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  1. itsmeh added a post in a topic This game is a parasite.   

    i agree.. ALL NEW PPL>> UNINSTAL THIS CANCER  of a game
    im uninstalling .. piss on this upgrading system that gives you NOTHING BUT -----ING HATRED NOTHING !@ . this game is so disgusting  the creators of such a cancerous game should be publicly shot in the face.. i will never buy another korean game ever.. this has been the most miserable 1 year of my gaming life.
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  2. itsmeh added a post in a topic Let negative karma players defend themselves if attacked   

    i think its fine like it is, YOU wanna be a jerk and pk random ppl for your own fun. and then you cry when we come after you .. lol come on REALLY ?  i think when your red you should be stuck in a tiny corner of valencia desert till your white again .. but i dont have the last word. These little problems from going red is what keeps the balance, or why would anyone bother not being alt-C all the time if you dont get punished for being a douche.
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  3. itsmeh added a post in a topic Servers   

    i just tried to chase the money wagon and got 3 loading screens .. have they said anything or are they avoiding the subject ?. .. im looking at my ram usage and i GOT LOTS to SPARE so fkin use it.. and everytime i spend money on this game i look for another game to spend my money on.. one day ima delete this cancer of a company from my list of potential games and find another company/ game to pump money in. I DARE this company to blame my internet services or my computer. my internet has 2 things hooked to it .. my pc and cell and my computer is potent enough to run this
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  4. itsmeh added a post in a topic boss gear stuck at +10   

    i dont think some of you understand he price tag on building that fail stacks that high.. obvious troll.
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  5. itsmeh added a post in a topic boss gear stuck at +10   

    i wonder if my % of chance dropped because i baught artisan memories.. now they know that i spent some money so they trying to force me to buy more..and thanks for the replies guys
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  6. itsmeh added a topic in General   

    boss gear stuck at +10
    just cant get it past +10 .. how many fking times am i suposed to try before it goes. im starting at 10fs and make it to 20.. switch to another alt and same thing i think i have made 5 20fs and 1 26 fs . because why the fk not .. totaly disgusting mecanics of upgrading gear. is this normal for everyone ?
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  7. itsmeh added a post in a topic VANADIUM IGNOTS   

    gawd thats retarded .. thanks .
    whats wrong with you developers, couldnt figure out how to make things more out of place ? was the workshop workbench full.,
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  8. itsmeh added a topic in General   

    for some reason i cant find anything about it .. workbenches dont make them .. i just want to make some .. i tried google  and that horrid /channel.. but we all know thats just full of cancer.. can anyone help me
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  9. itsmeh added a topic in Off-Topic   

    and so today i've had enough
    im tired of fighting for upgrades against a game that just dont want me to win. today i blew trough 150 mill and i have less to show for it. YES YES .. QQ ME but its been just a  HORRID run from march to now.. and i just have enough  .. i could of just bought someting off the market for 150 mill and sold it to the vendor id still be ahead. keep geting retarded amounts of stacks for the liverto weapon.. can never get anyhting to duo even with stupid amounts of stacks . today i uninstall and piss on this miserable horse shit of a game .. ----- you all !
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  10. itsmeh added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    omfg .. i cant belive yall still going after this .. LOL 38 pages.
    leave it alone, its a company that needs money for their investors.. of course its gona try and leach as much money as they can with shinny looking stuff so ppl will buy. so al you poor ppl you prob dont work so farm more to replace the 20% extra gold  while the ppl who work will pay to have a bit extra.
    bottom line is .. only poor ppl complain.
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  11. itsmeh added a post in a topic You know what really grinds my gears?   

    so many things really  grind my gears in this game its not fun anymore . trying to upgrade/ repair liverto weapon is almost imposible.
    boss gear seems to drop for the same ppl all the time . i have seen this guy get  liverto bundle from red nose then treee.. thrn from fking behg.
    how much DP do you need to live froma hachawa hit during node wars ? OVER 9000  im sure.
    oh sure its prob because i only have 225 DP and ima witch. but i die just like i have 45 DP.
    or how about trying to teleport but get rubber band back to were you started .. yay joy.
    bottom line is i cant wait for legion to come out. polished game with barely any ----- ups, and when there is a ----- up.. they fix it
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  12. itsmeh added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Marketplace Collection Tax reduced by 30%
    For the duration of the Value Package players will receive a 30% reduction in the amount of tax applied from items sold on the Auction House. For instance: You sell an item for 100% of its value - Minus 30% of taxe - Minus 5% of local taxes = So you get 65% of the original value. With this item you get an extra 30% of those 65% => 84.5%
    just something about this.... SOMETHING
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  13. itsmeh added a topic in PVP   

    is your guild ready !
    just wondering how sure shot are you about getting a node tonight, with all the gear getting upgraded some ppl are bound to be hard to take down
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  14. itsmeh added a post in a topic Do you enjoy the Red Battlefield?   

    i have 160 AP. thats not enough to damage most of the ppl in unlimited rbf, and at 210 DP i die way too fast, no its not fun .. thanks for good teammates that make geting 200 energy less horrid.
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  15. itsmeh added a post in a topic Castle Siege system going live!   

    i really hope they stop the channel jumping  during wars .. that was just retarded tactics and not cool at all.
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  16. itsmeh added a post in a topic Alustin and Croxus Node War Tales.   

    this right here makes my top 10 retarded thing in this game. your guild has NOTHING here why can it fight for the castle.
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  17. itsmeh added a post in a topic DDOS Server attack Issue!   

    i think its gona take them a long time to get anything fixed in this game, they keep pumping content on top of broken content. come back next year
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  18. itsmeh added a post in a topic Which PVP Horse Combat Skills are best   

    i think charge is one of the best pvp skill,  bunting ppl off their horses or just disrupting wizzard casts.. its fun skill all around.
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  19. itsmeh added a post in a topic Unable to stay connected Post Patch   

    awww boooooo.. i got booted and cant connect ..been trying for about 5 mins now..
    ok its leting me in now.. NVM
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  20. itsmeh added a post in a topic Failstacks issue?   

    well, i got a TRI with my 43 stacks ..SO at least THATs good news of the week for me
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  21. itsmeh added a post in a topic Failstacks issue?   

    i made it to 43 stacks trying to duo my weapon .. its retarded expensive, everyone sais to save it for a TRI.. but i cant even -----ing DUO how am i supose to get to TRI. retarded mechanism in this game is ruining it for me
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  22. itsmeh added a post in a topic Trouble starting game   

    im pretty salty about failing my enchants. since the start i had a hard time geting a pri or a duo. game just hates me, but thats ok .. because i hate it too
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  23. itsmeh added a post in a topic Trouble starting game   

    not the game you say, i wonder why they trying to kill this game faster than its killing itself.
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  24. itsmeh added a post in a topic Trouble starting game   

    holy -----.. am i gonna have to RE INSTALL AGAIN , i wish these jackasses fixed their -----ing client before trying to fix a game. im sick of fighting with this game to play it.
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  25. itsmeh added a post in a topic Trouble starting game   

    yea me too, so many problems with this game. last time i did afresh install.. im geting sick of having to re install this game, whens legion coming out again?
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