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  1. Darklink added a post in a topic Weapon repair balance discussion and polls   

    I used to main Kunoichi and i could farm for like 35-50 mins before i would have to repair and my Wiz friend could grind for hours before needing to go back to repair, so i roll a Witch and well Witch can grind hours before repairing. So i look at the skills because i heard the same excuse before but funny thing Witch/Wiz skill do have multiple hit just like the Kunoichi so that was just an urban legend, Witch spell goes from like 8-15 hits per skills.

    I am trying to find a real reason but i think its just some bad programming from Kakao and nothing else, and they need to get their shit together because it make some class subpar to farming if you need to repair in less then an hour and some other can go for hours without repair. Kunoichi cant really farm anywhere that is more then like 2 mins away from a blacksmith to be anywhere close to most other class to farm anything. As for Ranger i dont know mine is 56 and i still didnt get myself to finish the awakening quest

    My Kunoichi is 58 with 193/187/255 and my Witch is 57 with 141/191/255 and my Witch clear atleast twice as fast as my Kunoichi and lost atleast 4 times less durability then the Kunoichi.
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  2. Darklink added a post in a topic Missing Economy II knowledge   

    Thx for the help i got them last night!
    My quest to get max energy is getting closer i am at 482, its like around 14-15 more to go?
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  3. Darklink added a topic in PVE   

    Missing Economy II knowledge
    Hello guys i am trying to get the Economy II knowledge category but i miss 2 that i cant find, Knowledge Vendor and Altinova Arena, anyone have any idea where to get them? I went through almost all NPC in Mediah and cant find them and its the 2 last knowledge i miss from Mediah region.


    If anyone can help it would be appreciated!
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  4. Darklink added a post in a topic BDO - P2W Explanation   

    First thing if you do all the invenotry quest you get around 70 inventory slots and some event also give extra slots, new account have an extra 4-8(not sure exactly) slots and from loyalty points. Second you can increase weight with increasing strength stats and from loyalty: 3500 LP for 50 lt(but that one is the hardest to increase without spending a few pearl). Finaly you can get pets from events, marketplace, hours of play and finaly if you dont buy the cheapest game you also can get a pet.

    Well the guy with the extra inventory slot wasnt as lazy as the first one who probably didnt almost no quest and didnt check his recommand quest and skip most black spirits quest, so thats mean his a bad player and will take way more time to get to 56 then the one that did his quest and understand more how the game works. Also getting 100m is quite easy and you could do that without grinding and just with life skills and workers, getting to 56 isnt really hard either since both will be on Olivia channel and the exp over there is just stupid.
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  5. Darklink added a post in a topic awakenings and normal skills   

    Well first thing is that up to 55 you can freely change your skills, so i recommand doing so at 55 and 99%.
    Base skill to keep are Ghost Step*, Target Chase*, Ninja Evasion*, Brace, Smokescreen*, Ninjtsu: Concealment*, Hearthseeker, Suicide Fall*, Tendon Cutter*, Killer Training*, Infinite mastery* and Skilled Hunter(if you have extra points). You should also go with priority for non awakening I put an * to mark them. For most of your attack you will use your Chakram their dmg modifier are just so much better then the non awakening skills atm.

    You wont need Brace as much as you used to with your Chakram since you have 2 skills that have WP regains, also you have a good health regain skill with Letal Spree. Sah Spree of Sonan isnt great but if you have extra sp you can go ahead and take it.

    Something like that should be the bare minimum: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/28541
    After that its pretty much up to you, But went you level always take your awakening skills first.
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  6. Darklink added a post in a topic Shortsword only Kuno?   

    What level are you? At 58 with 193/187/231 I find my awakening deal MUCH more dmg then any of my SS skills in all situation, the multipliers are just higher then any of our SS skills. Plz just tell me what skill you use to out performe your Chakram with your SS it might help me out.
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  7. Darklink added a post in a topic Kunai Durabilty Bugged   

    Well i think i would get a maid that allow me to repair if they come out with one but still our durability consumtion is so bad.... I wouldnt cry over getting our attack number reduce if they increase the % dmg on each hit to make it the same total of dmg.
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  8. Darklink added a post in a topic Kunai Durabilty Bugged   

    I notie for awhile now that both the off-hand/Kunai and the awakening durability goes down so fast, Yesterday while grinding i was playing with guildies and i went to repair 2 times because my weapons where out of durability and after all that my teamates durability was barely half gone, I was with 1 Ranger, one Witch and one Sorceress. It make no sense that my durability goes down that fast, I really hope they fix that sometime soon, it make me hate grinding since i have to go back every 35-45 mins to repair.

    For balance sake it need to be fix or bring every other class to our level!
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  9. Darklink added a post in a topic Ancient Relic Crystal Shard - Nerfed?   

    I got 10 relic shards last night while fishing so i can say the event is really working!
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  10. Darklink added a post in a topic I made an Equipment Calculator for BDO   

    I would also like to see Ninja/Kunoichi option(off-hand) for gear so i can make accurate choice and as previously stated adding the new items from Valencia would be nice including the ring from the quest.
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  11. Darklink added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Best earring
    Hello fellow Kunoichi!

    I am looking for advice on what earring to get for my Kunoichi. Atm i am wearing 2 PRI Blue coral Earring, but i got a Blue Whale Earring and i was wondering if i should switch. BCE give 25 wp but the BWE give 100 hp we have 2 skills scaling of max hp and 3-4 skills scaling from max wp. I am not sure what to use. I was working on to Duo one of them, but i got this BWE and well i am not sure what to do now, maybe one of each or 2 of the same? Also PRI BWE would be expensive but 1 more ap then a PRI BCE.

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  12. Darklink added a post in a topic Kunoichi offhand, Talk me out of it!!!   

    Well i wasnt looking for advice or anything i was just saying from my experience and advising the OP should carry both offhand until the Nouver one come out and he get one. And yeah i am grinding SP, i am over 600 atm but barely.
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  13. Darklink added a post in a topic Kunoichi offhand, Talk me out of it!!!   

    I am 55 mainly because i dont want to be 56 yet so i can respec as much as i want but atm i use both a Duo Estique in PvE(Valencia included exept for Centaur/Basi) and a +15 Quitar in PvP. I have full grunil Duo and Tri Liverto and no acc accessories(172/223 ap/dp on sheet) and i dont have much trouble anywhere. But as a few other have said use both offhand depending on what you do or until you have Bheg/Kzarka. I dont do much PvP outside of node wars or i would Duo also my Quitar.
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