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  1. Dimitreus added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    I would love to see more boss scrolls and boss fights for the PvE crowd to chew on. Awakened scrolls are a first step in that direction by making the fights a little harder and a little more rewarding but damn would it be easy to expand the PvE in this game without adding in fully instanced combat. More and challenging guild boss scrolls would be bomb too...
    Plz PA, plz <3
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  2. Dimitreus added a topic in Suggestions   

    [Idea] Expanding on Guild Bosses
    Ill keep this fairly short and succinct.
    So I think one easy way to add a little bit of "oomf" to the PVE scene (aside from the mindless grinding) in the game without adding instances or raids would simply be to expand on the Guild Boss Scroll system. Heres a few ways to do so, in my opinion:
    1.) Add more guild bosses. Variety is fun. Make the fights interesting and challenging enough or have phases (more on this in point two). Have the locations for the fights be in a cool setting (Ferrid comes to mind...fighting in a lava pit is tight yo)
    2.) Have higher "tiers" or versions for said guild bosses. Each higher "tier"/version scroll gives more/rarer loot, titles, etc but is more difficult and complex with harder mechanics. Have like 3 or 4 tiers. To obtain these higher tier scrolls you have to combine components that drop from the lower tier scrolls. This gives a sense of progression as well for guilds who would choose to focus on this. These scrolls would also have a substantial silver cost.
    So, this is a fairly rough draft design idea but I think overall this could add a good bit of substantial endgame PvE. I could see *actual* PvE guilds forming with this is a main focus and progressing against these bosses.
    Let me know what you guys think! (unless you hate any form of PvE then obviously you could care less about this idea)
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  3. Dimitreus added a post in a topic Here is Content that is coming the future.   

    So does this mean they are finally going to balance AP/DP in a meaningful way? I currently find the AP gearing meta and "first one to land or RNG a CC chain wins" meta of pvp insanely uninteresting.
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  4. Dimitreus added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    You must be late to the show...lol.
    Uh yeah, the p2w hype was overblown.
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  5. Dimitreus added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Im a member of said guild. 
    Can confirm.
    - Dimitreus 57 Warrior, Uno
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  6. Dimitreus added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    You should relay this reaction from the community to PA immediately and inform them that if they want to continue having a market in NA/EU, they should either make a drastic adjustment to this feature or skip it altogether in NA/EU.
    I was fine with every other feature added like value pack and actually thought it was a decent addition, but this just comes way too close to converting real life dollars into in game cash.
    Takes a ton of the work out of making silver in game whether it be grinding or crafting.
    This would definitely be the straw to break the camels back for me.
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  7. Dimitreus added a post in a topic Truth about awakening weapons in KR   

    Theres really no need for the salt.
    Im just saying that clearly its a problem with DP and AP, but so too the crazy high scaling on Awakening skills, dont you think? I mean when you have thousands more % higher damage modifiers on awakening abilities, dont you think that completely skews the damage output disproportionately higher when compared to vanilla weapons? I mean, sure I know thats the point but at least in regards to damage output, do you think theres anything that could use adjustment? Genuinely curious for opinions here. 
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  8. Dimitreus added a post in a topic Truth about awakening weapons in KR   

    My genuine hope, at least for NA/EU is that Kakao/Daum will get some changes into our version that scale back the insane damage modifiers on awakening weapons. Every time I see videos of pvp in Korea, its just 2-3 hit combos where if you get the first hit, generally you win. Thats incredibly uninteresting. Its a shame that the AP scaling to DP ratio is only further exacerbated with awakening weapons and at least for me, is terribly dull. At least in a longer fight you have room to turn the tide of a fight, but if you get lucky and land a good combo, it seems like you win.   
    Theres gotta be some middle ground here.
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  9. Dimitreus added a topic in General   

    AP/DP Balance. Whats the deal (reddit x-post)
    So I've made a post about this in the past and have had other discussion elsewhere but, whats the deal with the AP/DP balance (or lack thereof) and the effect it has on gearing and playstyle?
    More specifically, why is it that we have the option to gear our characters to have more of a defensive build or more of an offensive build when in the end, having high DP gets nullified by how massively powerful AP is at 16+ gear levels. (there seemed to be a bit better of a balance when +15 was the cap, in my experience)
    Is this just an oversight by Pearl Abyss and an unintended design flaw thats a result of how AP scales off of abilities? Or is this the intention? If its the latter, then why do we have the option to gear for DP? This is an honest question id love answered if anyone has some insight as its making myself and a few other people ive discussed with feel a bit uninspired by the pace and "first hit wins" pvp we see in KR.
    And if this is a style of pvp that is a preference for some, then thats totally fair. Im just genuinely curious as to whether this is intended and preferred or if there are plans to address this in the future (as I think I remember vaguely hearing mentioned in an interview with Daum a little while back)
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