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  1. Dozie added a post in a topic MFW I don't life skill.   

    Oh, so that's why you have life skill exp tea in your inventory?
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  2. Dozie added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    @CM_Praballo Keep treating your LOYAL customers like shit, and see what happens.  H1Z1 is experiencing this very effect right now.  PlayerUnknown's Battleground came out and look at the viewership on Twitch for both games, everyone is jumping ship from H1Z1 because Daybreak games puts out a shit product and treats its customers like crap.  The only reason H1Z1 had the numbers they did was because it was the only game of its kind.  Keep milking the player base while you can I suppose, because as soon as a decent replacement comes out, we are gone and you are all out of jobs unless you turn this around
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  3. Dozie added a post in a topic #RewardsGate   

    They must not realize the ones who already claimed the 5,000 hour reward are the ones who pay their damn salaries via the cash shop.  Good job Kakao, alienate the ones who spend the most money on your game.
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  4. Dozie added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Add another reason to the huge list of "why I should not continue spending money on this game".  You clearly don't give a shit about your LOYAL customers.
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  5. Dozie added a post in a topic Compensation   

    I am 100% fine with that.  It's the same thought process companies have when dumping more money into a failing venture, called escalation of commitment.  People can keep dumping money into this shit serviced game, I will continue playing as they can't charge me more than I've already paid.  I've dumped plenty with the stupid thought that "oh hey I'm supporting the game and it'll get better eventually."  Well we know that's a clear lie.
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  6. Dozie added a post in a topic Compensation   

    The only way companies like this will stop thinking they can get away with shit service is if we say enough is enough and stop spending money in the cash shop.  I for one, am done.
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  7. Dozie added a post in a topic LOTD destroys Barcode in a 1v1 at Calpheon, so whats next for them?   

    Your "contacts" are trolling the hell out of you, much like how we somehow made you think we were gonna help during the siege LOL.  Funny coming from the guild who doesn't even have a home channel out of fear of ManUp.  War scores matter?  How about not owning a territory or castle in over a month?  No one likes your guild, expect to continue being zerged you trashcan.
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  8. Dozie added a post in a topic LOTD destroys Barcode in a 1v1 at Calpheon, so whats next for them?   

    I think it's more the fact that everyone hates Tilted?  Hard to have allies when you can't give nodes to anyone because ManUp owns you most of the week.  I'm not sure where you got the assumption that LotD cares even one ----- about Tilted or what they think, or that we would help them.  Did you somehow think you wouldn't get ganged up on, when zerging is their preferred method of fighting?  Ya'll are straight meme'ing yourselves with this butthurt attitude like we owe you something.
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  9. Dozie added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    @PM_Jouska Feel free to look and see how much I have spent on supporting this game, It's a decent amount.  Unless that "five per week" number changes significantly, I will likely look elsewhere for another game to support.  Let's limit the greed and p2w please, because all I can think next is how long until boss armor in the cash shop.
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