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  1. kaliver added a post in a topic New Korean Pearl Shop Costumes for May (Conqueror Re-skin)   

    lmao, I am also confused why anyone would be offended by nice looking badass armor. I don't mind the mostly skin costumes but stuff that wants to strike a more menacing or heroic style could definitely use a pair of pants or something. JFC
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  2. kaliver added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Why would I play WoW when I could play BDO? Played WoW for ten years, saw it slowly decay over time. I'm over it and happy to have something new that doesn't hold your hand every step of the way. BDO has issues, no doubt about that, but the flaws baked into Blizzard's philosophy far outweigh them.
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  3. kaliver added a post in a topic Is the luck stat on workers overrated?   

    ^ yep, I sleep 6-8 hours. Goblins are a no go. lol
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  4. kaliver added a post in a topic Chain CC's have to go!   

    Can we stop suggesting the game is focused on anything other than selling us stuff?
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  5. kaliver added a post in a topic How many Shakatu Seals can you get?   

    I would be shocked if they made it any faster than it appears to be on its face. 10 = 1 month. You may get another 5 here or there, but it is more likely you'll get 5 from an event quest and get another 5 from attendance.
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  6. kaliver added a post in a topic Keep lifeskilling on main or make alts?   

    I have a trader in Valencia because I can't be bothered to run a character out there just to turn in crates. I likewise have another character in Calpheon for processing, cooking and gathering logs from fir/cedar trees. My processor/gatherer used to be my main but it's much more convenient always having them in one location instead of needing to run back and forth between processing and grinding. Yeah, you can have it all on one character but travel time (even with a fast horse) becomes a pain in my experience.
    However, I am completely indifferent to rankings or whatever it is people are into.
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  7. kaliver added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    No, we're saying if you are claiming you don't lag on C1 then you're full of crap. That channel (and many others) is god awful for everyone in my guild and the result is we avoid them like the plague unless we're forced to play on them for node wars. Anyone who has to PvP on C1/B1 knows what a mess it is, and you saying otherwise doesn't hold any water. 
    And to be crystal clear: when we say lag, we mean desyncs, several seconds between inputs and actions taking place, rampant rubber banding, etc. It's plainly obvious and only happens when you go to these channels.
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  8. kaliver added a post in a topic I used to be able to play on High / Medium but now...   

    Yeah, totally makes sense that it's an end user problem when the reports come directly after a patch that appears to have reverted past optimization fixes.
    We get it, you don't have a problem.  No one cares about your situation.
    As for the OP, if you are running SLI like me I found that changing to AFR2 helps a little. It's still jank AF and instead of idling with 100-120 FPS I'm down to a stuttery 40-60 FPS. I'm sure that even though nothing has changed on this system, which I only use for BDO, that it is somehow my fault though. LUL.jpg
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  9. kaliver added a post in a topic Dear GM's, fix the NA servers   

    That's fine, but such channels should be separated into their own group and definitely should not include two different node war channels.
    And would it hurt them to label those channels as primarily for Oceania players? While they're at it, they could organize the other channels by their region as well.
    It is pretty silly that they just let new players in mainland NA wander into crap like M5 (after growth servers) without telling them the experience may be absolutely awful.
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  10. kaliver added a post in a topic FPS literally halved after the patch   

    Same issue.
    1080 SLI
    5930k that's been tested with both default settings and a modest OC
    32GB of DDR4 RAM
    Run off its own SSD
    Nothing changed between last patch and this patch except I no longer get 100-120 FPS in the open world, it's more like a stuttery 50-60 (on lower settings), and it drops even further if I'm fighting anything. This is god awful.
    We would appreciate it if you would acknowledge that this is being read and you're looking into it. Silence frustrates everyone more than whatever it is you did to cause this.
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  11. kaliver added a post in a topic BDO just isnt meant for me   

    Uh, no. The OP is just describing his experience and why he can't play anymore, and he's fine with that. It's a very mature, reasoned outline that doesn't blame the game, he just wishes he had the time to play like he did when he was younger.
    Of course you brought full autism to the table because you can't be bothered to read what you're flaming.
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  12. kaliver added a post in a topic Again a FPS thread   

    OC may cause BDO to crash, but most modern processors are built to be overclocked at least a little bit. So it can be worth it, just make sure your game is stable first if dying is going to set you back a crapton of XP and good gems.
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  13. kaliver added a post in a topic Nerf : Bashims , Sausans , Helms   

    Huh? If there are areas where you can get good XP and money of course those are going to be farmed more than areas that only give XP. This is not any kind of revelation. Everyone needs silver, no matter how good their gear may be.
    Saying that, I frequently grind fogans, crescents, and cadry because contesting populated farm spots wastes time, which I don't have a lot of.
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  14. kaliver added a post in a topic Daum needs to acknowledge the MAJOR issues with their servers   

