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  1. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Muskan Boots hate me...   

    after a couple months of grinding exclusively serendia shrine, seeing other people get them as drop that I brought in party when I went to burn my stack of muskan scrolls every few days, I eventually got mine... from the marketplace during the boss item box event (I got red nose naturally, but there was enough that posted on the market, I was able to pick 'em up). Least I got a decent amount of skill points from serendia shrine, even if it did hold back my leveling a lot. OFC since I got them, I've seen them on NV several times.
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  2. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Vertex Hosted 2V2 PvP Tournament   

    thats just cause zerker needs buff
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  3. PyroAmos added a post in a topic PSA: Do not roll Berserker. Source: 1st ever 61 Zerk & day 1 veteran   

    probably because zerker is underpowered and needs buff. join the movement
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  4. PyroAmos added a topic in Roleplay   

    The PyroAmos Legend
    Walking into his home in heidal, Pyro started unbuckling the strong and heavy armor that at this point barely felt as unnatural as cloths for most people. Pyro heaved his armor off and tossed it on his sofa. He always liked that feeling right after taking his armor off after a long day, almost like you're floating, and took a second to enjoy the liberation before sitting at his table. 
    Heilmittel entered a few minutes later, Pyro wondered for a minute how she always knew when he got in. He didn't get to finish the thought as Heilmittel started giving him reports of his holdings and businesses. He mostly ignored her, only paying attention when keywords that might indicate trouble caught his ear. Grateful for having found such a smart and loyal person to take care of his affairs, he no longer cared to deal with details, despite her insistence to relay them all to him. While not a particularly wealthy person, he had aquired enough holdings to make a comfortable life.
    Finally as she was winding down from her reports of the buisness of the day she asked 'Would you like Kissme to bring you some dinner?'
    Thankful for Heil's relentless assault of business details to be over Pyro perked up 'She's here? How does she look?'
    ' You'll have to see for yourself, I'll send her shortly with some dinner'
    And with that, she scurried off. 
    *please forgive if I break some RP standards, this is my first attempt at RP, so I don't really know the rules/standards ppl use.
    *feel free to add on and stop by my house if you want, or sometime I'll just add more... pyro, heilmittel and kissme are all my characters so don't take their rolls plx
    *though I've never written it out, my characters stories have been developed in my mind since I started playing MMOs & is a fairly complex Web of people so try not to assume to much if you respond, some basics of my chars stories, Heil was Pyro's slave, he offered her her freedom, but she chose to remain his slave. Although not a free person, she controls a large estate and has more power than alot of nobles. Kissme was also a slave purchased by Pyro, but he treated her like a daughter, and eventually gave her freedom, and she now ventures the world seeking her own way
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  5. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Curious   

    Zerkers are bigger, so naturally they're better.
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  6. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Zerker dps rotation?   

    Start auto attack to put atk speed buff up, follow with blasting put pve AP buff up (assuming you have standard pve skill add ons up), slugfest, S + space + LMB, until auto atk speed buff falls off or slugfest comes off cooldown, toss atk speed buff back up or use slugfest and back to S + space + LMB
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  7. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Berserker healing skills   

    These people are trolling you, blasting is the new standard hp recover skill, you don't have to stop and stand there using beast roar to get your hp back every 5 seconds. You don't need to do skill add on for the HP on hit, it's built into the skill itself (it only works when skill is not on cooldown though), blasting is the standard hp recovery skill while grinding now.
    Beast roar, fearsome tyrant & wrath of the beast are huge hp recovery skills, but they freeze you in place and are generally not needed/used in pve (except world bosses), blasting should be all you need for hp recovery while grinding.
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  8. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Where to grind?   

    Your current gear level you should be doing pirates... duo liv/ulti upgraded buster should be your priority, then tri on both and that will put you at decently efficient Valencia gear level.
    As for where to go in valencia, Gahaz is the new pirates, you're going to see other people there, you're going to get hunted over and either have to out farm or war dec & kill them. It's honesty only marginally better than nagas, fogans or bashims for xp, but the violents added there make the money alot better. Cadry has violent mobs as well but the trash mobs there are to tanky to be efficient xp (still good money there), so gahaz sits right in that prime top tier money + top tier xp slot.
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  9. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Enjoyment Level   

    You gotta play alot to enjoy zerk, with high gear & levels it's S tier compared to other similar gear/level, at low gear/level it's C tier compared to other similar gear/level, so all in, or not worth... one of if not the best scaling class with both levels & gear. Feels like poop until Lv59. But if you get to full tri boss armor/weapons, some decent accessories & Lv59, feels really good. When your friends are getting 4v2ed, you're going to spend more time riding there than fighting, once you show, the fights over, so you wanna have a fast horse, reduce that travel time.
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  10. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Coming back, do berserker still "suck"?   

    We're good enough other classes troll our forum, we are frontline bruiser as intended now, warrior/valk share the same roll but more tanky, burst damage, less sustained aoe cc/damage. Wiz/witch are still the blanket aoe mass damage glass cannon, ranger falls into this area as well but less aoe, more single target and less fragile. All the other classes are assassins, sorc is the best of them, the rest have slight differences, but are all basically weaker sorcs.
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  11. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Hitting like a wet noodle?   

    I love when people pull 4 month old videos of the game that is a different version in a different region, and act like its remotely relevant to what we are actually playing
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  12. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    Why shorten siege times on the same patch you smash all servers together so every node has at least 3 forts built on it zzz we have to fight freaking elephants guilds on tier 1s, because they have to completely dominate everyone else built on a given node to be able to take out 2~3 forts in 2 hours, and being strong enough to take out the first fort in a hour, and get the second to 30% before time runs out is just lame. I liked the way it was with similar strength guilds able to stall eachother out, but with such short node wars, should just make highest hp fort take it, or simply make them 3 hours like they were so you have enough time to eat through 2 guilds
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  13. PyroAmos added a post in a topic The GIANT Problem of open world 1 on 1 PVP   

    Mmm nother post by a block class complaining about the only counter to being able to block every CC (except grab) in the game. sounds legit.
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  14. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Average grind time 59-60?   

    Dunno your AP, so couldn't really say... can pull almost 1%/hr at Pila ku solo on partial buffs non-weekend at 183/193/299, trying to convert some of dp to ap, which should put me comfortably over 1%/hr, and it's almost never contested. also nice because it's one of few places gated by kill speed rather than being gated by travel between 1 shitting packs, so you can party there much more efficiently than alot of other places. Akman is good if you can get a solid 5 man party all ~200AP, mobs die to slow for solo or 2/3 man there though unless you're rocking 220AP with at least 3 accuracy items (I'm rocking 1x tri red coral earring, bheg & kutum and still had noticeable dmg increase when we popped party conc elixir) to be efficient, did a 3 man (all 190~210 ap) there to test and it is heavily kill speed dependant, we were killing at just about respawn timer speed for 1/2 of one of the larger rooms, xp was a little lower than solo Pila ku.
    TBH the best leveling I've done is just spamming x-large Valencia guild quests, gives you something to watch other than your xp bar, that's more a mind game of tricking yourself into grinding longer than anything else though.
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  15. PyroAmos added a post in a topic Hitting like a wet noodle?   

    TBH my setup is about the minimum acc you want to run for pve as well if you want to do stuff like Pila ku or akman, even the lower end of Valencia (bashim, gahaz, nagas, fogans) you'd want at least bhegs / kutum, and tri red coral will still be bigger damage increase than tri witches in upper side of lowbie Valencia (cadry, cresent, basi)
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