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  1. Waye added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    Snatch when are you going to realize this entire class subforum is just a huge epeen circlejerk lol. Half these guys are just plain average and spend more time in forums stroking themselves than actually playing their class. Why do you think none of the actual top sorcs you know on our server never visit this memefest.
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  2. Waye added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    Holy shit if this is the top tier of PVP on EU I seriously rolled on the wrong server lmao. Even the mediocre sorcs from non pvp guilds on NA could probably take that wizard.

    As for you, 75% of your moves is just visual flare for no reason, you have no idea how to combo and just rely on sheer AP. + you bind ms? lel. 
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  3. Waye added a post in a topic One epic Meme Guild.. delivers unto Serendia the greatest battle in MMO history   

    Wouldn't exactly call 50vs80+ fair.. lel
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  4. Waye added a post in a topic First 62 On NA!   

    This guy needs to go see a professional..
    This guy needs to go see a professional..
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  5. Waye added a post in a topic Gravity Feedz ManUp   

    :OOOOOOOOOO ?????
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  6. Waye added a post in a topic "Event-Driven" Economy is a Problem   

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  7. Waye added a post in a topic ManUp? More like 1 ManGreed.   

    Damn, tfw getting so hyped to see 7 page drama thread only to discover it's full of unorwen shitter salt D: feelSsssSsbadman
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  8. Waye added a post in a topic Conqueror Titles: When?   

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  9. Waye added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    Now for you old school Edanites:

    No more pretending. We built up FML to see who was worthy of <Gravity> now we are taking the best of the best to Gravity, we will be tier 1
    Cya on siege.

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  10. Waye added a post in a topic Sorc 102   

    This vid mightve been useful months ago before awakening but now youre just preaching kiddos to run around trying to air combo people. Any attempt at any of those combos on any decent PVPer will leave you dead before you can even trigger a stiffness from MS. Actually, just using MS itself at the wrong time (even as an animation cancel ) against an experienced PVPer will get you killed. Take from this video some cool combos you can impress your friends and stroke your epeen with, but please don't try this kind of bs against a real opponent when the fight matters.
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  11. Waye added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    Barcode should be A tier - they losing all wars to all the true top tier guilds and even vision who is A tier.
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  12. Waye added a post in a topic ManUp no territory? Disbanding?   

    Naw, I was thinking it too
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  13. Waye added a post in a topic Edan Guild Rankings (Pre-Merge Edition)   

    Griff hasnt played in months and you just linked a video of us fighting 2 zergs while you ran in with ghillies every time we were having our own fight. As clearly seen in the video, you just proved what everyone's been saying about you in these threads - being a guild of statpadding pubheroes with no leadership or coordination. 
    Everyone on the server is kinda accustomed to your irrelevancy by now so you're not fooling anyone br0.

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  14. Waye added a post in a topic Merges   

    And that's exactly why you will be crushed.
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