    I find the "fix your pc" suggestions amusing.
    A short story: so for most of a year I just afk fished and occasionally grinded here and there. I did not play very actively. I don't recall which channel I played on after they did whatever they did with servers (I wasn't paying any attention), but it wasn't laggy inasmuch as a fisherman would notice anyway. I then decided to play a little more, ended up on M5 somehow and noticed a new thing called desync. This had never happened to me before and became very aggravating when I tried autolooping on a couple of occasions and finally figured out why that feature just didn't work. Fun.
    Fast forward a couple months, a friend is invited to a guild and eventually I join so I can help them with guild missions. I go to a couple node wars, and it is a complete trainwreck of lag I'd never seen before. Enemy pushes are announced by players running in place in our base for a solid minute before rubber banding back out a mile down the road. Flame towers go from 100% to 50% inside a huge lag spike. Obviously players die left and right without seeing who or what hit them. It would be pure comedy if people weren't investing their time and energy into these cooperative efforts. Even if you win, you wonder if it was just because the other guild couldn't do anything in the lag.
    This is experienced by everyone in both guilds, who of course all need to "fix their PCs". I am honestly curious what exactly you'd have people do who are running on Haswell processors with SLI'd 1080s and suffer no lag in any other competitive multiplayer game. Time to upgrade, I suppose.
    Anyway I appreciate the list of channels to blacklist.
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  15. kaliver added a post in a topic BDO has so much content your head will spin   

    Ha. Ha. Ha.
    Spoken by someone who has never played Diablo 3. That game is a sh1tshow when it comes to lag, it's just not immediately apparent and only hits when you actually get good enough to do the endgame type stuff. Then it's a damned slideshow because the engine can't handle all the mobs taking damage at once. Players have to adjust their builds because the game can't handle extra damage types.
    But that explanation is very vague. Here's what it means. You zone into a rift, gather up 50 mobs, group them to aoe them down. You are immediately hit by lag so severe you have to escape to pause the game. You unpause, use a few abilities, then re-pause the game because you will die otherwise. Rinse and repeat until enough mobs have died that the engine can function at full speed again.  If you are in a group, you can't use certain abilities because the lag will kill everyone (game not pausable in a group).
    Yes, BDO lag is a problem. Pretending like every other MMO out there is lag free is head-in-sand territory. Diablo is the most hysterically dumbfounding claim you made but there's plenty of lag in WoW, too. Servers have been borderline broken at various times. The last time I played everyone got a wonderful 2k ms during primetime on Mal'ganis. This is a problem for all developers trying to do anything on a scale larger than small multiplayer.
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  16. kaliver added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    Well everyone is justifiably ripping you but I'll just say that this game is more about the journey than the destination.
    There are TONS of MMOs out there that cater to your playstyle. Give one of them a go and forget BDO. It's fine.
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  17. kaliver added a post in a topic How long until people realize the DP "buff" is actually a buff for Wizards/Witch/DK   

    Interesting. You say this like it's a good thing. If the developers for any other competitive game I play said they were adjusting game balance based on KDR I would assume they have their pants firmly on their head and the game wouldn't be long for this world.
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  18. kaliver added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    They said they're aware of one-shot mechanics but if you think they're going to balance the game around KDA then you're going to be horribly disappointed. Expect both wizards and witches to get buffs at the same time. :^)
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  19. kaliver added a post in a topic Perspective of a returning player   

    It's a MMO with open world PvP. I don't know what's so confusing about this. Either farm an off rotation at Sausans, switch channels or go somewhere else. It's not a big deal, we all been there. Most of us have too much self-respect to post like this on public forums, however.
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  20. kaliver added a post in a topic Server Lag - Any solution coming soon?   

    It was nowhere near this bad closer to release. I didn't even know what this server desync was about when I came back after a several month break. Now the servers are complete trash and you'll desync even if you're by yourself running around in the middle of nowhere. It would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.
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  21. kaliver added a post in a topic More armor style costumes for female classes   

    The most sensible looking armor is typically stuff that can be bought with silver or crafted. So there is that. Sucks for anyone who wants nice flashy looking armor but it is what it is. Doubt it will change.
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  22. kaliver added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    Wait, what? Who made you arbiter of what every game should be? BDO is different from MMOs, that's certainly true. Either take it on its merits or go play something else. Easy. I'm casual as f and will never have good gear because I play other games and can't be bothered to afk farm at those times. It's fine. BDO is what it is, which is a hardcore grind and RNG that couldn't care less about you or your feelings. There are many other MMOs that will bend over backwards to hold your hand and make you feel special. 
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  23. kaliver added a post in a topic People are spending $30 for outfits when they should be drops in game?   

    Yeah, you actually get more options than you would have playing the F2P version from Korea. They have to pay for a bunch of the options we got for our $30. I suspect it was done this way to be more in line with Western MMOs.
    I bought one outfit because I don't mind supporting the devs but nothing in the shop is mind-blowing and frankly a lot of it looks silly or worse than the default outfits. I'm astonished anyone would care about anything that's in the shop other than the utilitarian things that can be acquired through normal means anyway.
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  24. kaliver added a post in a topic Another themepark fails to amuse.   

    To be fair, I think a reasonably intelligent person could suss out what's going on with BDO by level 15. You may not know all the details but it was pretty obvious early on that there were systems here I'm familiar with from playing games like Settlers and the Anno series. And that's pretty cool by me.
    Someone who lacks those frames of reference or who is quick to judge and less quick to inform themselves and/or change their mind in the face of piles of evidence? Well, this thread says it all.
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