes until war starts if It is not accepted by the other guild, if accepted it begins right away (you declared on eachother).The enemy guild member must be level 45 to be killed in gvg and, must not be granted protection status by the guild (although you may still flag them)
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  5. Eragorth added a post in a topic Bdo is not pvp game   

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  6. Eragorth added a post in a topic Karma System and you!   

    Self control is the best defense a red player can have by never dropping low enough to begin with . The karma system may suck with way to many people exploiting its flaw saying "I'll just come back till you are red lol" this doesn't mean you should go red, this means it's time to swap channel or farm elsewhere. Some people will leave after a couple deaths but, it's important to realize when someone just isn't worth it. I've found 9/10 times that just dropping someone low putting them in danger of dieing to mobs 12 times is more effective use of my karma then 1 pk.
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  7. Eragorth added a post in a topic Axion vs vangertz?   

    You will hear accuracy is useless then immediately accuracy is god tier stack it always. In the end I have no idea but, what I do know is vangertz sells out on the market while there are 1600+ axion and rising unsold so.. The accuracy can't be all that bad to have huh. Currently running vangertz feel my damage is on par for 15yuria 15shield so I don't plan to fix what isn't broken personally.
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  8. Eragorth added a post in a topic PVP Rotation?   

    my edited post answers half of this and, Gonsq covered the rest so yep
    agreed completely, it has uses for zoning + aggressive blocking (when they can't or just don't know they can grab you out of it) also sometimes catching someone in the back as they flee after a ground smash slow to secure a kill after a combo but, far from our damage focus in pvp for sure. Pve however it's the I win button love it.
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  9. Eragorth added a post in a topic PVP Rotation?   

    because it can't actually be "combo'd" only attempted after a slow or used to zone when there is no threat of being grabbed, it's just to slow to fit in a kd letting your opponent get a reaction. Whether they use that chance or not is another question  anytime I've had scars attempted on me I've recovered from knockdown quick enough to cancel their third slash by just grabbing them into my own combo.
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  10. Eragorth added a post in a topic Rant   

    Atm it's hard to do more then just be tanky trying to find an opening or mistake to capitalize 1v1 without 100% rage to seal the deal, however a well geared warrior can contribute in groups very well in a "supportish" role catching with stabs, holding targets with our grab, ground smash/scars zoning and of course peeling for our teammates. The cc nerf has hurt our potential greatly till awakening but, atleast we are not totally worthless so I'm okish with that.
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  11. Eragorth added a post in a topic PVP Rotation?   

    Warrior is almost 100% reliant on getting an enemy into a knockdown for pvp either through chop kick or ground smash to then do damage in a static unchanging environment. This is only negotiable in group pvp when deciding if you should try a double take down in the combo or not. There is indeed a single optimal rotation that should be attempted should anyone ever fall infront of us, I don't know specifically how it looks due to a lot of trouble pulling off anything decent due to latency rubber bands and constant teleportation. However I've heard it goes something like (kick down>ground roar>spinning slash>ult spin>grab/double grab>spin>jump spin>ground smash) as an optimal rotation should the stars align and allow it. If you find yourself in a situation where you've only gotten the grab part to do (not knockdown damage then grab) you will more then likely want to ground roar>?>smash (idk what we have time for inbetween that, maybe ult spin will fit?) regardless make sure you get your smash slow on because, unless they are poorly geared, you will NOT 100-0 them with only one kd especially considering a health pot will be used it's not happening, best to get your slow applied and try to recatch them. Ideally this begins with either a spear thrown into their face or thrust>close distance with mobility forward slash enough to use shield charge for stiffness>begin knocked down combo. It's also possible to get the opponent downed using shield upper or your counter however these are seen as much less reliable/ usually skilled later in priority anyway. I take no credit for this, I'm simply spreading what the pros are saying. P.S do not underestimate the power of herb juice, buy it use it love it. For a few silver you guarenteed you will always have the WP ready to combo optimally without wasting time with forward slash once you get that knockdown setup. Every class spams resource pots in pvp, we can as well to ensure optimal combos when our golden opportunity arises. You can always attempt scars on a kd'd enemy but, I am 99% sure with the current durations for it they get a chance to react before the third swing (the good part of scars) so this is not advised despite the hundreds of warriors who try this then just get grabbed or teleported/dodged away from etc on the final slash> not worth stop doing this guys. Use it to zone classes without a grab or with a grab on cooldown (scars sets you up to be grabbed n ruined in a way that will usually trade out of your favor even if they eat the third slash to do so.)
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